So here we are in the land of the Toronto Maple Leafs, where seasons don’t matter and the weather is made up. But definitely better than Nunavut, where 3 out of 5 people are reported to be just hanging coats in the closet. And also, you don’t need to share your sandwich with a polar bear, like in Churchill Town. Not to forget, some of the best hotels in Toronto can single-handedly take on Wayne Gretzky in terms of mass appeal.

Toronto, the bustling metropolis, is a happening city and is pretty much known for its high-rise skyscrapers and busy streets. A city with a diverse population from different exigencies of life, living together, breathing the same cold fresh air, being polite together, and whatnot. Well, Deluca Boy from Cabbagetown is happy to be in Toronto.

Best Hotels in Toronto

There are more reasons than not to visit the great city of Toronto. And no matter how long the visit lasts, make plenty of friends so you can crash at their place. Save that hotel money! Or not. Because the good news is that the best hotels in Toronto are as good as they are affordable. So, take a shot of maple syrup and hop in on a gentle moose, because we’re going around looking for some of the top hotels in Toronto. Wait, on a moose? You feel it, eh?

  • Four Seasons Toronto

Four Seasons hotel in Toronto

Address – 60 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Contact Number – +1 (416) 964-0411


  • Premier Room – CAD 820 per night
  • Yorkville Premier Room-CAD 1,705
  • Premier One-Bedroom Suite – CAD 1,855
  • Yorkville Suite – CAD 2,330
  • Bellair Suite – CAD 4,330
  • Royal Suite – Call for Info
  • Presidential Suite – Call for inquiry

Located in Yorkville, the Four Seasons hotel is an urban treat for travellers, strollers, ramblers, people living in the streets, beavers, and also, not to forget, those who have just moved to the city and want to spend some days in the nice and cosy hotel aura while enjoying the bustling Big Smoke. There are an incredible number of options to choose from, including the Yorkville Premium rooms, Premium one-bedroom suites, Yorkville suite, Bellair suite, and the Royal suite.

The Yorkville premium room incorporates a big floor-to-ceiling window, creating not only an aperture for ample light to enter but also an extensive view of Hogtown. With its wooden panel flooring adorned with soft carpets, the room is a great place to host high-level guests. As you take off your shoes at the end of the day, glide yourself over the cherry-on-the-cake foot bench over to the bed mattress to catch some Zzzs.

This exquisite bedroom suite offers ample space and natural light via large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, enabling guests to soak in the Canadian experience. The room has an attached bathroom with wooden parquet panelling enhanced by large mirrors and minimalist sanitary ware designed with contemporary cabinets and an accessory stand. The attached bathroom has a translucent-glass shower enclosure and a modern bathtub. Light up some candles, and hop in the tub to get an extravagant bubble bath while listening to some Enya music.

  • Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel in toronto

Address -188 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 0A3, Canada
Contact Number – (1 647) 788 8888
Email[email protected]


  • Executive Room – CAD 760 per night
  • Premier Room – CAD 799 per night
  • Executive Terrace Room – CAD 809 per night
  • Premier View Room – CAD 837 per night
  • One-Bedroom Suite View – CAD 951 per night
  • Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite – CAD 1023 per night
  • Premium Suite – CAD 1616 per night
  • Owner’s Suite – CAD 1716 per night
  • Shangri-La Suite – CAD 7606 per night

One of the best hotels in Toronto, Shangri-La is situated in the heart of Beaver Town and offers the best view any high-rise apartment building can offer. As the city unfurls itself through the large hotel room glass casements, get mesmerised by the beauty of Beaver Town, the largest Canadian metropolis. The hotel offers myriad amenities such as a health club that is ideal for a start-the-day destination, a swimming pool that receives ample natural light adorned by chandeliers, a candle-lit wall, a gushing fountain, and an air-conditioned gym with highly efficient and technology-driven workout machines, and other extra amenities such as steam room, fitness studio, and infrared sauna.

The executive suites in the hotel can be described as a modern and peaceful setup exalted by sizable floor-to-ceiling glass windows and comfortable seating for the perfect city view while sipping your evening wine. The bathrooms attached incorporate tiles with minimalist abstract inlays adorned with modern sanitary wares and translucent glass shower enclosures.

  • The Broadview Hotel

The Broadview Hotel

Address – 106, Broadview Avenue, ​Toronto, ON  M4M 2G1, Canada
Contact Number  416.362.8439
Email [email protected]


  • The King Traditional – CAD 350 to CAD 550
  • The King Terrace – CAD 520
  • The King Sitting – CAD 560
  • The King Corner – CAD 640
  • The Dominion Suite –  CAD 680

A landmark hotel, which is also one of the top hotels in Toronto, is very vocal about its established year, which is 1891. They have traditional values attached to their architecture while offering modern amenities. The hotel is a 58-room boutique hotel that can also be booked for various other purposes including weddings, social gathering parties, launch parties, and eat-outs. The hotel has a classy vibe extended by its architectural showpieces.

The residential suites and rooms offer a spacious living comfort range from 275 square feet to 700 square feet in size. The general trend with these living spaces can be described as minimalist interiors with wooden flooring enhanced by myriad in-room amenities. Rooms have attached bathrooms with beautiful and appealing tiles complimented by modern sanitary wares.

  • Ritz Carlton Toronto

Ritz Carlton Toronto

Address – 181 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 3G7 Canada
Contact Number – +1 (416) 585-2500


  • The Ritz Carlton Suite – CAD 8000 per night
  • Wellington Suite – CAD 5000 per night
  • Simcoe Suite – CAD 2500 per night
  • Club Level Corner Suite – CAD 1230 per night
  • One-Bedroom Corner Suite – CAD 900 per night
  • Luxury Deluxe Guest Room – CAD 700 to CAD 900 per night
  • Club Level Deluxe Guest Room – CAD 600 to CAD 800 per night

This mammoth hotel is Little York’s eighth-largest skyscraper and offers some of the best views. Ritz Carlton is a 5-star hotel that caters to provide a myriad of accommodations and amenities including condominiums, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, and much more. The hotel entrance can be accessed as an amalgamation of modern glass, wood, and steel. And it just feels holiday here in this grand 24 / 7 owing to its sparkly decors.

  • Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel

Address – 1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J3, Canada
Contact Number – +1 416-531-5042


  • Crashpad – CAD 429 – CAD 469
  • Studio – CAD 459 – CAD 499
  • Queen Room – CAD 549 – CAD 589
  • King Room – CAD 599 – CAD 639
  • Double Room – CAD 649 – CAD 689
  • Nook – Contact for Pricing info
  • Salon – Contact for Pricing info
  • Classic Suite – Contact for Pricing info
  • Artist Loft – Contact for Pricing info
  • Rooftop Suite – Contact for Pricing info

The Drake Hotel is all about vibrant colours that evoke creative dynamics among the dwellers. The initial idea of the hotel was itself to promote art and culture and the rooms within the structure exhibit the artiste vibes. There are various options for the guests. The quick and most picked ones include the compact and studio types.

A compact room is meant for solo travellers, couples, or business professionals that is ideal for what it’s named after, a crashpad. The rooms are close-packed yet modern with white walls, large glass windows, attached baths, cabinet stores, etc. There are various amenities available here as well. Studio rooms can be explained as a spacious living space that is intended for music lovers and night owls as the room is placed directly above the entertainment arena. Other than these, the King sizes of hotel rooms offer ample space and natural light that is perfect for that morning coffee and a view of Little York.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where can I find cheap stays in Toronto?

There are various hotels that offer high-level hospitality and excellent furnishing and locality. Some of the popular locations to choose from are Downtown Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Northeast Mississauga, Alexandra Park, and Financial District. Moreover, some of the known top hotels in Toronto that are considered relatively cheaper include Deluxe Inn, Studio 6 - Toronto, Strathcona Hotel, etc.

How can I stay in a hotel for less cost?

First of all, there are several ways to get a cheaper deal from a hotel. These include signing up to get promotional discounts, communicating with the staff, capitalising on your previous stay, taking website assistance to compare prices, using hotel apps, using advance-booking features, and booking off-season. You can use these hacks for your bookings to get a reduction.

How do I get accommodation in Toronto?

Finding accommodation in Toronto is not an easy job. However, there are various websites that can help you. These websites, to name a few including,, etc. can prove to be instrumental in assisting you with what you're looking for.

What perks do we get in hotels in Toronto?

Best hotels in Toronto indeed offers an array of services and excels in hospitality. The perks could be in the form of a splendid view of the Hollywood North or in the form of lavish amenities. Lastly, not to forget about the great eating experience.

Is the Toronto subway safe at night?

There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about regarding late night public transportation. People in Toronto are generally very polite.