If you are in the real estate industry or frequently deal with area measurements, you may come across square meters (Sq M) and square feet (Sq Ft) values. We can easily convert square meters to square feet and vice versa to get the desired values as per our requirements. However, to do this conversion, we must understand the relation between these two units.

In this blog, we will learn how to convert square meters to square feet in an easy way with the help of a simple formula. Furthermore, we will understand the conversion procedure with some examples, learn the history and current use of these measurement units and explore the differences between square meters and square feet.

Before learning the square meter to square feet conversion, let us adapt to these area measurement units.

Convert Square Meters To Square Feet 

Square meters and square feet are both area measurement units. To convert a square meter to square feet, we must multiply the area by the conversion ratio. Since one square meter is equivalent to 10.76391 square feet, we can use a simple square meter to square feet formula for conversion.

Formula To Convert Square Meters To Square Feet?

We are aware that one square meter is equal to 10.76391 square feet. Now, we can use the formula below to convert sq m to sq ft.

Square meters (m²) × 10.76391 = Square feet (ft²)

Examples To convert Square Meters To Square Feet 

Let us look at some examples to understand this sq m to sq ft conversion properly.

Example 1: Convert 3 sq m to sq ft

The formula to convert sq m to sq ft –  m² x 10.76391 = ft²

Now, 3 sq m to sq ft will be 3 x 10.76391 = 32.291731 ft²

Thus, 3 sq m is equal to 32.291731 sq ft.

Example 2: Convert 100 m² to ft²

When we use the same formula, we get

100 x 10.76391 = 1,076.391042 ft²

Thus, 100 m² is equal to 1,076.391042 ft²

Example 3: Convert 500 square meters to square feet

500 x 10.76391 = 5,381.955208 sq ft

Thus, 500 sq m is equal to 5,381.955208 sq ft.

Square Meter To Square Feet Conversion Table

The square meter to square feet chart below depicts some of the sq m values in sq ft. All the figures are rounded to one, two or three decimal values.

Square Meter (Sq M) Square Feet (Sq Ft)
1 10.764
2 21.528
3 32.292
4 43.056
5 53.820
6 64.583
7 75.347
8 86.111
9 96.875
10 107.64
11 118.40
12 129.17
13 139.93
14 150.69
15 161.46
16 172.22
17 182.99
18 193.75
19 204.51
20 215.28
21 226.04
22 236.81
23 247.57
24 258.33
25 269.10
26 279.86
27 290.63
28 301.39
29 312.15
30 322.92
31 333.68
32 344.45
33 355.21
34 365.97
35 376.74
36 387.50
37 398.26
38 409.03
39 419.79
40 430.56
41 441.32
42 452.08
43 462.85
44 473.61
45 484.38
46 495.14
47 505.90
48 516.67
49 527.43
50 538.20
51 548.96
52 559.72
53 570.49
54 581.25
55 592.02
56 602.78
57 613.54
58 624.31
59 635.07
60 645.83
61 656.60
62 667.36
63 678.13
64 688.89
65 699.65
66 710.42
67 721.18
68 731.95
69 742.71
70 753.47
71 764.24
72 775.00
73 785.77
74 796.53
75 807.29
76 818.06
77 828.82
78 839.58
79 850.35
80 861.11
81 871.88
82 882.64
83 893.40
84 904.17
85 914.93
86 925.70
87 936.46
88 947.22
89 957.99
90 968.75
91 979.52
92 990.28
93 1001.0
94 1011.8
95 1022.6
96 1033.3
97 1044.4
98 1054.9
99 1065.6
100 1076.4

Square Feet (Sq Ft) – Definition

The square foot is an international imperial unit for measuring area. This unit is frequently used in the US and Asia as an area measurement unit. It is often used to describe the amount of floor space for real estate or to determine the overall size of an exterior property.

  • Current Use of Square Feet?

While selling or purchasing properties, real estate brokers, landowners, and homeowners refer the houses and plots to their square feet size. Architects may also refer to this unit when they have to design new buildings or remodel an existing one.

  • History of Square Feet?

It is a common belief that the foot was a measurement based on a man’s average foot size. People tend to believe this as the foot measurement unit returns to ancient Greek civilisation. It could be a possibility that people used their feet to measure sizes, and hence, came the name for the measurement unit. On the contrary, some researchers believe that the word foot is based on the foot size of King Henry I, whose feet size was 12 inches.

Define Square Meter (Sq M)?

A square meter or square meter is a unit of area measurement which is used all across the world to measure two-dimensional spaces. It is the standard international unit of area and is often used in real estate to measure a field or floor.

Square meters are usually avoided when measuring length or distance in one direction. It is a globally accepted unit denoted as m2 and is widely used to measure plots, rooms and blocks of land. One square meter equals one meter on each edge of the space, including length and width.

  • How is Square Meter Utilised?

The Square meter, also called the meter squared, is a globally accepted measurement unit. Nevertheless, it is not popular in the United States (US). Carpets and wooden floors are generally priced as per the square meter.

  • History of Square Meter?

The word meter was derived from the Greek word ‘metron’, which means ‘a measure’. In 1675, an Italian researcher named Tito Livio Burattini wanted to standardise the value of a meter according to the length of a pendulum. However, this idea was dropped as the length of the seconds’ pendulum varied from one country to another.

Ultimately, in 1983, the Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM) proposed a new definition of meter still used worldwide. According to this definition, one meter equals the path length of light in a vacuum travelled during a time interval of 1/299,792,458 a second.

Let us proceed to learn about the relationship between these two measurement units. Learning about their relationship will make our conversion from square meters to square feet relatively easy.

Relation Between Square Meters And Square Feet

To convert sq m to sq ft, we need to remember that one square meter equals 10.76391042 square feet and one square foot equals 0.09290304 square meters. We must learn the square meter to square feet formula to simplify the conversion process.

Abbreviations For Square Meters And Square Feet

Square meters are abbreviated as sq m or m². For example, 5 square meters can be written as 5 sq m or 5 m². 

Square feet are abbreviated as sq ft or ft². For example, 10 square feet can be written as 10 sq ft or 10 ft². You will often find these abbreviations written next to the respective values.

Comparison Between Square Meter (Sq M) And Square Feet (Sq Ft)

Both Sq m and Sq ft are area measurement units, but they have some differences, highlighted below.

Comparison Parameters Square Meter Square Feet
Definition It is the surface area of a single square with sides of one meter It is the area of a square with each side measuring one foot in length
Abbreviation or symbol It is abbreviated as sq m or m² It is abbreviated as sq ft or ft²
Relations with each other 1 sq m = 10.764 sq ft 1 sq ft = 0.092903 sq m
Size A square meter is bigger than square feet Square feet is smaller than a square meter
Accepted by It is accepted by the International System of Units (SI) It is accepted by the imperial and US customary measurement systems
Usage It is a unit of area measurement which is predominantly used to measure the size of rooms, plots and houses. It is a non-metric area measurement unit used in real estate and architectural projects.


The knowledge of the area measurements units like square meters and square feet can come in handy while buying a property or for flooring purposes. We already know that 1 square meter (sq m / m²) equals 10.764 square feet (sq ft / ft²). We can thus convert square meters to square feet within no time by using the formula square meters x 10.764 = square feet. Alternatively, we can use a square meter to square feet converter, easily available online. This calculator will ease our work and provide us with the exact values within a fraction of a second.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much is 1 Square Foot in Meters?

One Square Foot is 0.092903 Square Meters.

How many Square Meters are there in Square Feet?

In a square foot, there are 0.092903 square meters.

What is the formula to convert sq m to Sq ft?

To convert Square Meters to Square Feet, you need to multiply the square meter value by 10.7639. The formula for the same is Sq m x 10.7639 = sq ft

How many Meters are 100 Square Meters?

100 Square Meterss is equal to 10 Meters.

How many square feet are 500 square meters?

500 square meters is equal to 5381.96 square feet