Currently, if we look for countries that are offering settled career opportunities and impressive lifestyles, Canada is one of the highest-ranking nations. As a nation, it possesses some incredible facilities that convince the youngsters to switch their nationality and build a settlement plan in Canada. However, a work permit visa in Canada is a primary requirement. 

What is a Canadian Temporary Worker Visa? 

A Temporary Worker Visa or Canadian Work Visa is a permission issued by the government or authorities who allow other nationalities to work with a Canadian employer. This could be achieved through a contractual abscess of job or to a full-time employee to live for 6 months. 

That means the Canadian Temporary Worker Visa also acts like a Worker Visa or worker permit that even relieves the person to find a job within the tenure allowed to stay in Canada. It also means that an individual can renew the visa, if they want to continue staying in Canada through worker visas up to 4 years (conditions may differ as per nation and type of visa). 

Two Basic Ways to Avail Temporary Worker Visa in Canada:

    • Temporary Work Visas : Allows to stay and work for 6 months only or needs to be renewed.
    • Permanent or Immigrant Work Canadian Visas : Allows to stay permanently and invest in the nation’s economy.

Who Can Apply for a Canadian Temporary Worker Visa?

Eligibility of Canadian Temporary Work permit

This short-term permission can be availed for people who want to enter Canada for professional purposes. But the eligibility must match the requirements and proof of the applicant strictly. The following conditions need to be fulfilled for a seamless issue of a Canadian Work Visa:

    • The person must have the sole purpose of working as a salary-based employee.
    • The employer or the company must be registered under the Canadian constitution.
    • The person must be residing in Canada after receiving the Canadian Work Visa.
    • The salary or payment must be sent to a Canadian Bank Account. 

Note: If you are at work outside Canada for a short time (let’s say less than 6 months), you do not require a Canadian Work Visa.

Types of Canadian Work Permit Visa or Temporary Worker Visa

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Programme

It is the basic temporary work visa issued to employees of other countries who have a job offer letter from a Canadian business firm. In this programme, the company needs their employees to abide by their Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) imposed by the Canadian Government. It is a kind of test that the employees have to pass that works like an eligible criteria whether the candidate is fit for the job in Canada or not.

  • Open Work Permit

The name of this visa type itself defines its liberty offered to the applicant which is also open to other employees. It primarily means that the employee who gets this Canadian work visa can change their job after entering the nation and will face no legal consequences even after relieving them from their previous company. Whereas, if you get a temporary worker visa it will not allow you access to work under different employers other than them in Canada.

  • Working Holiday Visa

It is a type of visa that encourages youngsters from 30 different countries worldwide to come and work in Canada. It also allows them to travel throughout Canada and explore the uniqueness. It is interesting and exciting too, but works on a random selection method. So, the applicants who are interested can apply to the Canadian official websites and wait until their selection letter will be sent  to them. If you are lucky enough to pass the test, you can eventually apply for the worker visa and enter the country easily. 

  • Post Graduate Work Permit

This is a worker visa granted to students who possess a graduate degree from a Canadian recognized university. It focuses on making such students stay back in the country and work and invest there. It is as such the easiest temporary worker visa to opt for as it facilitates young generations to start their career journey in Canada, evolve themselves with impactful brainstorms and contribute to the nation’s economy. Thus, anybody who is a student and wants to work in Canada and start their plan right from getting admission there and continue with this Canadian work visa.

Steps to Apply for a Work Permit in Canada

Steps to Apply for a Temporary Work permit

  • Receiving a Job Offer from a Canadian Business Firm

The smallest initiative is to achieve a job offer from a Canadian company before you could apply for a worker visa in Canada. This defines the type of visa you may opt for, hence needs to be ensured before starting the processing. Remember, other than open work permits, every other visa type is employer-specific. In the case of a Foreign Temporary Worker Visa, you need to get a job before entering Canada. For getting a job offer, you may take help from the recruiting agencies that contact candidates with employers to ease the process of employment. 

  • Ensure LMIA from the Employer’s Side

After that you have gained a job offer letter, make sure that your employer abides by the LMIA. This is a legal process that permits that particular firm to recruit a froerign employee in their company. This document also ensures that the job is given without replacing a permanent resident of Canada. They should ensure that there is no involuntary unemployment taking place because of them by hiring an employee outside the country. After all these, you may continue your formalities and do not forget to ask for this permit as well as proof.

  • Present All Required Documents for Canadian Worker Visa

Finally that you have all the prior formalities done, you will be now supposed to apply for a Temporary Worker Visa through the Canadian Government Website. There, you will need to submit the application with attached documents asked by the Canadian government for Worker Visa formalities. They may ask for a medical report followed by an interview round. 

Below are the needed documents you need to fill out and submit for Canadian Work Visa: 

    • An application that will consist of:
      • IMM 1295 – Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada.
      • Schedule 1 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa.
      • Family Information Form IMM 5645.
      • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union IMM 5409 (if applicable).
      • IMM 5476 – Use of Representative Form (if applicable).
      • IMM 5475 – Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if applicable).
    • A passport valid for 6 months after your plan to enter Canada with its photocopies of all pages.
    • Two photographs of the applicant
    • Current Immigration Status Proof
    • Marital Proof ( if married)
    • Children’s Birth Certificate (if applicable)
    • No Criminal record Certificate
    • Proof of Financial Stability through Bank Statements
    • Your Latest Resume
    • Your Qualification Certificates
    • Job Offer Letter
    • The LMIA Certificate
    • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ), if required
    • Adhere by the Medical Tests
  • Complete the Interview Round

This is a test round that ensures that the person who will be travelling to Canada has the quality to be adaptive or not. In this, your documents will be evaluated along with the judgement whether you will be back on time after your Canadian Work Visa expiry or not. All you need to keep in mind is that do not mess things up with overconfidence or underconfidence. Try to be utmost honest from your end so that your round gets clear easily at once and you get the key to your dreamland.

  • Wait Until You Pass

Wait for at least 3-27 weeks till you can receive the worker visa issued to you. This is the allowance of the Canadian Government for your residence permit. That also means you should not fasten your belts and start booking your accommodation until you get the green signal. And when you get the Post of Entry (PoE), you must not miss to carry your approved documents that will work as a proof for your last entry verifications. This is because the POE authorities have the wholesome power to deny the permission if they find any suspicious documents or in the statement of the candidate. Therefore, you must safeguard yourself before it’s too late. 

End Thoughts

Canada is no less than the ambition you hold for your life and the worker visa is the first step you take towards its fulfillment. If you don’t want to face the hassle of Permanent Resident Visa for Canada or not sure whether this is your final home to settle, you may try a temporary work permit in Canada to determine the best suitability with quickest processing. We wish you All the Best for your new journey!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long does it take to get a temporary Canadian visa?

A temporary worker visa may take 2 weeks to 2 months of approval to get entry in Canada.

Can I get a temporary work permit in Canada without a job offer?

In almost all types of Canadian Work Visa, the candidate needs to have a valid job offer. But as exceptionals are always there, you may also look for some of the ways that may help you get a Worker Visa without a job offer.

What is the difference between a work permit and a work visa?

The major difference between a normal visa and a worker visa or permit is that the candidate will not necessarily need a job offer letter from a Canadian company in the first case. Whereas, it is a must for Temporary Worker Visa applicants.

Is a work visa considered a permanent resident?

No, a worker visa is only valid for 6 months which may get extended if renewed on time. It is not treated as a permanent resident visa and hence, falls under the category of Temporary Worker Visa.

How long can you stay on a work visa?

A candidate can confirm their stay in Canada for 6 months initially through a Canadian Work Visa.