Nestled in the affluent North York neighbourhood in Toronto, Bridle Path has gained a reputation as one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada. The path, which is fondly known as ‘The Millionaires’ Row,’ houses marvellous mansions and luxurious houses of many A-list celebrities. Bridle Path was farmland until the 1900s, but in 1929, Bayview Bridge was built over the Don River Valley, and many developers took an interest in this spectacular area. Houses in Bridle Path are a perfect amalgamation of luxury, comfort, astonishing architecture and breath-taking interiors.

This lavish neighbourhood has grabbed the attention of celebrities worldwide, and some have marked their houses in Bridle Path as their official residences. May it be renowned rapper Drake or entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, many of them have put their heart into building magnificent homes in this exquisite neighbourhood. Look at all the top celebrities with eye-pleasing houses on this Millionaire’s Row.

Lavish and Elegant Bridle Path

Even though “The Bridle Path” is the moniker given to a road, this appellation frequently refers to the entire neighbourhood. Toronto neighbourhoods possess some of Canada’s most expensive celebrity real estate, with homes and mansions frequently selling for millions of dollars. The wealthy neighbourhood of Bridle Path in Toronto has stunning parks and eye-catching multimillion-dollar mansions located around the Don River Valley. These luxurious mansions are often situated on six acres of grounds and are equipped with modern security equipment.

Furthermore, Bridle Path residents have access to high-quality medical care, brilliant public and private schools on Bayview Avenue and various elite shopping centres. Along with the modern facilities and amenities, the residents can stay close to nature by strolling around the beautiful grounds of Edwards Gardens. Some other municipal parks in Bridle Path, such as Sunnybrook Park and Windfields Park, are managed by the Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division.

The Bridle Path neighbourhood is Toronto’s premier destination to stare longingly at the gigantic and flamboyant mansions of the Millionaires’ Row. No wonder many celebrities who wish to stay close to the city of Toronto prefer to stay at the Bridle Path.

Stunning Drake’s Bridle Path Mansion

Stunning Drake’s Bridle Path Mansion

The Bridle Path’s mansion of this Canadian rapper looks like a fortress. Beautifully nestled at 21 Park Lane Circle, this mansion’s awe-inspiring architecture has tall fences. The rapper had numerous problems with stalkers and received an exception from a Toronto bylaw to build fences higher than the city’s permitted limit of six and a half feet. This house, named ‘The Embassy’, is spread across 35,000 square feet and features a basketball court in the basement. 

The extravagant interiors of Drake’s mansion give off an aura of a James Bond movie and are different from the austere and reserved aesthetic for which Bridle Path houses are famous. A lavishly decorated bar, lounge and black and white marble are used almost everywhere to enhance the mansion’s look. A singing toilet is one of the most striking amenities of Drake’s Bridle path’s mansion. He bought this property for $7 million in 2015, supposedly worth over $100 million.

Magnificent House of Gordon Lightfoot

The Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot moved into his Bridle Path house in 1999. He bought this place for $3.8 million. Lightfoot has been Drake’s neighbour since he built his Bridle Path house. Lightfoot’s magnificent Bridle Path house has five bedrooms and five full bathrooms. A mahogany-lined room overlooks the front lawn, and Lightfoot prefers this room to write songs. 

Marvellous Mansion of Robert Herjavec

Marvellous Mansion of Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec, the Canadian businessman, sold his Bridle Path mansion for $19,380,000. This striking mansion was rented to rockstar and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger when he was on tour in Canada. This property has a living space of 34,000 square feet and has ten bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool and a car garage wherein ten cars can be easily parked at a time. The mansion is so big that you can also arrange a concert. Herjavec’s family hosted a fundraiser gala, and the attendees witnessed a spectacular performance by the Canadian singer Michael Buble at this fundraiser.

Spectacular Bridle Path Mansion of Prince

The elegant house of the late American singer-songwriter Prince on 61 the Bridle Path is presently listed at $16,910,000. He purchased this house at Bridle Path in 2001 when he married Canadian businesswoman Manuela Testolini. This property is a bungalow with a majestic ambience and has 14,280 square feet of living space.

This Bridle Path property also features a hair salon. The interiors of this house have an open layout and floor-to-ceiling windows. The primary suite in the bungalow has a living area with aesthetic french doors that opens to a beautiful terrace. Apart from the six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, this Bridle Path mansion features open living spaces, a large dining room, a grand ballroom and a gourmet kitchen. The mansion also has a huge swimming pool, a theatre room, an exercise room, a spa and a garage that can fit seven cars at a time. There’s even an additional outdoor parking space for 15 vehicles.

Testolini and Prince sold their home in 2007 following their divorce. However, this house’s retro and pop-star-worthy finishing hasn’t changed much. There is a recording room in the basement with a pink shag carpet, a pink billiards table, a wet bar, and a mirrored wall.

Eye-catching Mansion at 68 Bridle Path

This Bridle Path mansion has a 25,875 square feet area and is currently on sale for an undisclosed price. This mansion was occupied by many celebrities and has been used for personal and commercial use. The stunning mansion has been blessed by Toronto’s former archbishop and Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter. 

A party was hosted for American actress Jane Fonda with former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The house has served as a set for many television shows like ‘Suits’ and movies like ‘It Takes Two’.

Astonishing Property at 26 Park Lane Circle

This Bridle Path property belonged to National Post founder Conrad Black. It is spread over six acres of land and, in 2016, had an estimated value of $21.8 million. This elegant mansion has 23,000 square feet of living space, and there are eight bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a two-storey library and 14 full bathrooms.

In exchange for a leaseback contract that allowed him to occupy the home as a renter, Black decided to sell this Bridle Lane mansion. Over the years, this Bridle Path mansion has seen many visitors like British singer Elton John, the 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon and the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher.

Outstanding Mansion at 11 High Point Road

Outstanding Mansion at 11 High Point Road

This Bridle Path property on 11th High Point Road is a 1,858 square metre mansion with 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. This mansion has been an integral part of the movie ‘Mean Girls’ which starred Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan. Additionally, it was used to shoot a commercial starring Canadian actor William Shatner. The kitchen of this house has been used to shoot a cooking segment by American businesswoman Martha Stewart.


Toronto has been home to numerous celebrities and Canada’s cultural capital. Bridle Path can be termed as a celebrity real estate in Toronto, where you can locate many luxurious homes and mansions of noteworthy people. Celebrities come to Bridle Path in Toronto to blend in the low-key neighbourhoods and create masterpieces of architecture in the form of their extraordinarily magnificent houses and mansions.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are there any notable green spaces in the Bridle Path neighbourhood?

Surrounding the residential streets of the Bridle Path neighbourhood are creeks, parks and enchanting walking trails. Sunnybrook Park, Edwards Gardens and Windfields Park are the notable green spaces in the area.

Why is it called Bridle Path?

Early homeowners in this neighbourhood had horses, and Bridle Path also means a horse riding path. So this residential neighbourhood in Toronto got its name as The Bridle Path.

Where is Drake's house in Toronto?

Drake has an ultra-exclusive address at 21 Park Lane Circle, Bridle Path, in North York, Toronto.

What is the richest road in Toronto?

Bridle Path is the richest road in Toronto, Canada, called Millionaires' Row.

Is Bridle Path a gated community?

The estates in the Bridle Path are specifically designed to provide privacy and hence, are walled and gated.