Bhavya Kamra An avid reader, you can always find Bhavya standing in the corner of a room with a book, most likely by Dostoevsky. With a master's degree in English Literature and a PG Diploma in Digital Marketing, for Bhavya, writing represents the noblest profession on Earth, as it is through writing that humanity has been able to share stories, ideas, inventions, life truths, recipes, and the entirety of history itself.


2 Stories by Bhavya Kamra

Guide to Bathroom Renovation Costs & Estimates in Canada

Bathroom renovation does not necessarily mean uprooting all its elements and spending hefty money on plumbing, faucets, sinks, and bathtubs. This process includes making...
0 8 min read

Home Based Business Insurance: Household Hustle, World-Class Coverage

People visualise and create their dreams from their homes. It is a safe space for everything one dreams of becoming or doing. When you’ve...
0 9 min read

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