Shweta Agarwal Shweta had always felt voiceless untl she found herself a pen and paper. Now, she doesn't shut up. Publisher of a poetry book with a knack to learn various instruments; her go to instrument being violin at the time. She loves exploring and reading situations in a bizarre way, incorporating the same in her writings.


3 Stories by Shweta Agarwal

Buying a Vehicle Out of Province: Do’s and Don’ts

Buying a car is a heavy decision. Which make and model to get? The colour that is most appealing and will it cater to...
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Explore 10 Secret Places to Visit in Ontario in Summer

Ontario is a province in East-Central Canada that borders the United States of America and the great lakes. Ottawa, the country’s capital, and Toronto,...
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10 Famous Brunch Restaurant in Toronto for Delicious Food

You might consider yourself a breakfast connoisseur If you have tried some of the most popular and best brunch places in Toronto. The capital...
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