Sarvagya Munde An avid content consumer as part of a generation filled with unlimited access to movies, art and music, Sarvagya believes the world appears as a magic eye poster. Her personality, ideas and thoughts are all an amalgamation of the latest book she’s read or whichever song lyric hit a vein just right. The only hand-eye coordination she can muster is probably Badminton and she’s trying to improve and stop critiquing games like a coach on the sidelines.


23 Stories by Sarvagya Munde

How to Smartly Leverage Your Home Equity : Opportunities and Risks

Deciding whether to utilise home equity credit depends greatly on individual financial situations and goals. There are two primary types of home equity line...
0 8 min read

Navigating Private Sales: Selling Your House Without An Agent

I might not be selling my house anytime soon, but I do know a thing or two about taking the road less travelled. Going...
0 7 min read

Cost Management Tips For Home Based Business in Canada

As a home-based business owner, the line between personal and professional expenses often blurs, making every penny crucial to your success. Embracing the freedom...
0 8 min read

Guide To Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Canadian Mosaic

Finding your tribe and your people in this vast mosaic of cultures and personalities is a true challenge if I’ve ever seen one. Now,...
0 8 min read

Guide To Buying Homes As Is in Real Estate Canada

The world is full of legal loopholes. To buy homes as is is but one of them. Not to call you dumb, but it...
0 3 min read

Tips For Better Investments in Single Family Real Estate

Diving into the world of investments in single-family homes can be both exhilarating and daunting. Whether you’re a seasoned investor eyeing your next acquisition...
0 6 min read

First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Buying Pre Construction Properties

We all dream. We all aspire for more, whether or not income is a factor; a home is an expectation that we can all...
0 7 min read

Building a Real Estate Bio That Sells Your Skills

You know, writing a real estate bio can be a lot like crafting a Tinder profile! Both need to be engaging, memorable, and make...
0 7 min read

How Revolving Credit Differs from Installment Credit

Finance and installment credit don’t have to be as complicated as those towering skyscrapers make it seem. The easy way to explain something to...
0 6 min read

The Smart Homeowner’s Guide to Refinancing Mortgage Canada

Think of it as a financial chess move. Played to potentially cut down costs or free up cash for other big-ticket items, Refinancing a...
0 7 min read

Decoding Assets : A Comprehensive Guide to Business Accounting

In the vast, intricate tapestry of the business world, business accounting is the meticulous thread work that holds it all together. At the heart...
0 7 min read

Exploring Owners Equity And The Heart of Business Finance

If this was a German news channel and we were supposed to get right to the point, we’d probably get straight to the mathematical...
0 6 min read

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