We have seen two major countries that Indians choose to be their dream foreign land, i.e., the USA and Canada. Interestingly, they share the longest foreign border globally, with 5,525 miles. Besides including other countries as neighbours, 100 other international barriers cross the lane. There are even such situations where some citizens live in Canada and work in the USA near border localities. This provides warmth to their pockets but also provides a better living experience. Although, this does not mean there is an absence of border-crossing formalities. Here comes the Nexus Card Canada, which is another proof like a passport. 

Of course, the two documents are almost identical in utilities but have differences in acceptance. For example, a Nexus Card is proof used to cross the border but does not get accepted widely like a passport.  

What is a Nexus Card? 

Nexus Card was launched to ease travellers’ movement to avoid the struggle of prolonged processing of approval and sensitivity of carriers. One can be a Nexus member and bypass the borders hustle-free regularly without interruption. This is a smart and fast process to adhere to the customs between two foreign countries. 

Including this, there are no additional charges and cater for the perk of Global Entry and pre-checking eligibility of TSA. Travellers note that a Nexus Card Canada can only be used at Canada Airport in the USA pre-clearance areas. Unavailability of which will lead the traveller to entry only via a Passport to avail the services. 

What is a Nexus Application Canada? 

What is a Nexus Application Canada

Nexus Card Canada can be availed by any Canadian citizen to access a quick entry to the US borders. This is an application submitted online by the applicants on the official portal of TTP. By paying a certain amount of charges, citizens can be Nexus members, which offers them entry via air, marine and land. To apply for this, US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) and the CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) allow citizens to adhere to Nexus Application Canada with the simplest possible steps. 

How to Get a Nexus Card?

Learn to quickly avail of the Nexus Card Canada and get rid of queries like how to get a Nexus Card:

    • Go to the Trusted Travelers Programs official portal.
    • Tap on the “Apply” button that will open a Nexus Application Form. 
    • Enter all the required details asked with complete credibility. 
    • Submit the Nexus application Canada and proceed to register.
    • Agree to all the terms and conditions.
    • Be admissible in the US and Canada.
    • The applicant also needs to pass the eligibility criteria for the risk assessments conducted by both foreign countries. 

What Does The Nexus Card Cost? 

The Nexus card Canada is way more affordable than a passport or a Global Entry budget. It only costs $50 for five years of membership. Whereas the $100 Global Entry for five years of membership. There are few agencies of finance that offer reward cards to reimburse the charges paid by the applicant for Global Entry, though. 

Who Can Go For Nexus Application Canada? 

Nexus cannot be everyone’s cup of tea; hence, the applicant needs to know who exactly can be the right fit. Let us help you know the characteristics of Nexus Card Canada for a better understanding of the services. 

    • Often, movement from the U.S. to Canada or vice versa via flight or land.
    • Cost-free travelling by NEXUS  Card for minors, i.e., below the age of 18 years. 
    • Travellers above the age of 18 years need to pay the Nexus Card Cost of $100 fee for Global Entry. 
    • Try to choose Nexus Card cost above the Global Entry fees, which deducts the amount straight to half. 

Does It Require Time For The Nexus Application Canada Processing? 

The cause for using a Nexus Card is its bypassing quality, which is faster and more affordable than a Global Entry. But is this the only deal one needs to crack to afford a Nexus Card? Well, an applicant has the major hustle to crack the in-person interview, which is a significant criterion to avail after Nexus Application Canada submission. Rather, one may easily avoid such restrictive interview sessions held in selective centres such as at the US-Canada borders or the Airports of those countries. This means one must have ample time and energy to complete the processes of security and examinations to avail of a Nexus Card Canada. 

Criteria for Availing a Nexus Card Canada?

Criteria for Availing a Nexus Card Canada

Nexus Application Canada is only approved and proceeds further when the applicants adhere to the rules and requirements. If you are one of those who want to know how to get a Nexus Card, here you go: 

    • Must not be in any criminal record as a convict or engaged in illegal businesses. 
    • Must not have an outstanding balance of warrants.
    • Must not be a key suspect or related to the subject of court for an ongoing investigation by a law enforcement body.
    • Must not be a violator of customs, immigration and agriculture-related rules and regulations.

End Thoughts

Nexus Card is the uncomplex and most commonly used bypassing documents used by more than half of travellers. As aforementioned, it is a pocket-friendly method which offers a comfortable journey to frequently visit Canada to the USA for regular to and fro. If you are also one such traveller who stays in Canada but works in the USA, you can avail of this official document that will make your life easy. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much does it cost to get a nexus card in Canada?

In Canada, the fixed Nexus Card Cost is rated at $50 for major travelers. The minors do not have to pay fees while moving from Canada to the USA.

How long does it take to get a NEXUS card in Canada?

On average, a Nexus Card Canada takes 6 months to process timing, which can be more depending on the challenges and criteria fulfilment.

Who is eligible for a NEXUS Card?

Canadian citizens who are not a convict or a part of an ongoing legal case can be eligible for a Nexus Card Canada.

Can I use NEXUS when travelling with pets?

There is no harm in carrying your pets and crossing the Canada and USA border by Nexus Card. But there should be any bird or illegal animal along with the traveller as they are prohibited in the Nexus lanes in the airport.