A restaurant performs many roles, it’s a meeting site for family and friends to celebrate memorable events. It is a meeting room for business agreements negotiated over lunch. It is a romantic hideout for couples on first dates and a hangout for all to grab a favourite meal or bowl of stew. The CN Tower is an enchanting place to spend time together with your family. There are several top-notch restaurants near the CN Tower where you can enjoy delicious food and a scenic view. However, dining out is not just about the meals, the restaurant’s atmosphere is crucial. most restaurants in the CN Tower take excellent care of their decor, layout and lighting to provide a cosy setting. They liven up their decorations with echoing shades and cool posters, portraits or motifs. Some of the CN Tower restaurants add a touch of cultural decor to make your meal a comprehensive global adventure. Music is another element of the environment. While some restaurants have nightclub music, which you can relish with your meals, others have live bands.

Famous Restaurants At the CN Tower

Famous Restaurants At the CN Tower

If you crave a fancy meal or takeaway, you can always visit the CN Tower and find everything that suits you. The restaurants at the CN Tower can be a pleasant spot to get away from household errands and enjoy communication with family and friends. Similarly, co-workers and company associates can flee workplace distractions and chat while dining at CN Tower restaurants. Here are a few suggestions that will help improve your experience. 

  • 360 Restaurant CN Tower

360 Restaurant

You don’t have to worry about cooking at a restaurant. Even if you enjoy cooking, it can be amicable to take a breather and let someone else deal with buying ingredients, discovering recipes, cooking and washing up the kitchen. Eating out is convenient. the 360 Restaurant CN Tower is the perfect spot to be. You will have an incredible 360-degree view of the city from the top of the CN Tower while enjoying the Canadian-sourced seasonal flavours against the matchless backdrop. It has a seating capacity for up to 400 guests and completes a full rotation every 72 minutes.

The restaurant boasts a vast collection of wines from Canada and almost the whole world with its inventive “cellar in the sky”, the world’s highest wine cellar. The restaurant has received several awards, welcomes parties, groups, and alliances, and is the ideal location to mark any occasion. this CN Tower Restaurants is home to the world’s highest wine cellar. This award-winning dining destination is recognised for its profound dedication to sustainable food traditions. It’s a unique place to have events celebrated and reflected on for years.

  • Le Café  CN Tower

Le Café

This fantastic restaurant is located on the ground floor of the CN Tower. Le Café CN Tower caters to the needs of all food lovers and has a collection of exquisite flavours and excellent meals. Le Café provides you with a mouth watering array of fresh snacks and beverages. It is reasonably priced and ideal for customers who love dining out. the menu includes salads, pizza, sandwiches, gourmet teas, freshly brewed coffee and tempting baked goods. Sometimes the menu can vary, but additional information will be given to help diners pick their favourite dish.

  • Vue Bistros CN Tower

Vue Bistros

Vue Bistros CN Tower is a perfect example of eating out in an environment where different cultures are celebrated through music, food and the interior. It also allows customers to enjoy their favourite foods that they might not be able to cook. Either they are hard to make or need expensive ingredients you can not directly afford. But Vue Bistros allows its diners to relish their fantasies at reasonable pricing.

If you like diverse tastes, then this is a place for you. Vue Bistros offers a variety of dishes that have something for everyone. If you don’t want to order from your usual place or have a knack for discovering new eateries, you must try dining here. the restaurant will give you an adventure along with panoramic views, and you can enjoy various dishes. There are three bistros where guests can feast on exemplary Canadian food and beverages. The venue is outstanding for hosting events and parties with a capacity of up to 700 guests.

  • Hunters Landing CN Tower

Hunters Landing

Hunters’ Landing is a famous restaurant at the CN Tower and is deeply loved among locals and alluring to tourists. The decor is eye-catching with a lovely patio and a cosy setting. Hunters Landing offers a wide array of delectable dishes, all at affordable prices. It is located in the heart of the CN Tower and is only a few steps away from major attractions.

If you want a lovely weekend, you can stroll around Rogers Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Then you can take a break to fulfil your cravings at Hunters Landing. they have a private second-floor dining room and are docked by a large bar with plenty of picturesque sights. In the summer and spring, you can witness their exceptional Toronto tree-covered decks.

  • Aria CN Tower

cn tower restaurants Aria

Guido Salvini and Elena Morelli own Aria, an authentic Italian restaurant at the CN Tower that has been in business for over 20 years. It offers you Toronto’s best Italian cuisine you have ever tasted. Aria refers to air in Italian and also dedicates the essence of the Italian art form- opera. Aria boasts these themes within its decor. It is located adjacent to the Scotiabank Arena and Maple Leaf Square.

The restaurant offers you delicious Italian wines in Toronto with its delicious Italian lunch and dinner menu. It hosts private parties, get-togethers, conferences and many other events. Aria aromatizes some authentic Italian food, setup, and culture into your lunch, formal dinners, drinks after work, games, concerts at the Scotiabank Arena or a memorable night out.


Eating out is beautiful when you haven’t been anywhere for a long time. You can have a pleasant time with a delicious meal with your family and friends or maybe you can enjoy it in solitude. CN Tower has an extraordinary view and marvellous restaurants to pick from. You can select eateries depending on your cravings, taste, mood and time. many restaurants at the CN Tower offer complimentary lunches for busy associates. You can enjoy lazy dinners if you have plenty of time on your plate with lots of entertainment. Plan dates and romantic evenings with your loved one at restaurants at the CN Tower for memorable events. a range of refreshing beverages like wine, tropical drinks and cocktails are the perfect choice for you. Many restaurants pamper you with high-quality desserts, fresh fruit creams and goodies for your sweet tooth.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

When is the best time to visit the CN Tower?

The best time to visit the CN Tower is in spring and summer, when you can enjoy a bird's-eye view and 360-degree view at top restaurants. The time would be 8:30 am to 11 pm every week. During times of turbulent weather, certain activities like sky terraces or edge walks can be closed.

Where can I see the restaurant menu for the CN Tower?

You can see the restaurant menu for CN Tower in the photos section. Below that, you will find a list of drinks and cuisines.

Is smoking permitted inside the CN Tower?

Within the premises of CN Tower, any smoking or vaping is prohibited per provisional laws. Also, nobody can smoke within 9 metres of the entrance and exit of the CN Tower. Visitors who like to smoke outside the premises of the CN Tower need to take good care to snuff their cigarettes using suitable cases.

What is the dress code at 360 Restaurant?

It is suitable to visit 360 Restaurant in formal attire. You can wear nice pants, a golf shirt or a button-down dress shirt. For women, you can wear any elegant skirt and a blouse. Every other restaurant has its own dress code for visitors, so you must abide by the rules.

Why is the 360 Tower famous as the CN Tower?

The 360-degree restaurant at the CN Tower is one of Toronto's best eateries. It has a reputation for offering sustainable food and unforgettable vibes. It has a revolving view of Toronto at a height of 351 metres.