Oakville, Ontario, is a charming town located on the shores of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Hamilton. It offers a perfect blend of small-town comfort and big-city amenities. This is one of the most sought-after cities in Ontario, with 1082 new listings in the last 28 days. living in Oakville Ontario offers a variety of residential options for buyers. Buyers can choose from condos to villas and detached homes to townhouses in this diverse range. Oakville also offers commercial properties suitable for those who want to start a new business in the city.

The Historical Roots of Oakville, ON

Oakville’s past extends back to the 19th century. Timber and shipbuilding were essential to its early development. Merchants and sailors used the town’s natural harbour as a commercial port. Additionally, this harbour aided in the Underground Railroad, which helped release American slaves. In 1962, Oakville grew by incorporating Trafalgar Township and other villages such as Bronte, Sheridan, and Palermo. The union of these areas formed the modern Town of Oakville. Oakville has developed into a quaint town with a rich history that successfully combines historical relevance with contemporary conveniences.

Oakville’s Key Business Districts

Oakville, ON,  has three distinct business districts, each with its own unique charm and offerings:

    • Downtown Oakville: This area’s retail, dining, and boutique spaces span six blocks. It also features galleries, fashion businesses, and the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts. This beautiful site is close to Lakeside Park and Oakville Harbour.
    • Bronte Village: Renowned for its stunning views of the lake, Bronte Village is among the oldest seaside villages in Ontario. In addition to attractions, including Heritage Waterfront Park, Sovereign House, and Bronte Bluffs, it boasts speciality stores and restaurants that have won awards.
    • Kerr Village: This trendy and welcoming district offers a mix of small-town charm and a modern urban feel. It has unique restaurants and diverse boutiques, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

Oakville’s Premier Art Exhibits

Here are some of the best art galleries present in Oakville, Ontario:

    • Trias Gallery: Known for its fine art collection and exhibitions.
    • Town Square Gallery: Features contemporary art and unique pieces.
    • Savvy Art: Offers diverse artworks from local and international artists.
    • Oakville Arts Studio: A place for both art displays and creative workshops.
    • Oakville Galleries: Hosts various contemporary art exhibitions.
    • Art Studio & Gallery – NESAART: Showcases a range of artistic styles and mediums.
    • In2artgallery: Known for its mix of modern art.
    • Harbour Gallery: Features maritime and nautical-themed artworks.
    • Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square: Offers a dynamic space for contemporary art.

Geographic Location of Oakville

Oakville is situated along the shores of Lake Ontario. It is located between the cities of Hamilton and Toronto. Oakville is about 30 kilometres southwest of downtown Toronto and around 40 kilometres northeast of Hamilton.

Oakville’s Map

Here is the map of Oakville for a better understanding of the city’s location.

Oakville’s Population: Community Size

Currently, Oakville’s population is 223,063. This number reflects a diverse and growing community. It’s not too big and not too small. Many families and individuals live here because it’s a friendly place. The population density of Oakville is 1,509. In Oakville, 11.29% of the population is South Asian, 8.35% is Chinese, and 3.94% is Arab. 86.3% of Oakville’s population speaks English.

Leading Employers in Oakville, ON

Here are the well-known employers in Oakville, Ontario:

    • Ford Motor Company: A major car manufacturer.
    • Halton Healthcare: Runs hospitals in the area.
    • Halton Catholic District School Board: Manages Catholic schools.
    • Sheridan College: Offers higher education and training.
    • Halton District School Board: Oversees public schools.
    • Siemens Canada: A technology and engineering company.
    • The Regional Municipality of Halton: Provides regional services.
    • Aviva Canada: An insurance company.
    • Town of Oakville: Local government and public services.
    • Collins Aerospace: Produces aerospace technology.

Healthcare Facilities in Oakville

Healthcare Facilities in Oakville

Oakville, ON, is served by Halton Healthcare. In this region, Halton Healthcare has three hospitals:

    • Georgetown Hospital: Provides a range of medical services to the community.
    • Milton District Hospital: Offers comprehensive healthcare services, including emergency care.
    • Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital: This full-service acute-care facility was established in 1937 and reopened in 2015 at 3001 Hospital Gate in Oakville. It is connected to McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine and has 457 beds.

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital offers:

    • Acute care programmes
    • Maternal and child health services
    • Complex continuing care
    • Mental health units for both adults and children
    • Critical care and emergency services
    • Medical and surgical care
    • Cardio-respiratory services and nuclear medicine
    • Diagnostic imaging and ambulatory procedures
    • Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
    • Diabetes and cardiac rehabilitation programmes

Trusted Moving Companies in Oakville, Ontario

Here are some highly-rated moving companies in Oakville:

    • AIM Right Inc. Moving & Delivery
    • Smart Movers Oakville
    • Aleks Moving Best Oakville Movers
    • Metropolitan Movers Storage and Packing Supplies
    • College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving
    • Best Oakville Movers
    • Vital Movers—Oakville
    • Get Movers Oakville, ON
    • Burloak Movers
    • Taylor Moving & Storage

Popular Shopping Malls

Popular Shopping Malls in Oakville

Oakville has several shopping malls offering a variety of stores and services:

    • Oakville Place: This is the main indoor shopping mall in Oakville, located at 240 Leighland Avenue. Oakville Palace has many stores, including fashion, electronics, and food outlets.
    • South Oakville Centre: Features a mix of retail stores, services, and dining options.
    • Dorval Crossing: Offers a variety of shops, including grocery stores, fashion retailers, and dining options.
    • Uptown Core: A shopping area with multiple retail stores, restaurants, and services.

Public Transit in Oakville

Since 1972, Oakville Transit has been in operation. Its 33 bus lines have 1,097 stops. The buses run from North Oakville to South Oakville, extending to Dundas Street and Highway 407 in the west. Devon Road and Lakeshore Road East are the furthest easterly stops. Check their website before you travel, as fares vary. Getting about the town is made simple with Oakville Transit.

Crime Rates and Safety in Oakville

Oakville in Ontario is known for its low crime rates, making it one of the safest communities in Canada. This is one of the best pros of living in Oakville Ontario. It is part of the Halton Region, which has consistently ranked in some of the safest municipalities. Statistics from Oakville News and Statistics Canada highlight its safety: Oakville has been ranked the lowest in Crime Severity Index (CSI) for 23 consecutive years, Violent Crime Severity Index for 23 years, and Non-Violent Crime Severity Index for 23 years.

Additionally, it has the lowest Weighted Clearance Rate (WCR) for seven years and the lowest values for violent and non-violent WCRs for several years. Oakville’s crime rates are 56% lower than the national average, with violent crimes being 55% lower. The town’s overall crime rate is 1,838 incidents per 100,000 people, compared to Ontario’s 3,086 and the national rate of 4,223. This means residents have a 1 in 55 chance of becoming a crime victim, making Oakville safer than 91% of cities in the United States. The town’s consistent focus on community safety contributes significantly to its appeal as a desirable living place.

Essential Marts in Oakville, Ontario

Essential Marts in Oakville, Ontario

Oakville has many grocery stores. Here are some of the main ones:

    • Loblaws: A large supermarket chain.
    • Metro: Offers a wide variety of groceries.
    • Sobeys: Known for fresh produce and bakery items.
    • Longo’s: Provides quality groceries and prepared foods.
    • Superstore: Offers groceries and household items.
    • Fortino’s: A popular supermarket with a variety of products.
    • FreshCo: Known for low prices and fresh produce.
    • No Frills: Offers budget-friendly groceries.
    • Food Basics: Provides affordable grocery options.
    • Rabba Fine Foods: Known for convenience and fresh products.
    • Denniger’s Foods of the World: Specialises in international foods.
    • Whole Foods: Offers organic and natural products.
    • Organic Garage: Focuses on organic groceries.
    • Famijoy Supermarket: A local grocery store.
    • Galleria Supermarket: Specialises in Korean and Asian foods.
    • The British Grocer: Offers British food products.

Dining in Oakville

Oakville has a variety of coffee shops, both popular chains and unique local spots:

    • Tria Café & Bakery: Serves coffee and baked goods.
    • Starbucks: A well-known chain with many locations.
    • Tim Horton’s: Famous for coffee and doughnuts.
    • Taste of Colombia: Offers Colombian coffee and treats.
    • Tribeca Coffee Co: Known for its artisan coffee.
    • Marylebone Café & Creamery: Combines coffee and ice cream.
    • Veneda Central Coffee Roasters: Specialises in freshly roasted coffee.
    • Kerr St. Café: A popular local café.
    • The Green Bean: A local coffee shop with a cosy atmosphere.
    • Carvalho Coffee Roasters: Known for quality coffee roasts.

Natural Attractions in Oakville

Natural Attractions in Oakville Ontario

Here are some beautiful natural places to visit in Oakville:

    • Lion’s Valley Park is a popular spot for hiking and jogging. It has a large picnic area and playground along Sixteen Mile Creek.
    • Gairloch Gardens: It is perfect for a relaxing walk. Gairloch Gardens features beautiful trees and flowers.
    • Coronation Park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. It has picnic areas, a splash pad, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and a stage.
    • Bronte Creek Provincial Park: Offers family camping, an outdoor pool, a children’s farm, hiking trails and more. It hosts events like the Maple Syrup Festival, Victorian Christmas, Camper Halloween and Ghist Walks.
    • Bronte Heritage Park: Known for great views of Lake Ontario, this park has lovely walking trails and fantastic restaurants nearby.

Final Thoughts

Oakville in Ontario is ideal for living, working, and visiting.. It combines natural beauty with modern conveniences, providing a high quality of life. Living in Oakville has pros and cons; however, on a greater note, the city is widely popular among the earthlings. Whether you enjoy exploring nature, shopping, or dining out, Oakville offers plenty. Its safe, friendly environment and strong sense of community make it a welcoming town for residents and visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mississauga or Oakville better?

Mississauga offers urban amenities and business opportunities, while Oakville provides a quieter, family-friendly environment with more green spaces.

What is the Indian population in Oakville, Canada?

As of recent estimates, around 8% of Oakville's population is of Indian descent.

Why is Oakville so popular?

Oakville is popular for its natural beauty, excellent schools, low crime rates, and proximity to Toronto.