If you desire a luxurious yet cost-effective housing unit in Canada, a duplex house might be the best option for you. A modern duplex house design is one of the most preferred housing units in Canada. They have the potential to provide privacy and space at an affordable price. The demand for duplex houses is ever-increasing in Canada. The offering with a decent price range grabs the attention of potential buyers.

The modern duplex house design plays an important role in making it the preferred housing unit for couples and nuclear families. However, the maintenance could be a bit of a hassle if not managed properly.

This article will walk you through duplex house designs, their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can maintain one effectively.

What is a Modern Duplex House Design?

Canadian Duplex House

Duplex houses are common in the Canadian real estate market. However, there is a lot of confusion about a duplex house design. A duplex house is often mistaken for a two-storey building.

A duplex house is a double-storied unit with a separate kitchen and dining area. The design of a duplex makes the property look more spacious because of an efficient space allocation between two levels and high ceilings. The floors of the duplex house can’t be sold separately, as it takes two floors to make a complete package.

In Canada, duplex houses have the potential of providing positive rental returns for such property owners. A modern duplex house design is created in such a way that it is possible to provide it as shared rentals.

However, as a duplex has only one kitchen, it becomes difficult for individuals to rent just one segment. If tenants are okay with sharing kitchens, then duplex houses are among the best options to choose among semi-detached houses, townhouses, condominiums, condos or apartments in Canada.

Types of Duplex House Designs

Types of Duplex House

A duplex house is quite different from other houses in terms of facilities and layout. There are various duplex house designs to pick from according to your preferences and requirements.

Here are the different types of duplex house designs to choose from in Canada.

  • Standard Duplex House

A standard modern duplex house design has a two-storied structure. The kitchen and living room are situated on the ground floor, whereas the master bedroom and kids’ room are on the upper floor. Moreover, a standard duplex house design has a vertical layout, which means the floors are built vertically, one over the other.

  • Low-Rise Duplex

A low-rise duplex features a balcony and a garret on the upper floor of the house. However, these duplexes are built in a smaller area than the other types. It is an architectural challenge to make the best out of the smaller offered area. But, these houses fulfill all the requirements of home buyers at a low cost.

  • Ground Duplex House

A ground duplex house design is the top choice of home buyers as it gives the total control of the land upon which the house has been built. This duplex house comes with a garden, making it easy to keep pets. Moreover, the lower floor and the master bedroom face directly toward the garden.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Duplex House

Advantages and Disadvantages

Buying a duplex house could be right for various reasons, as it has multiple advantages. However, there are a few disadvantages, too. To weigh the pros and cons effectively, let’s check out the multiple advantages and disadvantages of buying a duplex house in Canada.

  • Advantages of Duplex House

Here are the five key advantages of a modern duplex house design.

    • Privacy: The architects create a duplex house by utilising every inch of the provided area. A duplex house is ideal for providing privacy to the inhabitants. Even joint families can get privacy while staying under the same roof.
    • Affordability: Even if a well-facilitated duplex house may sound and seem expensive, it’s not compared to other housing units. Affording a duplex house in Canada is easy if you can manage the finance appropriately.
    • Accommodative: A duplex house usually has two floors one upon another and has the potential to accommodate families of more than three members under the same roof independently.
    • Source of Income: A duplex house costs cheaper than real estate properties that generate similar income. Making real estate investments in the duplex house for renting or house flipping can create a stable cash flow in the future.
    • Space for Home Office: In the current period, every working individual needs a home office owing to the pandemic induced evolution in the modern work culture. A duplex might be the perfect fit for establishing a home office. An individual can dedicate a whole floor to your home office and business meetings while having their personal space on another floor as a duplex house comes with two separate entries. This will cost a lot cheaper compared to renting an office space.
  • Disadvantages of Duplex House

The three key disadvantages of a modern duplex house design are listed below.

    • Disturbance: In most cases, a duplex has a common wall with other houses. The shared wall has to be properly insulated otherwise it will cause disturbance from the other side of the wall.
    • Limited Options: Except for low-rise duplexes, other duplex house designs require a larger area. This makes it difficult to find the perfect one in the well-connected city centres. The availability options of the duplex are usually on the outskirts of the city. The ones located in the central area are pricier than the rest.
    • Unstable Income Flow: This is the drawback of each and every rental property. If you are unable to find the right tenants, you won’t be able to make a steady income flow for your rental property.

How is a Duplex House and a Penthouse Different?


Here are three main differences between a duplex house and a penthouse.

    • A duplex house can be found on any floor, ranging from ground to top, while a penthouse can be only situated on the top floor of an apartment.
    • A penthouse is more expensive than a duplex house, as it occupies the whole top floor of the building.
    • A penthouse is more luxurious in terms of view, amenities and space. Moreover, they are the best-designed unit in the entire building.

How is a Duplex House and an Independent House Different?

Independent House

The major difference between a duplex house and an independent house is that a duplex house is a two-storied building. They are stacked side by side or in a vertical layout. As a duplex house has two floors with two entries, it is possible to have two separate owners for each unit.

However, independent houses, which are also called Detached houses are designed for a single owner as per their preference and may even contain basements with more than two floors. It is evident from the fact that around 60% of the houses in Canada are independent houses.

What Makes a Duplex House Different from Villa?


Villas are one of the most luxurious housing units, equipped with premium amenities. Furthermore, a villa occupies a larger area than any duplex house. Villas are independent houses that stand on their own land, giving full ownership to the individual owning the property.

How to Maintain Duplex Houses in Canada?

Maintenance of Duplex House in Canada

A duplex house is a private property that belongs solely to its owner. Therefore, the responsibility of repairing and all its maintenance is with the owner or the landlord of the building. The cost of maintaining a duplex house is a bit higher compared to apartments or condos. If the duplex house is maintained properly, it can give the pleasure and comfort a home buyer looks for before making the purchase.

To Sum Up

Comfortable and affordable, a duplex house in Canada provides a sense of high-end living and is one of the most preferred housing units. Offering privacy, standard facilities and ample space for every dweller in the unit, a duplex house design proves to be a good investment option with stable returns and the best choice for any first-time home buyer in Canada. Modern duplex house designs also cater to the luxurious tastes of home buyers and make the best out of less area. Staying in a duplex house in Canada is a core experience with less capital investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of the duplex house?

A duplex house offers several benefits to its home buyers, like privacy, space for a home office, and affordability, among others.

What is a duplex house in Canada?

A duplex house is a two-storied housing unit, with each storey having its entrance. It has a single kitchen and dining room. Even though a duplex house has two floors, they are sold as a single property unit in Canada.

Which one is better, a duplex house or a flat?

A duplex house offers a more comfortable living than a flat. It generates a higher rental income and an ultimate sense of comfort. A two-storied duplex design also offers separate entrances at each level, ensuring complete privacy to its inhabitants while staying under the same roof.

Why do people live in a duplex?

A duplex house provides a sense of high-end living, utmost privacy and comfort among other housing units. Additionally, its maintenance costs relatively less than other luxurious housing units.