Sarvagya Munde An avid content consumer as part of a generation filled with unlimited access to movies, art and music, Sarvagya believes the world appears as a magic eye poster. Her personality, ideas and thoughts are all an amalgamation of the latest book she’s read or whichever song lyric hit a vein just right. The only hand-eye coordination she can muster is probably Badminton and she’s trying to improve and stop critiquing games like a coach on the sidelines.


5 Stories by Sarvagya Munde

Explore Some Insights of Brampton Real Estate Market

The real estate market can be a fickle business to navigate. There are always trends to follow, risks to jump in and deals to...
0 6 min read

Understanding Escrow Account in Canada

An escrow account is a bridge. It is a third man between a buyer and a seller. An escrow account is opened when a...
0 6 min read

Top 10 Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Shifting houses or looking for new places to rent is a hefty task, no matter your age, preferences or needs. Here is a list...
0 5 min read

Checklist of Hiring And Managing a Types of Contractors

It takes a village to build a home and bring it up from the ground up. And then it takes another to keep it...
0 7 min read

Guide To Rental Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

Canada is known for being a very warm and inclusive society, a country that is more welcoming than most and where people are as...
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