“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” — Anne Geddes From night time storytelling and carrying us on their shoulders when we were kids, to taking us on adventures, and giving sound advice on our careers, Dads shower their unwavering love and support on us. With hugs, kisses, and all the jokes we’ve shared throughout the years, let’s celebrate the ultimate role model in our lives! Make this Fathers Day in Canada memorable with quirky gifts and profound messages while making delectable meals and indulging in his interests by spending time with the man who means the world to you. 

What Do Canadians Do on Father’s Day?

Fathers Day in Canada falls on the third Sunday in June to honour these men in our lives- Dad and Grandfathers. To celebrate the occasion, many families choose to spend quality time together, either by indulging in outdoor activities or enjoying a sumptuous meal. With thousands of majestic lakes, alluring national parks, and mountains, it’s no surprise that families head out for fishing, hiking, or golfing to create pleasant memories and ecstatic experiences. 

In 2024, Canada will celebrate Father’s Day on the 16th of June

History of Father’s Day

History of Father's Day
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Fathers Day in Canada has a fascinating history that dates back more than 100 years to the early 1900s. The first Father’s Day event was held in June 1908 in Spokane, Washington to honour 362 men who died the previous year in a coal mining explosion. In 1910, a woman named ‘Sonora Smart Dodd,’ wanted to honour her father, a Civil War veteran, who raised her and her siblings alone after his wife’s death. She started a campaign that gradually gained popularity. Her efforts were rewarded almost after 60 years in 1972, when President Richard Nixon signed the law and designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day in canada Gift Ideas
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Looking for endearing presents that express your love and gratitude towards your fathers while making them feel special and valued? Check out these creative Fathers Day in Canada gift ideas.  

  • Personalised Gifts

Nothing can beat a DIY gift that showcases your thought and effort. Be it the customised photo albums, hand-painted coffee mugs or baking his favourite cake with a sweet message on icing, these gifts for Dad bring sentimental value to celebrations.

  • Tech Gadgets

If your dad’s tech-savvy, why not treat him this Fathers Day to a new gadget? Whether it’s a smartwatch, tablet, or wireless headphones, there’s always something intriguing in the tech world. In addition, you can also choose home automation gift ideas, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, or smart thermostats that induce an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

  • Fitness Equipment

How about something practical and convenient, like a new set of weights, a fitness tracker, or a gym membership? These wellness Father’s Day gifts are for fitness-freak dads; to help them reach their yearly fitness goals! 

  • Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have become a modern-day go-to gift idea. There’s a wide range of choices, from grooming products, snacks to surprises, and a subscription box full of goodies that will put a smile on your idol’s face throughout the year.

  • Heartwarming Gifts

Celebrating the first Father’s Day is an overwhelming notion, whether he’s eagerly waiting for his bundle of joy or a new dad. From personalised handprints to illustrations of dad and child, give him an eccentric gift to commemorate the momentous event of his first-time parenthood.

  • Dad Journals

Skip a Fathers Day in Canada card this year and present him a whole book that encapsulates your best memories together, the traits of his that you adore and admire the most and some fun quotes or jokes that earn him a good laugh. 

  • Hiking Gifts

If your Dad is into hiking or camping, why not surprise him with a gift that adds utility and compliments his favourite hobby? A portable cooler that can fit several cans/bottles without ice, a solar power bank, a camping hammock, or even a lightweight cooking set that makes his outdoor adventures comfortable and pleasurable. 

  • Men’s Bracelet

A stylish braided bracelet personalised with the kid’s initials is a bespoke Fathers Day in Canada gift idea that will suit his everyday look. 

Father’s Day Food Ideas for Dad 

Fathers Day in canada Food Ideas for Dad 
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Whether you start the day with the ultimate luxury breakfast in bed, a hearty brunch, grilling meat out in the evenings, or hosting a celebratory dinner, treat your father with savoury dishes to jazz up your celebrations. Below we’ve recommended a list of recipes to impress your Dad on his special Day.

  • BBQ

Does your Dad love a good old BBQ? Highly likely! A traditional wholesome meal with BBQ ribs and wings feast with a cold beer for hot summer afternoons. You can add flavourful burgers with rich toppings, or grilled potato salad topped with bacon vinaigrette. There are endless mouth-watering dishes to serve. 

  • Pizza Party

If your Dad loves pizza, throw an ultimate DIY pizza party that can be a fun and memorable experience. Set up a pizza station stocked with sauces, cheese, dough, and a variety of toppings like pepperoni, onions, tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers. Involve everyone to get creative with their own pizza combinations. Complete the meal with a side salad, bread, and favourite beverages.

  • Breakfast in Bed

Surprise your Dad on this Father’s Day with a delightful feast served in bed- think pancakes, a decadent eggs benedict with crab cakes, or french toast with berries. Add a personal touch with a heartfelt card or a letter to shower your love and gratitude. 

  • Sweet Delights

Want to make this day impeccable? Why not bake a delectable Father’s Day cake? A chocolate truffle cake or classic carrot. You can also try other homemade desserts, including hazelnut brownies, raspberry cupcakes, or blueberry cheesecake. 

Father’s Day Dinner Ideas

Planning for delicious Father’s Day dinner ideas to make your Dad feel truly appreciated. 

  • Classic Steak Dinner

Create a cosy and inviting ambience by dimming the lights, setting the table with quirky tableware and coordinating with colours that reflect his style. Place a flower centrepiece and scented candles illuminating the room with aroma while adding a touch of natural flair.

  • Seafood Feast 

Set a nautical-themed table setting with blue and white table linens, pampas grass, anchor-shaped napkin holders, and seashell accents to accentuate the decor. In addition, serve cocktails in beachy glasses or mason jars for a country vibe. 

  • Casual Dining

Create a relaxed and comfortable environment and set the table with taco bars, beer pongs, and pizzas. Induce the vibrant scheme, including the colourful plates, napkins, and table runners to enjoy the vibe. Play karaoke music and get the whole family involved!

Happy Father’s Day Quotes 

Sometimes words fall short to express your sentiments- we have all been there! Here, we’ve compiled the best Father’s Day quotes for you to add meaningful thoughts to your festivity, be it a crafted card or an Instagram post.

    • “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” –Unknown
    • “When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” – Linda Poindexter
    • “Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of songs.” – Unknown
    • “His heritage to his children wasn’t words or possessions, but an unspoken treasure, the treasure of his example as a man and a father.” –Will Rogers, Jr.
    • “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day provides us with an amazing opportunity to cherish the warmth and fondness of our Dad and honour the sacrifices they make for us. Fathers play an integral role in fostering their children with utmost care and boosting their strengths to achieve success in their lives. On this day, celebrate the first Superhero of our lives! We hope these elated Father’s Day ideas make him feel loved and appreciated. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Father's Day a public holiday in Canada?

No, Father's Day is not an official public holiday in Canada, as it falls on a Sunday, and many offices and stores are closed.

Why do we celebrate Father's Day?

The holiday is a celebratory time to acknowledge and appreciate the love, guidance, and support of fathers in their children's lives. Whether it's a heartfelt message, a simple gesture, or spending quality time together, there are endless ways to shower the affection.

When is Father's Day 2024?

Who Invented Father's Day?

In 1910, The first Father's Day event was organised by Sonora Smart Dodd to honour her father, a Civil War veteran who raised her and her five siblings alone after his wife's death.

Is Father's Day celebrated internationally?

Yes, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in Canada and several countries around the world.