Are you not able to focus at work and give your best? Look around you. Is your work environment or desk space cluttered? Is it shabby and unorganised? If so, then it’s time to clean things up. An well-organised workspace is the key to success. A clean and decluttered work environment has been linked to increased productivity and stress-free working and a visually aesthetic space goes a long way. In this article, we have enumerated some of the most clever work space tips for an organised office.

Let the Organizing Begin!

These organising tips for the office will aid you in transforming the way you work and play!

  • Clear Out Your Space

clean and clear Work space decoration

The key to an organised work space is to remove, shred, empty, and declutter everything that you do not need anymore. The trick is to scan your work space tips and recognize what you have not used in recent times. Pick up one particular area at a time. These things include supplies, furniture, equipment, etc. You can also opt for the three-pile method: keep, trash, and donate. This will help you to keep only those things that are important.

  • Gather and Redistribute

Gather and Redistribute
collect all the things that are not in their place and reorganise

To organise work space, collect all the things that are not in their place and reorganise them to create a clean office space demeanour.

  • Establish Work Zones

Establish Work Zones

Dividing your work zones according to the importance of different activities is one of the most efficient work space tips. The office area will be majorly divided into three zones, namely: the main workspace, a supply area, and a reference area. Ensure that you keep the equipment and required materials in the respective areas to avoid chaos. Keeping the materials in their zones will help avoid frustration and create a smooth flow of work.

  • Prioritise Proximity

Prioritise Proximity

Place the equipment and materials that you require the most within your arm’s reach, like a notepad, water bottle, organiser, and mug, among other important things. You can do away with the things that you do not need often in a storage space or cabinet. This work space decoration will help you save time and effort.

  • Label Around You

label maker

A label maker will help you to organise work space in such a way that you will know where your belongings are at all times. Get a label maker that is simple to use. Label your desk, drawers, bins, etc. which will not only help you to find stuff but also other people who would want to find something in your workspace.

  • Revamp the Filing System

office filing system

With today’s digital world taking over the traditional paper filing system, it is important to keep track of your digital files. You can easily delete some of the files that you have used in the past. If you store your files on the computer, ensure that you perform regular backups. You can use these work space tips to maintain your filing system:

    • Create a meeting folder—put all items that are connected to the meetings, files that need to be handed off, and reports that are to be presented in a particular folder. It will help you remain prepared for the meeting without much stress.
    • WFR folder – create a ‘Waiting For Response’ folder to keep the documents that have not yet been responded to. Corral these files together and check them regularly to ensure that you are up to date with your pending tasks.
    • Storage boxes—many files need to be archived. Store them in a storage box away from the files currently in use.
    • Weekly filing – ensure that you catch up with the filing process weekly and do not let it pile up. Filing every once a week will help you stay on track and organized.
  • Keep Your Desk Clean

clean work desk

Regularly organise your work space with work space tips. Clear everything on your desk and only put back the things that are required for daily use. Decluttering is the perfect solution to keep your office clean because it also has an additional positive impact on your mind, increasing productivity.

  • Organise the Desktop

clean the work desktop

After you have cleaned your desk, it is time to organise it. Use special containers or desktop organisers to arrange the items on your desk. You can use trays for containers, papers, or other small decorative items on your desk.

Do not forget your computer desktop. Ensure that all images and files are organised into folders. Clear your desktop regularly or every day before you leave work.

  • Arrange your Drawers

Arrange your Drawers

The items which are used together should be placed in a single drawer, for example, stamps with envelopes. Use organisers for small items like tacks, paper clips, etc. to maintain a clean space. Also, use separate drawers for storing personal items.

  • Keep Wires Out of Sight

Wire free work space

With an overload of equipments like monitors, computers, phones, laptops, etc., the wires on the desktop table can be an overwhelming amount. A network of wires can make the space look cluttered and also tacky. Visual clutter is directly related to stress, so it is important to hide the messy wires.

If your desk does not have a slot to hide them, then you can use binder clips to attach them. Since your desk is the place where you spend most of your time, work space decoration can work wonders for you.

  • Get Rid of the Piles

Scurry through the piles of paper or files that you have collected over time and organise them. Throw away the ones you don’t need anymore and keep the important piles in a secure place. You do not have to handle all the piles together, you can always take them at your own pace, one pile at a time.

  • Add Personal Touches

Add Personal Touches on work space

This is one of the most efficient organising tips for the office. Keeping some personal items like picture frames, souvenirs, or plants can help inculcate a feeling of belongingness. This can prevent the space from becoming too sterile. But don’t overdo it as it might end up becoming cluttered.

  • Install Shelves

Arrange your Drawers

Shelves can help you declutter your desk as they remove excess items to create space. It is one of the best storage solutions for small spaces. You can use this shelf space to store your books, craft supplies, and other important office equipment.

  • Push the Accessories Aside

Push the Accessories Aside

Every office desk requires notebooks, table lamps, knick-knacks, etc., but sometimes these might create an overwhelming ambience around where you work. Place these accessories on a single side of the desk to create a clutter-free space for work. Accessories make the space look exquisite, but they should not be a hindrance to your work.

  • Of Vital Value

Office Vital Value

Abiding by Marie Kondo’s rule of “One in, one out” will help you organise work space in a sleek manner. Discarding the things that are of no value to you now will help clear out the clutter and your mind. Only hang on to the things that hold any sort of value for you.

  • Game up the Lighting

lighting on working table

You can save space by using a floor lamp instead of a traditional table lamp. These are trendy, stylish, and in vogue. A decluttered and illuminated space will render positivity while also increasing productivity.

  • Hang a Pinboard

Hang Pinboard on work space

A pinboard or bulletin board is not just for schools. You can hang a stylish pinboard to display important information, messages, or notifications so that they remain within your eyesight. A pinboard will ultimately fulfil both utilitarian and aesthetic needs in your office space.

  • Create a Habit

Work space tips decoration

Work space decoration or organizing is not a one-time thing. It has to be established as a routine or habit to always keep your office tidy. The key is to maintain your office space every day when the day ends so that you can begin afresh the next day.

Wipe the Slate Clean!

If you have been procrastinating on organising your office, then this is your wake-up call to get to it. These organising tips for the office will help you maintain a clean layout of the place where you spend most of your day. A decluttered and organised environment will eventually increase your productivity and produce tremendous results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep your office organised?

To organise work spaces, you should declutter, gather, redistribute, and clean your desk often. Organise your desktop, among other things.

What are the four tips to staying organised?

The best organisation tips for the office are to set your goals, use an agenda to track your progress, be accountable for your work, and create to-do lists.

How do you organise a small workspace?

To organise a work space that is small, you need to constantly declutter, be smart with the available space, group and categorise, and keep working on your workspace.

How should I arrange my office furniture?

For the best office space decoration, ensure that you keep your entryway clear, create a visual balance, leave gaps in your wall space, and be aware of the traffic flow.