Buying a car is a heavy decision. Which make and model to get? The colour that is most appealing and will it cater to my needs? A few questions fuss around our heads when looking for an ideal car. But what to do if you buy a vehicle out of province ? Worry not! The rug stays underneath your feet but will have to be adjusted. 

Put your seatbelts on and drive through this blog on buy a vehicle out of province. 

Buy a Vehicle Out Of Province: Is There a Green Signal?

Buy a Vehicle Out Of Province Is There a Green Signal

Buy a vehicle out of province gets a green signal; however, there might be speed-breakers on the way. You can buy a car in Canada in any province through a dealership or private sales. You will be bombarded with extra paperwork and cost. You must also be aware of the regulations regarding procuring a new car in the province you choose your vehicle from. So, while you’re stuck in traffic, it’s best to do research that will save your time and money. To buy a new car out of your province, you must be aligned with the Vehicle Registration Authority rules and regulations.

Like a traffic signal from red to yellow to green depicting the three steps to go ahead- stop, get ready/wait and go, there is a process you need to be aware of when buying a vehicle out of province. The steps to be followed to buy a car out of your province in Canada.

  • Gauge the Seller

Gauge the Seller in Canada

Before you rush into a car-buying decision, it is most important for you to contact your seller. A private seller must be willing to sell their car out of their province, and if it is a dealership, they must be properly equipped to deal with interprovincial transactions.

  • Speed with Your Province’s Vehicle Registration Authority (VRA)

Vehicle Registration Authority in Canada
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You must get up to speed with the Vehicle Registration Authority or your province’s VRA to know the correct process to bring your new car to your home. The VRA can help you ensure the documents required to buy a new car out of the province.

  • Check the Car Condition

Car Condition in Canada

Before you sign any document, you must check the condition of the car and not go over the sweet words of the sellers. A big red flag is that you must avoid buying a car without properly investigating it.

  • Tune up Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills in canada

Remember that buying a vehicle from a province other than yours may incur additional costs. It’s worth investigating whether you can occasionally receive a discount based on your mode of payment. Make sure that the payment is made securely regardless of the price you choose, especially if it’s a private transaction. You must use your negotiation skills to ensure a fair price since it considers the car’s location.

  • Finalise the Deal

Finalise the Deal

You will be required to pay the fee once both parties are satisfied with the documents submitted. You are advised to look out for fraud. If purchasing privately, you must verify the seller’s ownership and registration against a personal identification card issued by the government to ensure they match. Additionally, research consumer protection laws in the province you are purchasing it from and bring it to ensure you are protected (for example, you would check out OMVIC in Ontario, VSA in British Columbia or AMVIC in Alberta). Once everything is in place, all that remains is to register the car by changing the ownership into your name.

  • Get Your Dream Car

Dream Car in Canada

You can get your car shipped to you or drive your new car yourself. If you decide to get your car shipped, you will bear the cost of getting your car delivered to your doorstep. 

Things to Consider

There are various things that a person must consider when buy a vehicle out of province. The first and foremost thought must be to reach out to the VRA of the province you are purchasing the car from and your province’s VRA. They will provide you with every bit of knowledge related to inter-provincial transactions. A few most important elements to consider when buying a car in Canada. They are discussed below:

  • The Race of Time and Effort

Race of Time and Effort buy a vehicle out of province

Much research must be done in advance, just like with any significant purchase, to ensure it’s a good choice. It will take much longer to research cars, comprehend and adhere to provincial requirements on both sides, acquire finance, and set up shipping and pickup because you are working with dealers and individual owners in different jurisdictions. Distance is another consideration; the farther the car is from you, the longer it will take you to get there. Don’t forget about seasonality also; if bad weather is forecast, it can take even longer. So it is a race of time and effort if you want to buy a car in Canada.

  • Vehicle Verification

Vehicle Verification in canada vehicle out of province

Owing to the substantial purchase, you must inspect the car in person to get a solid sense of its condition. The choice to buy used cars requires all the more reason to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with the specifics of the car. If face-to-face inspection isn’t possible, you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure the car isn’t a lemon.

You must get a complete vehicle history report like accident history, money outstanding on the vehicle (if any), and unrepaired safety recalls. Additionally, it’s a good idea to study the car’s interior and exterior carefully, take as many pictures and videos as possible and even ask to take the car on a spin. If you cannot be physically present to take a look, it is advisable to find someone in the particular province who could help you. Again, you must rely on the VRA to provide you with the safety and maintenance thresholds of the provinces.

  • The Cost Roadblock

buy a vehicle out of province Roadblock in canada

The total cost of the car may work as a roadblock. When purchasing a used car outside of your jurisdiction, there are additional charges to consider in addition to the used car price. Another issue is “all-in” pricing, which is available in Ontario but may not be in other jurisdictions. Consider this when purchasing a car from a dealership since private transactions frequently include the entire price.

Varying jurisdictions have different tax rates when it comes to taxes. In addition to the GST/HST you paid when you purchased the car, you may additionally be required to pay your province’s motor vehicle tax. Fortunately, the VRA in each province can assist you with these issues.

Once you are through with the stressful process of buying a car out of the province, it is time for you to take it out for a ride. Put your shades on, roll down the windows, feel the breeze running through your hair and whistle to your favourite tune while taking in the scenic beauty surrounding you. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I buy a car in BC If I live in Alberta?

Yes, you can buy a car in British Columbia even if you live in Alberta. However, you will be required to go through extra work.

How long does it take for a car transfer of ownership?

The transfer of ownership of the car can take approximately 10 days. The term also depends from province to province.

What do you do if you don’t find a car buyer?

If you don’t find a car buyer, you can wait for a seller or use any platform to feature your car.

What do I consider before buying a car?

You must consider your requirements for a car, your budget and if it is the correct time for you to buy a car in Canada. You can also approach a dealer who can strike a deal on your behalf.

Is buying a used car from a dealer more expensive than a private seller?

A dealership offers you an assortment of cars instead of a private seller. The added features from the dealer’s end raise the used car prices. Therefore, buying a used car from a dealer becomes more expensive than a private seller.