Laundry rooms come in several shapes and sizes. Some houses have a separate laundry room storage for supplies, while many prefer to comprise only a dryer and a washer. No matter the size of your room, you can efficiently organise your clothes and supplies using these unique laundry room storage solutions.

List of Innovative Laundry Room Storage

If you find it difficult to fit everything you need in your laundry space, consider these laundry room storage ideas—from easy DIY projects to completely changing the room layout and everything in between.

Optimising Compact Areas: Smart Laundry Room Storage

Use inventive shelving to maximise the space available in your small laundry room storage. Keep a simple laundry storage tower to avoid the room feeling crowded. Instead of restricting the amount of storage with a stacked washer and dryer, the upper shelving makes room for lower shelves. Place frequently used items on low shelves to make them easily accessible.

Maximising Every Nook: Laundry Organisation Ideas

It’s important to make the most of the available space, regardless of how big or small your laundry room design is. Keep small and random items in drawers, store cleaning materials in the lowest cabinets, and arrange the supplies on the shelves over the machines for convenient access. Install various under-cabinet rods or wall hooks to hang objects to dry. Extensive cabinets that reach the ceiling are ideal for storing bulk purchases, including large rolls of paper towels or toilet paper. 

Spick and Span: Techniques for Tidy Laundry Room

Techniques for Tidy Laundry Room in Canada

Laundry can be daunting, so having a clean and well-organised laundry room is helpful. It is important to ensure that everything in your laundry room is organised in the best possible way, whether it’s on an open storage cart or behind cabinet doors. Grouping items in matching containers and clearly labelling them makes it easier for anyone using the room to find what they need. It is recommended to choose containers with handles to make them easier to pull down, particularly from higher shelves.

Innovative Solutions: Unique Laundry Storage Ideas

In older homes, the washing machine and dryer are often in the kitchen, which is not ideal as having filthy clothes and fresh food nearby can be unhygienic. If your home has no dedicated laundry room, consider alternatives. These include using an underutilised closet or converting a small sunroom. This way, you can enhance your laundry room storage without requiring extensive renovations, although you might need to hire a plumber. 

Simplified Systems: Efficient Laundry Tasks

Consider setting up your laundry facilities in the mudroom (storage area at the entry of a house)  if there is enough room and the necessary connections for a washer and dryer. This is an effective approach for managing dirty laundry, as the mudroom often holds the grimiest items from outside. After all, there’s a reason it’s called a mudroom. Here, items like gym clothes, sweaty sports uniforms, wet bathing suits, stained apparel and gym clothes can be removed, spot-treated, and immediately washed before they mix with other things in your house.

No Brainer Procedure: Simplified Laundry Room Storage

You can set up an inbound and outgoing clothing system for every household member. Install pull-out gliding drawers beneath the laundry room countertop, or try to stack two vertically or many across the wall’s breadth as necessary. The top drawer can hold clean, ready-to-be-putaway clothing, while the bottom can house the dirty ones. Clothes can breathe because the open drawers and the surface above are perfect for folding.

Accessibility Matters: Rolling Supplies At Ease

Rolling carts with many tiers are among the market’s most adaptable laundry room organisation ideas. Arrange your supplies, such as dryer balls, detergent, and stain removers, at the top layer for easy accessibility. Products that aren’t used as frequently, such as washing machine cleaner and bleach, might be arranged in the lower section. Moving the cart away from the appliances and any other obstructions when working.

Enhanced Area: Ingenious Contemporary Laundry Room Storage

Enhanced Area: Ingenious Contemporary Laundry Room Storage

A clever concept combines a laundry room design with a recreational area. This multipurpose room is colourful and has a front-loading washing machine, dryer, and sink that fits neatly along one wall. Upper cabinets provide flexible storage for cleaning and creative supplies in the laundry area. A centre table comes in handy for crafting and folding clothes. Detergent pods and dryer sheets can be stored between the dryer and washer.

Undiscovered Treasures: Hidden Resources for Storage

This ingenious tip will enable you to fit an ironing board even if your laundry room design doesn’t have a door and has a restricted amount of room. You can store the ironing board in a concealed nook on the wall to keep it out of sight. Place it where you have space to expand it, and ensure it is close to the iron’s outlet. Add a couple of small shelves to hold supplies like lint rollers and spray bottles.

Integrated Innovation: Drawers for Appliances

If you have a small laundry room design and plan to buy a new washer and a dryer, look for appliances with storage space in their base. This will help you save space and keep your laundry room organised. You can add storage shelves for your laundry supplies or decorative items to further maximise the area.

Being Ready: Organised with Easy-care Kits

Organise laundry care products into adorable, easy-to-clean storage containers to handle spills or leaks. For quick access, group your laundry essentials and various other household items by their type in attractive containers and label them clearly. Use cups or jars to collect smaller materials inside the containers.

Wall Wonders: Vacant Walls to Shelving 

To save crucial floor space, hang an ironing table on the back of the laundry room door. For small laundry room ideas, mount an ironing table holder to the wall for an easy fix that takes only a few seconds to assemble. This creative laundry room storage idea uses every available inch wisely.

Practical yet Aesthetic: Style and Functionality in Unison

This laundry room storage idea showcases a spacious and airy laundry room that exudes a charming cottage-style ambience thanks to the clever use of vintage-looking cabinetry elements. The shelves help keep everything tidy, and the upper and lower cabinets provide ample storage space for essential laundry supplies. Additionally, a folding table makes sorting and folding clothes easy without blocking the way.

Cost Effective: Optimal Small Laundry Closet Usage

This laundry organisation idea is perfect for small houses. You can stack both the washer and the dryer in a kitchen closet while utilising the cabinets nearby for storage. Incorporate perforated doors to add visual appeal while keeping the appliances hidden from view.

Sack it Up: Hand-held Laundry Options

Put each family member’s pants and socks in a different mesh bag and run the entire bag in the washing and drying machine. After the cycle, each family member can pick up their bag to sort and store. To maintain the washing system’s efficiency, hang these bags from hooks and identify them by their contents’ status—clean or dirty.

A Win Spin: Turntable to Simplify Laundry Chores

Organising your laundry supplies can be a hassle, but using a turntable can make them easy to access. Whether you keep them under the sink or on a countertop, functional grouping is a practical way to keep everything in order. Store small items like clothing pins in a container to keep the area organised and tidy.

Essential Accessibility: Shelving Advantages

Place your full wash baskets in easily accessible cubbies. This will prevent mildew, proper air circulation, and odour issues and give your laundry room design a tidy appearance. Label each basket by load type or family member to keep everything uncluttered and in one place.

Seeing and Organising: Clear Canister Storage Ideas

Laundry powder in economy boxes is less expensive, but handling the bulky container whenever you wash clothing might be a hassle. Consider putting reasonable quantities into clear containers for an open-shelf laundry room storage solution. They are visually appealing and alert you when your supply is running short.

Curated Design: Worksurface and Storage Matching Your Space

Consider incorporating cabinets and using various options for efficient and stylish laundry storage ideas. To ensure that your storage is well-organised, it’s important to combine drawers and shelves for versatility. Consider installing a countertop over your washer and dryer for an easy space to fold and sort laundry. Also, fitting a rod above the sink will offer more room for hanging clothes.

Scaling Down: Laundry Supplies Reducing Tips

Consider using a slim shelving unit to maximise storage in a small laundry room design. These units are curated to fit between your washing machine and dryer and are perfect for storing small containers and jars. You can easily access your laundry essentials with everything neatly arranged within arm’s reach. Additionally, you can use open baskets to gather items from pockets or mismatched socks.

Organisation Charm: Stylish Laundry Room Storage Ideas

This closet-turned-laundry area has a space-saver stacking washer and dryer, allowing plenty of opportunity to add storage shelves. If the closet of your laundry room design has no door like this, hide it with a cheerful shower curtain hanging from a rod. When guests arrive, the curtain solution benefits the washing area.

Upgraded Basics: Utilising Hang Time 

The key to wrinkle-free clothes is to hang them as soon as the dryer beeps. To extend your hanging area, use a valet hook or over-the-door rack. This laundry organisation idea is compact and ideal for drying underwear and camisoles.

Basket Wonders: Baskets for Organised Laundry Room

Consider using matching baskets to organise your laundry room. These baskets come with detachable fabric liners that prevent spills and are easy to clean, keeping them fresh. You can also use stylish boxes or metal baskets to store laundry room essentials, such as towels and sheets. Consider labeling the boxes to make it easy to find your needs without opening the lid. 

Storage Hacks: Adding Shelf Helpers

Consider maximising your laundry room cabinet space with a hanging shelf that hooks onto one of the doors. This solution can help you organise your laundry supplies more effectively. Arrange the shelves cleverly and fashionably. You can store your washing products in cute containers and use over-door hooks for extra storage. Additionally, you can use an ironing board or a shoe organiser to store any additional supplies.

End Note

With so many creative laundry room storage ideas, you can turn your laundry room into an aesthetically pleasing and practical place. There are several ways to make every nook and corner of your place useful, regardless of the size. The choices are endless, from creating a multipurpose space and hidden storage to using creative items like rolling carts and shelves. You should always remember that the key to an efficient laundry room is organisational skills and accessibility. So wear your work gloves, unleash your creativity, and turn your laundry room into a sophisticated yet avant-garde area. Happy Laundering!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I maximise storage space in my laundry room?

You can maximise storage space in your laundry room by installing shelves.

Where do people put dirty laundry?

People put their dirty laundry in a laundry basket or the laundry room.

How do you hide a laundry basket in a laundry room?

You can hide your laundry basket by putting it in a cabinet.

What is a laundry sorting basket?

A laundry basket is a container used to store clean or dirty clothes. It is used to organise clothes before washing and drying or when transporting them. These baskets help prevent clothes from getting lost or mixed up, making laundry collection and sorting easier.

How often should you change the laundry basket?

One should ideally change and clean their laundry baskets every week.