Canada is listed as the eighth country that has the largest immigrant population in the world. And Canada welcomes many foreign nationals who look forward to moving to Canada. Due to this demand, online fraud has taken place where fake Canadian Immigration Agents make false promises to secure a visa for you and your family, but they are just taking your money.

In this situation, where you can’t skip your plan because of trust issues, it is important to move forward by cross checking the reliability of the consultant you are contacting.

Read on to figure out how you can easily check the reliability of Canadian immigration agents by following the below steps.

Signs of a Fake Canadian Immigration Agents

What do Realtors Cover in Their Fees

Follow the given steps to figure out if your immigrant consultant is fake or real.

  • Not Registered with ICCRC

All the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) or certified Canadian immigration lawyers will definitely have a registration number with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and make sure to check that they are in good standing with the council.

Whenever you receive any contact that appears to be from the RCIC, ask them for their registration number and verify it on the IRCC’s official website. If the consultant does not give you the registration number or if the given number doesn’t match, then you must not proceed with the process as the consultant is not reliable.

  • Offer Unrealistic Promises

If an immigration consultant agrees to impossible things, such as providing you with a Canadian work permit in a week or two, this is a red flag. Fraudsters will generally ask you for a fee and your passport number, which is not enough to get you a Canadian work permit. Some other fake promises by fraud Canadian immigration agents include:

– Guarantee on a Canadian passport.
– Guarantee on a successful application.
– Guarantee your residence in Canada with PR status.

  • Use Names of Legitimate Immigration Agencies

Fraud immigration agents usually state that they work for an authorized Canadian visa consultant firm. Using details and names of a popular firms, fraudsters this far to seem legit. This is the time when you are required to check the reliability of consultants by checking their official website on ICCRC.

  • Demand You to Falsify Documents

Asking you to create fake documents or modifying them in any way is a warning sign of a fake consultant. Altering your documents to attach for the Canadian visa is an illegal offense and is unlikely to be asked of you by a real Canadian immigration agent.

  • Asks You for Cash Payment

A clear indication to not work with a consultant who asks for cash payments. Legitimate Canadian immigration agents will always request payment in the following ways:

  • Credit card
  • Bank cheque
  • Debit card

All the above mode of payments are traceable, which favours you in case of forgery and being provided with payment receipts by the consultants

  • Do Not Have Insurance

Insurance is one of the easiest ways to know if your Canadian immigration is trusted by verifying if they have E&O Insurance (Error and Omission Insurance). It is necessary for all licensed immigrants to have this insurance.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants

Canadian Immigration Consultants

After knowing the red flags, getting ready to move to Canada won’t be a stressful task for you. Keeping the above in mind, you need to be cautious when determining if the visa consultant you approached is a real one.

Approaching a Certified Canadian immigration consultant who works under a licenced RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) will assist you through the Canadian immigration process and could ensure that your Canadian journey will be fruitful.

Legal consultants make their clients feel at ease by doing the heavy lifting on their behalf. For instance, the consultants communicate with IRCC on your behalf in order to make a personalized immigration strategy for you. In addition to this, the agent will keep an eye on the documentation process and other obligations. As a result, always conduct thorough research to determine whether your Canadian immigration agents can be trusted.

Wrapping it Up

Canada is the most desired country in the world where people from different nations move to settle permanently, for study, or to set up businesses. Thus, finding a true Canadian immigration agents can get difficult when the market is overcrowded and full of tricksters. But checking the consultants thoroughly based on their insurance, payment methods, guarantees, and other standards makes it easy for immigrants to know if they are fake or real. It is important to do thorough research on your consultant before beginning your Canadian immigration process to secure your money and entire journey to Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do immigration consultants in Canada make money?

As per Canada’s payscale, the average salary of immigration consultants is C$46,767 per year.

What do the immigration agents do in Canada?

The immigration agents of Canada give advice and represent the Canadian immigration methods whilst assisting the individuals throughout, who are immigrating to Canada with their study, travel, work, or business purpose.

How do I know if my consultant is real in Canada?

The real immigration consultant in Canada is the one who is authorized with the appropriate license to practise and give advice.

Do you need an agent to immigrate to Canada?

No, the Canadian government treats every immigrant the same way, whether they hire an agent to immigrate to Canada.