Have you recently arrived in Canada and not yet found a job? If yes, you are in the right place. Looking for a job in a new country is not an easy task and could take up your precious time. We have curated this blog with some of the most popular working tips in Canada for starting a new job to make things easier for you.

Working Tips in Canada For Starting a New Job

Let’s get started so we can make money in no time through these must read working tips in Canada.

Resumé is the Key

Resumes to start working

A resume is your first impression of your employer, ultimately affecting your job prospects. Yes, here, the book is judged by its cover. Hence, it becomes essential to have a polished resume when you start working in Canada. The traditional printed form of a resume is preferred in Canada, displaying your work experience rather than the list of jobs that you have done.

Another great trick is customising your resume for each job rather than using the same one everywhere. Now, let’s talk about the cover letter. Different employers have different views on the importance of a cover letter. An intelligently crafted letter that emphasises your passion for the position. It is unnecessary to have one, but you can earn you brownie points with your employer.

Choose What’s Best for You

One of the best working tips in Canada for starting a new job, is scurrying through the zillion jobs posted online to find the one that fits your bill. Firstly, finding a job is highly time-consuming, and secondly, bombing many companies with your resume would do you more harm than good. Apply to the fields and positions that excite you the most and match your qualifications.

If you have just moved to Canada and haven’t decided on the province you want to settle down in, then you need to research the province that offers you the maximum opportunities. For instance, big cities like Vancouver and Toronto are the hubs of IT companies.

Show Some Zest

It is necessary to follow up with the company after you have sent your resume. Ideally, you should contact them within a week of submitting the resume to exude your interest in the job. One of Canada’s most recommended working tips includes replying with a ‘Thank you’ after every email. These small, courteous actions are great advice for starting a new job in Canada.

Explore Websites

job search

To ease out your job search, several free websites are available as genuine resources. You can visit the official website of the Government of Canada Job Bank, the official website for listing jobs. You can also search for essential positions at Job Bank’s COVID-19 listings. A working tip in Canada is to access the various immigration resources on one page. Get your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and even get your credentials evaluated.

Job Listing Sites

Job Listing Sites

Apart from the official resources, you can also access the various job listing sites like Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Eco Canada, and WorkInNonProfits.ca to find the best job for you. Apart from these websites, you should also conduct your research. Research the companies you wish to work with.

Do not miss out on job fairs in your city; they are among the best places to meet new employers and strike up a conversation about jobs. You can even call an employment agency to find job opportunities, like the Service Canada Centre.

Networking Rules

Today, there are many places where you can look for a job apart from job listing sites. Networking through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you land in the right place at the right time. Expanding your network is a vital activity to pursue, aiding you in bagging opportunities.

After creating an engaging profile, do not stop uploading your resume; instead, highlight your experience and accomplishments. Write about the areas you are good at and your strengths. Stay active on these platforms, and follow post-professional content to strike up a conversation with potential employers.

By interacting with your connections, you can get an idea of the current work culture in Canada. All you need is a strong wifi connection to move one step forward.


If you want to gain an advantage over your fellow immigrants, you must listen to podcasts by those who have the know-how regarding the Canadian immigration process. This would help you to have the ‘first-mover advantage.’

Helpful Endorsements

A letter of recommendation from your past employer (if you are on good terms with them) can help. If the company you previously worked for or your employer has connections in Canada, it would be a cherry on the cake. Do not forget to ask your family or friends for references in Canada. These acquaintances can be your ticket to a great job opportunity.

Work on Your Interview Skills

working tips for Interview Skills

While finding the job of your dreams, another thing to focus on is your interview skills. Two things that can make or break your interview are powerful communication skills and body language.

We all know about creating a first impression. To achieve that, you need to dress for the occasion. A professional dress code needs to be followed while you go in for your interview. Your body language must convey the message that you take this job seriously. Go for the basic colours like blue and black. For a virtual interview, ensure that you dress your upper body professionally and angle your computer to display the entire upper half of your body.

Stay in the moment. Do not think beforehand about the following questions and how you will frame your answer. You do not have to be perfect in your answers, as recruiters are not looking for individuals who can butter them up. They are looking for highly skilled individuals who have what the job demands.

Volunteer Your Way Through

Volunteering can help you build a solid resume. The catch is that you would have to work or render a service willingly without any pay. There are numerous benefits to volunteering when you are in Canada. You can get Canadian work experience, polish your French and English, meet Canadians, and make new friends. You will also be able to find someone who can be your reference and prove your willingness to work hard to your employers.

To get an idea about how volunteering in Canada works, search for ‘volunteer’ on the Internet and your city. You will then have to contact an immigrant-serving organisation. Head to the official website of Volunteer Canada.

Bridging Programs

Bridging programmes mend the bridges for internationally trained tradespeople and professionals who want to work away from the Canadian workplace. They are your sure shot way of getting a certificate or licence to work in Canada.

Bridging programmes offer many services, like:

  • Skill and education assessment
  • Courses
  • Workplace or practical experience
  • Exam preparation for certificates or licences
  • Language training
  • Learning plans to make you aware of the training you need

Usually, these courses are free of charge. However, you might have to pay for some courses. Work experience or classroom training is a segment of this programme.

Get Accredited

If you want to start working in Canada, you will have to get your previous certificates, work experience, and education certified. The only purpose of this step is to ensure that your education is equal to Canadian standards. Please note that if your documents are in any other language besides English and French, you will have to get them translated before you submit them.

Working Tips in Canada During Pandemic

working tips in Canada During Pandemic

According to professionals, there is scope for career optimism despite the pandemic’s impact on job searching. Yes, things are difficult during the pandemic, and you might have to work hard to find the job of your choice. You will have to tune into your creative side for this purpose. Scurry through different fields that can make use of your skillset.

Also, while you’re at it, work on your telecommuting skills. Companies prefer those employees who can prove that their skills would be valuable to both their company and in person. Assure your employer that you can stay organised and productive while working from home.

Never Say No to Help

The sanest advice for starting a new job in Canada is never to turn down help. You need to be proactive and determined during this phase of finding a job. Always say thanks to the person who guided you or offered you support. Canada also provides pre-arrival services to help newly immigrated individuals. These services are available for those individuals who have their immigration approved and are scheduled to enter Canada in the next 12 months.

Perseverance is Power

Perseverance is Power

Finding a job is not easy. It is a lengthy process that might take longer than you expect. The point is never to lose hope. Thrive at whatever you’re doing, and don’t get discouraged. Yes, it takes a lot of time to make new connections, but perseverance is the key. Devote yourself to indulging in the Canadian work culture and learn about the different tips and tricks to move your way ahead.

Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

The Federal Internship for Newcomers Program (FIN) offers new Canadian immigrants and permanent residents eligible for training and work experience. This can come in handy in more ways than one.

Without Further Ado

Now that you know some of the most basic and essential working tips in Canada for starting a new job, you can start screening for your dream job. Yes, the pandemic has made it tough, but these simple hacks will help you get your way through it. Keep that confidence in your demeanour and stay headstrong to achieve your goals.

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What is the easiest way to get a job in Canada?

One of the easiest tips for starting a new job in Canada is to create a presentable persona, get a Canadian work permit and apply for the jobs that interest you the most.

How do I get a job in Canada before I move?

If you want to start working in Canada before your arrival, you should have a Canadian-style resume. You can also join a Professional Immigrant Network (PIN) or register yourself for free pre-arrival government programs.

Can I get a job in Canada without experience?

One of the ways to get a job in Canada without experience is by volunteering. If you prove to your employer that you are serious about the position, it might improve your chances of approval.