A renowned port city in Ontario, Hamilton is swinging close to the Western side of Lake Ontario. Once gained importance as an industrial heritage with its extravagant urban feel and vibrant arts, this downtown has become a bustling city enveloped by Niagara Escarpment, an amazing forest crest. Fast-paced economic growth and affordable housing options are why rental neighbourhoods in Hamilton have had the biggest search in the past few years. One must explore the lanes of Hamilton for its thriving music and delectable food, participate in Italian fests, and visit renowned Portuguese bakeries.

Apartments in Hamilton cater for a comfortable lifestyle with easy access to ravines, trails, and lakes for relaxing afternoons or weekends. This blog has discovered the top ten affordable places to rent in Hamilton with secure rental apartments. The ten areas with the lowest crime rates and the most affordable rents were the basis for our rankings.

Top 10 Inexpensive Rental Neighbourhoods in Hamilton

Top 10 Inexpensive Rental Neighbourhoods in Hamilton

If you are looking for housing options, the following rental neighbourhoods in Hamilton offer different properties at affordable rental prices with top-notch amenities and location advantages. 

Westdale North

    • The population of Westdale North – 2,604 individuals 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 3,815
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,020

Westdale North, Canada’s first civilised and master-planned town, is a residential area centred on a busy commercial area. It is close to McMaster University. Due to its proximity to Lake Ontario and a sizable nature reserve, it is a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts to rent apartments.

Westdale North rental houses are preferred because they are pedestrian-friendly and have easy access to the GO train system, bus routes, and Highway 403. Westdale North offers many enjoyable activities, such as visiting botanical gardens, parks with baseball and soccer fields, movie theatres, and coffee cafes. The area has 70% of single detached houses, also countered as predominant housing types.



    • The population of Gourley – 4,571 individuals
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 3,243 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,050

Gourley is a growing residential area popular with families searching for rental housing since it is close to many public schools and private educational institutes and has a vibrant community association. With West 5th Road and Stone Church Road as their neighbours, travelling to other parts of Hamilton is simple and convenient, with excellent public transit options.

The village of Gourley is home to numerous ravines and trails, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Gourley rental houses are preferred as the area is a self-contained neighbourhood with access to each facility imaginable, making it more than just a suburban area. The area has single-detached houses, semi-detached houses, duplexes, row houses, high-rise condos, and low-rise apartments.


    • The population of Buchanan – 2,752 individuals 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 3,641 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,100.

Buchanan is an area predominantly populated by families and a great choice for rental apartments. The neighbourhood is nestled among tree-lined streets and numerous public parks. Most of the neighbourhood’s landmarks are within walking distance thanks to its location within Hamilton’s mountain escarpment. The strong public transportation choices offer commuters easy access to the middle of the city within 15 minutes. The GO station of Lake Shore is also just one kilometre away. 

The charm of a little town and the convenience of a large city are perfectly balanced in Buchanan. Families residing in Buchanan rental houses can enjoy many public educational institutes, the Isaac Buchanan Public Library and a wide range of leisure and sporting opportunities. 40% of the area’s dwellings were constructed before 1960, and the region has duplex houses, single-detached homes, and townhouses.

Westcliffe East

Westcliffe East

    • The population of Westcliffe East – 2,841 individuals 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 3,300 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,150.

Westcliffe East is a thriving residential area that welcomes families and is situated in the eastern suburb of Hamilton, not far from Highway 403. Every necessity is close by, thanks to the abundance of retail options, public schools, and proximity to numerous large malls. Due to Westcliffe East’s proximity to Mohawk College, commuters can easily access regular and dependable public transport bus routes. Colquhoun Park, located in the suburb’s centre, provides residents of Westcliffe East rental houses with various recreational opportunities, including playgrounds, baseball diamonds, and lots of room for picnics. The area comprises mostly single-detached homes and row houses.

Kennedy East 

    • The population of Kennedy East – 2,069 individuals 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 3,721 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,210.

Kennedy East, a tiny, friendly neighbourhood south of Rymal Road East and West, attracts families looking for apartment rentals. Residents enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and while there aren’t many shops and restaurants, good public transport makes it easy for them to travel to other parts of Hamilton. 

Kennedy East Park is a popular gathering place for Kennedy East rental houses residents, and the area hosts multiple sports fields, playgrounds, and a water spray pad in the summer. The region has condos, detached houses, semi-detached houses, and 3-bedroom apartments.


    • The population of Sunninghill – 2,352 individuals 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 3,951 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,200.

Sunninghill, a small village and a part of Hamilton’s mountain, provides convenience to grocery stores, shops, and public schools. Hamilton GO station is only 4 km away from multiple bus routes serving the region. Near Centennial Parkway and QEW, residents have many commuting choices to get to different parts of the GTA. 

Sunninghill rental houses benefit from Highview Park, which has outdoor picnic tables, basketball courts, and a skating rink in the region. The neighbourhood is popular with families looking for apartment rentals. The area comprises semi-detached homes, single-detached houses, row houses, apartments, and duplexes.


    • The population of Gilkson – 3,319 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 4,043 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,240.

Gilkson, a quaint small town with lush tree-lined streets and a relaxed vibe, is situated just south of Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. A vibrant community association in Gilkson is notably involved in helping the neighbourhood football team and raising money to upgrade the local park. With grocery shops, easy accessibility to the Lime Ridge Mall, and numerous public schools and after-school programmes, the suburb is comparatively self-sufficient. 

Families looking for houses for rent prefer Gilkson rental houses because it combines small-town life with excellent public transport options and basic necessities. The region consists of condos and townhouses.

Hill Park 

    • The population of Hill Park – 3,355 
    • Crime rate per 100,000 residents – 4.418 
    • Average monthly rent for a one-bedroom flat – $1,250

Hill Park is in east Hamilton between Main St. East and the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. It is a well-liked option for individuals looking for flat rentals due to its easy accessibility to the Chedoke Civic Golf Course and several neighbourhood green areas. The recreation centre of Hill Park, which houses basketball courts, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool and frequently offers family fun nights, is a prominent component of the neighbourhood. 

Hill Park rental houses community is preferred because it is serviced by dependable public transport in Hamilton, giving locals speedy and practical options for commuting. The community caters to different housing options, which include semi-detached homes and condos.

Red Hill 

Red Hill 

    • The population of Red Hill – 4,329 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 4,470 
    • The average rent for a single bedroom is $1,275.

Red Hill, a neighbourhood in southeast Hamilton, is a great option for anyone looking for apartments with a view. The neighbourhood is bordered by valleys, three waterfalls, and a sizable creek. A regular education centre and a sizable community that offers a wide range of programmes for children and adults are nearby. The proximity to the Red Hill Valley Parkway and the various bus routes that pass through the community is convenient for commuters. 

Despite the neighbourhood’s sparse business presence, numerous food stores and other requirements nearby serve the residents of Red Hill rental houses. The region has different housing choices, which include tree-lined streets and detached spacious family homes.


    • The population of Vincent – 7,423 individuals 
    • Criminal offences per 100,000 residents – 4,466 
    • The average monthly rent for one bedroom- $1,280

Vincent is a good location for individuals looking for a safe place for rent in Hamilton. Residents can enjoy a quiet community and smooth accessibility to downtown Hamilton apartments and Toronto. It is bordered by Red Hill Valley Parkway and is close to the QEW. Vincent is self-sufficient, with many public schools, daycare facilities, shopping malls, and open-air recreation places. Heritage Green Sports Park, a 32-hectare park filled with sports facilities like baseball courts and soccer fields, is a favourite among locals, especially for Vincent’s rental houses. The area comprises multi-storey modular and traditional buildings.


If you plan to move to Hamilton and are looking for affordable rental housing options, the province boasts numerous neighbourhoods with low-cost housing. Choose the right rental neighbourhoods in hamilton as per your preferences, needs and rental budgets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the safest area to rent in Hamilton?

Westdale North, Hill Park, and Gourley are some of Hamilton's safest areas to rent.

Which area is the cheapest to rent in Hamilton?

Sunninghill and Kennedy East are some of Hamilton's cheapest areas to rent.

What is the most expensive area to rent in Hamilton?

Hamilton's most expensive neighbourhoods are Sulphur Springs, Durand South, and Ancaster Heights.

What is the minimum rent in Hamilton?

For a single renter in Hamilton, the average monthly cost of living is approximately $3,493. The average calculated depends on the housing price, transportation, groceries, and entertainment, among other variables.

What is a good salary to live in Hamilton?

Hamilton's median annual salary is approximately $53,750.