Toronto’s skyline is constantly evolving, punctuated by striking condominium towers that continue to redefine the cityscape. As one of North America’s fastest-growing cities, Toronto is home to a thriving real estate market, with many condo developers vying to create innovative, luxurious, and sustainable living spaces. Condo developments in Toronto have emerged as a perfect blend of convenience, style and practicality in a diverse urban living housing trend. This blog will explore some of Toronto condo developers who have played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s urban landscape.

Leading Toronto Condo Developers

There are many things to consider when choosing a developer across a dynamic city. Your yardstick must align with the basic needs to measure a developer’s merit. Having excellent customer service, a proven track record across the market and a positive real estate reputation are some of the most important factors to consider when deciding. 

With a range of new developers and the influx of new and innovative projects, the real estate market trends continue to witness a positive graph for condos. In a market teeming with diverse neighbourhoods and many condo developers, selecting the ideal building, unit, and developer tailored to your specific needs and budget can be daunting. The following listicle offers insights into some of the best Toronto condo developers who will be your best bet when looking to get one in the city. 

  • Minto – Doing More to Build a Better Tomorrow 

Dedicated to constructing timeless dwellings, Minto Communities is an acclaimed real estate developer and builder with a distinct expertise in crafting enduring residences, master-planned communities, and innovative condominiums. With a legacy spanning more than six decades, they have proudly conceived over 85,000 homes, and their operations extend across North America, encompassing prominent urban centres like Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and South Florida.

Built with a heart for family values as a family-run business, Minto Communities is a household name throughout Canada. Highly acclaimed for their quality projects, Minto communities hold many awards under their belts. 123 Portland and The Saint are present projects of the group, both equally unique and located in coveted neighbourhoods. 

  • Tridel – Built For Life

Credited to building Toronto’s first-ever family home in 1927, Tridel is one of Toronto’s most renowned condo developers with a history spanning over 85 years. They have a reputation for excellence in construction and design, and their commitment to sustainable building practices has earned them numerous awards. Tridel’s condo developments, such as Ten York, Aquabella, and Aqualuna, feature stunning architecture and top-notch amenities, making them highly sought-after properties. 

Tridel is known for its punctual project completions and excellent customer support. Tridel boasts an extensive portfolio of distinctive condominium buildings across the Greater Toronto Area, each presenting its unique appeal. The Bianca and Via Boor are popular condo developments in the market today.

  • The Daniels Corporation – Love Where You Live

Daniels Corporation is synonymous with innovative community development in Toronto. Founded over 35 years ago and still going strong, they’ve built more than 30,000 residential living spaces, including homes, apartments, master-planned communities and retail spaces. In the past, they’ve won the Best High-rise Developments award. Their most remarkable contribution to project development is their accessible approach to design.

Daniels constructs homes tailored to individuals using mobility devices, surpassing the existing Ontario Building Code stipulations. Presently, these Toronto condo developers oversee 16 projects throughout Ontario, with more than half of them situated within the city. Daniels on Parliament: South Tower is their latest project across the market sling with the First Home Keelesdale 3. 

  • Great Gulf – It’s Great To Be Home

Great Gulf is another one of the best condo developers in Toronto. They carry a rich history of delivering exceptional residential, commercial, and resort properties. They are behind iconic projects like One Bloor East, Monde, and 357 King West. Great Gulf is known for its modern design aesthetic and commitment to sustainability, setting new standards for luxury living.

They are most popular for their cutting-edge techniques and innovative projects that challenge the multi-residential market and contemporary designs. With major plans for expansion in the coming years, Great Gulf plans to grow further with more residential projects on the rise. Great Gulf’s renowned recent condominium project, One Bloor, stands tall as a 75-story marvel situated at the crossroads of Young and Bloor. This architectural masterpiece ranks as the 40th tallest building globally, affording its residents access to cutting-edge amenities and a panoramic, awe-inspiring vista of Toronto’s iconic skyline.

  • Urban Capital – Changing Mindsets

Urban capital’s first development to dot the market was back in 1996, named Camden. It was conceived with a vision that believed in the resurgence of de-industrialised urban areas, breathing life back into them as thriving urban hubs. They dared to dream of a design-focused urban condominium that could compete and surpass the allure of suburban homes. We believed in those who craved more than the ordinary. Today, the group has over 4,900 urban condominiums and equally as many still in construction, totalling over $4.4 billion in development. Their major contribution to building communities is reflected in their projects and the neighbourhoods they create. Urban Capital built Toronto’s first authentic micro-condo, Smart House. One of their latest projects is The Queensway. 

  • Menkes Development – One Of The Most Trusted Builders

Menkes Development

Another family-oriented business in Toronto, Menkes, was established over 70 years ago. Murray Menkes started initially with his vision centred on crafting single-family homes renowned for exceptional quality and enduring value. Menkes expanded its horizons as time unfolded, creating complete mixed-use communities. This evolution led to Menkes transforming into a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary real estate development powerhouse.

The group is best known for having built The Four Seasons, and what speaks modern luxury better than these private residences. Sugar Wharf and Elektra are popular condo developments today, both made with sustainable development in mind. 

  • Streetcar Developments – Rethink Urban Living

Streetcar has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best condo developers in Toronto, deeply committed to enhancing vibrant neighbourhoods and elevating entire communities. Each of our renowned projects seamlessly blends with its surroundings, preserving the historical character while offering a vision of what’s possible.

In addition to the complete renovation of The Broadway Hotel, the group has reinvented entire neighbourhoods across Toronto. Streetcar specialises in designing and crafting a range of contemporary urban homes tailored to diverse lifestyles, whether modern loft condos, stylish townhouses or versatile condo spaces. Riverside Square is their latest mixed-use development in the East End.

  • Freed Developments – Live Now. Live Freed. 

Best known for revitalising the King Street West neighbourhood, initially, Freed Developments exclusively concentrated on neighbourhood condo developments upon entering the real estate market. Freed has been reshaping Toronto’s landscape through its distinctive, experience-driven developments for over a quarter of a century. Freed’s diverse portfolio encompasses opulent modern condominium projects, dynamic F&B ventures, tranquil resort communities, and dynamic commercial spaces.

Freed has embarked on a mission to create lifestyle hubs that transcend conventional infrastructure. Their overarching goal is to enrich the lives of the community and foster human connectivity through these unique, thoughtfully designed spaces. They focus on shaping Canada’s pioneering diversified lifestyle company, Freestyle. As of now, Freestyle is actively involved in the development of three residential projects in Toronto.

  • Camrost Felcorp – Building Excellence Since 1976

Camrost FelcorpCamrost Felcorp

With 45+ years of experience, Camrost Felcorp has been among the top condo developers across Toronto. Since its inception in 1976, Camrost Felcorp has solidified its position as a pioneering force in the development industry. Each of their developments is marked by its unique design and shares a common foundation built upon principles of exceptional craftsmanship, prestigious addresses, and a timeless style that consistently sets new standards in the industry. Their project, The Residences of Upper East Village, is currently for sale in one of the most popular locations across the city in the Leaside neighbourhood.

  • Lamb Development Corporation – Live In A Lamb

It was founded by Toronto’s top real estate broker, Brad J. Lamb, who envisioned the active creation of stylish, urban condominium projects. With over 13 years of experience in consulting, marketing, and selling more than 100 of Toronto’s most innovative projects, Mr. Lamb aimed to introduce a fresh perspective to the development landscape. Since its inception, LDC has achieved precisely that, completing 19 developments, totalling approximately 3,400 suites with a combined value exceeding $1.3 billion. Lamb Development Corp. has three projects actively under construction, comprising nearly 800 suites valued at $360 million. The two upcoming complexes to keep tabs on are The Woods worth and The Bread Company.

  • Metropia – Integrity, Community and Quality

Metropia - Integrity, Community and Quality

Metropia traces its roots to its founder, Howard Sokolowski, a luminary in the residential development realm. With an illustrious 25-year tenure as the co-founder and CEO of Tribute Communities, Howard spearheaded the development of an impressive portfolio of over 30,000 homes. Metropia focuses on impeccably constructing exceptional designs, ensuring client satisfaction. 

Even as a privately held developer group, Metropia has created some of the most famous skyscrapers across the city. Emerald Park is one example.

  • CentreCourt – Fastest Growing Country In Canada

Still, to reach the heights of their potential, CentreCourt Developments is a very promising group of condo developers across Toronto. As one of the most active developers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), their completed projects are attractive options among real estate buyers. All the developer projects come bearing various advantageous utilities and strategically picked locations. Peter Street Condos are a great example of their well-constructed, stylish condo developments with exceptional amenities. The Zen on King Street West is a popular present development offering a range of property configurations. 

  • Concord Pacific – Canada’s Largest Community Builder

The Concord Group of Companies has earned a reputation for constructing Canada’s most expansive urban communities across Toronto. Today, The company has expanded into other sectors, including acquiring Vancouver’s premier resort hotel, the Westin Bayshore, and the Sundial Hotel, strategically positioned mere steps away from the Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas. 

More prevalent in Vancouver, their development of the CityPlace community in downtown Toronto stands out as one of the company’s most notable achievements. Notably, this condo development was the largest residential project at its inception. Canada House, a striking two-tower condominium complex at 23 Spadina Avenue, has earned particular renown among the standout projects in this area. 

  • Zinc Developments – Investing In Communities

Zinc Developments - Investing In Communities

Zinc Developments is one of Toronto’s premier and multi-award-winning condo developers known for finding smart investments that create profitable opportunities. While their name might have a different household recognition than others, Zinc Developments has consistently delivered an impressive array of projects, from two-storey condo units to low-rise condos to modern and luxurious residences. The developers’ goal to create spaces that are not only thoughtfully conceived but also deeply inspiring is very evident. One of their strengths is their expertise in creating boutique condominiums within repurposed buildings. A great example is the historic reformation of the St. Basil’s Catholic School into 36 Hazelton Avenue.

Where Dreams Become Floor Plans

Condo developments in Toronto are truly redefining urban living. They require lower upfront costs, and condos are preferred for their added security. With shared maintenance responsibilities, the condo association usually handles exterior upkeep and landscaping so that you can save a lot of time and effort. Suppose you, too, want to stay in the city and be a part of it all. In that case, condos are a great investment option as they are usually located close to all necessary amenities with the bonus of stunning panoramic views. 

Developing ‘Suite’ Spots

In a constantly evolving city, the condo developments add to the beautiful skylines and showcase a competent developer’s indelible mark on the urban landscape. From luxurious skyscrapers to repurposed heritage buildings, their dedication to crafting exceptional spaces mirrors the city’s commitment to progress and dynamism.

As Toronto continues to grow and flourish, so too does the realm of possibilities for urban living. The condos designed and built by these developers are not just residences; they are vibrant communities, embodiments of style and function, and reflections of Toronto’s diverse tapestry. So whether you’re a prospective homeowner or simply an admirer of architectural innovation, keep your eyes on Toronto’s skyline, for it’s here that the future of urban living is being redefined, one condo at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the biggest condo developer in Toronto?

Great Gulf Developers, Forest Hill Homes and The Daniels Corporation are some of Toronto's most renowned condo developments.

Who is the best condo developer?

Minto, Tridel, Menkes and Streetcar are some of Toronto's most popular condo developers.

Is Menkes a good developer?

Menkes is considered a veteran in the condo development market with over 60 years of business acumen.

How much are pre-construction condos in Toronto?

The prices for pre-construction condos across the market can vary per market trends. Currently, the average resale condo price is around $986,000.

Are pre-construction condos worth it?

The landscape of pre-construction condos has evolved, and they no longer offer the same affordability per square foot as resale units. If you are an investor who can wait for the profits, you will find pre-construction condos very affordable.