Everyone has their own idea of a kitchen. And while designing one, a myriad of aspects needs to be considered including the blueprint, material for construction, functionality, aesthetics, and so on. Once all that is sorted, the finality only comes with the paint. Now there are many people that take the colour of a kitchen seriously. Because 8 out of 10 times, kitchen colours have been known to influence a person’s mood for doing the dishes. 

Furthermore, speaking of research-backed data, it was noted that the most commonly used colours include grey and white kitchen. And, there are indeed good reasons why these two colours found their way to the top of a designer’s list. Firstly, a grey and white kitchen colour is easily customisable. One can tweak them as much in case one changes their mind. Secondly, these colours easily radiate a luxurious vibe to the space. Consequently, these are the two colours that are regarded as ones that always stay in fashion. 

But how does one decide out of a grey and white kitchen? Is a grey kitchen better than a white kitchen? All shall be explored as you read by. 

Pros of a White Kitchen

Pros of a Grey Kitchen

White is definitely a colour with a more natural flair to it, and the commonality of this colour establishes that statement. It definitely sets an aura of positivity throughout the kitchen. That said, here are some possible pros of painting a kitchen with a white shade. 

    • White attracts ample light and gives the impression of a wide space. White has the kind of power where it can amplify the kitchen’s expanse greater than it actually is. White can be applied to a number of different kitchen shapes including smaller size kitchens, L-shaped kitchens, and so on. 
    • Being a light shade, white can bring an unblemished and pristine look to the kitchen space. Complementing marbles or tiles can get the design an enchanting shine. 
    • White has a great characteristic of tranquillity attached to it, and it can act as an excellent backdrop for varying cabinet colour ideas.  

Cons of a White Kitchen

Cons of a White Kitchen

Although white can be a great choice of colour, it still has its limitations. More often than not, people go with a white kitchen simply owing to a lack of any ideas. Some of the possible cons of White kitchen walls are explored. 

    • White wall paint can do more harm than good when it comes to a kitchen that has a large area. It might simply give off a cold look, like a rabbit in a snowstorm. It could make the kitchen look like an abandoned place where ghosts on vacation would find solace. 
    • Even the tiniest stain spot can become the elephant in the room when it is as white as milk. 
    • Finally, whatever shines bright has an expiry. White paints can fade over time rather quickly, and it would only be prudent to use the best quality paints to compensate. 

Pros of a Grey Kitchen

Pros of a Grey Kitchen

Many people use grey colour to incorporate the calmness it offers. And it is not untrue for a kitchen space as well. Grey colour not only comes in many shades but also brings a peaceful aura to the environment. Like the kind of calm that can be experienced after a devastating storm. Grey can easily give off a radiance of depression but positively. Without further ado, let’s explore some positive points about the grey kitchen. 

    • Grey is one of the colours that give an impression that one is inside a memory. And that can be a good thing. 
    • With a spacious kitchen with enough light fall, grey can emit ample tranquillity. 
    • Grey naturally stabilises vibrant colours with its offsetting composition. 
    • Going with a grey colour, one can still have numerous options because grey has a variety of shades. One can incorporate a few shades here and there to create a unique and picturesque wall pattern. 
    • The darker the shade of the grey, the better it will look for a large kitchen. And vice-versa can be applied to a small kitchen. It all looks fine. Just trust the colour.
    • Did we mention that it is peaceful? 

Cons of a Grey Kitchen

Even though grey was chosen as a popular colour along with white kitchen ideas, it still does not suffice much. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, said someone who was partially blind and forgot to wear their glasses. And when they saw grey, they wondered if it was going to rain soon or not. Well, can’t blame the poor person because grey is sometimes depressing. Peaceful but depressing. Here are some cons of a grey kitchen. 

    • Firstly, the person that listed out the pros of the grey colour was the guy who gave the quote mentioned above. 
    • Using a light shade of grey is a good idea. The only thing is that it should be light enough to be identified as off-white.
    • A Grey kitchen can give off dull vibes at times. However, it is rather psychological than a generality. 
    • It might not necessarily pull off the look a designer has in their mind. Greys are extremely picky about who they want to attract. 

Final Words

There is no sure-shot way to tell if one should go for this colour or that colour. It always depends on the taste of the resident. The versatility of the colours in the debate is immense, and they go in and out of fashion from time to time. Both can easily give off luxurious and modern vibes to kitchen space with their high aesthetic and sophistication. However, in simple words, just pick the damn white. It always works. But it’s up to you. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Will the grey kitchen go out of style?

There is about a 59% chance that grey kitchens will go out of style as more and more people realise that it is not achieving much.

What is on trend for kitchens in 2022?

Some of the best trending kitchen styles include modern and minimalist kitchens. This is balanced out by commercial kitchen, which has always been inclined towards industrial kitchen designs.

Are grey kitchens still popular?

Grey kitchens are still widely incorporated in many upscale residential units. It is still indeed one of the popular colours of choice.

Are white kitchen cabinets still popular in 2022?

White cabinets have been a popular choice for many years and still can be considered a highly sought-after option in 2022.

How do I make my grey kitchen feel warmer?

One of the best advice for warming up a grey kitchen is to enhance it with wooden accents. This way, one can create a rustic aura in their kitchen space.