Since the pandemic, a lot has changed in construction trends focusing on sustainability, technology, and personalised living which has transformed the housing sector. Builders are crafting functional and exhilarating spaces that ooze visual appeal and accentuate the mood. So, whether you are planning to build a new house or thinking of an new home construction, we have covered everything from the integration of intelligent solutions to efficient planning and everything in between. Let’s uncover the latest home design ideas for 2023.

Sustainable Living 

Sustainable building practices and renewable sources are one of the new home construction trends that are witnessing a surge. Trending sustainable home features are- solar energy and passive design, certified carbon-neutral materials, high-performance windows, and green appliances. The implementation of these elements reduces the carbon footprint and the overall cost to build a house, thus enhancing longevity and healthy living. 

Emergence of Smart Home Technology

Emergence of Smart Home Technology

New build homes are pre-equipped with these smart features to monitor and access control of their homes, creating a more efficient living experience. Implementing these elements like touchless technologies, smart lighting, and thermostats augments air quality and reduces energy usage while cutting down electric costs. There are several other features, including advanced security systems and kitchen gadgets, which upgrade your house with convenience and style and ensure safety and security. 

New Home Trends Space Conservation

While designing a new home, there is a constant need to maximise the space that can accommodate all your requirements without feeling too cluttered. Start with choosing muted tones that visually expand the space and opt for light and streamlined furniture that is practical and handy. Introduce mirrors in the living spaces that add brightness, illusion, and elegance to the room. Carefully integrate niches in the area that provide added storage and bring value to the space. 

Strategic Floor-Planning

Strategic Floor-Planning in Canada

One of the crucial elements in new home construction is space planning to create an optimal and well-balanced design. Define the zones in the area, including kitchens, living spaces, outdoors, and bedrooms, that suit the requirements of the client. Create a functional layout providing an accessible movement that induces comfort and peace

Ingenious Storage Solutions 

While designing the new home construction, we all require coveted extra space that enhances the functionality and style of the home. Introduce clever built-in storage solutions, such as under-bed designs, secret step storage, built-in bar and pull-out cabinets, and wall niches that keep the items out of sight while utilising every nook and cranny of your home. 

Clever Design Tricks That Make a Home Look More Spacious

Clever Design Tricks That Make a Home Look More Spacious

In 2023, new home construction is all about defining your expression. In the quest to make homes appear spacious, architects fuse instrumental design elements, including neutral colour palettes, expansive windows and skylights, to make the room feel airy and open. While the strategic placement of the mirrors creates an illusion of extended space. In addition, opt for minimalist decor that eliminates visual clutter, thus augmenting the spaciousness.

Innovative Appliances

Appliance manufacturers are focusing on creating products for new home construction that are compact, energy-efficient, and equipped with smart technology. Whether you’re designing a new home construction or refreshing the house, these home gadgets simplify your daily experiences and improve your lifestyle. From hand-free faucets to air purifiers to video doorbells and advanced microwave ovens, incorporating these devices will elevate your dwellings. 

Adapting Multi-generational Living and Aging

With Canada’s demographic landscape evolving, builders are incorporating design elements, including wider doorways, curbless showers, and step-free entrances, to enhance accessibility and adaptability for multi-generational households and an ageing population. Introducing separate living spaces, single-story layouts with ground-floor bedrooms, and affordable housing are seeing a significant rise in new home construction that caters to a diverse range of age groups. 

Back to Nature With Outdoor Living and Natural Spaces

Back to Nature With Outdoor Living and Natural Spaces

The pandemic has underscored the essence of outdoor living spaces. Canadian homebuilders are infusing elements of patios, decks, hot tubs, pools, and outdoor kitchens into their designs. Furthermore, they are adding a bit of twist, integrating biophilic designs and nature-inspired colour schemes into the indoors. These new home trends foster a strong connection with nature, elevating the ambience and comfort of the space. 

Customisable Furniture 

Designers are implementing avant-garde technology: 3D printing to customise furniture and decor suiting homeowners’ needs and lifestyles. Curved furniture and fluid forms are seeking attention, making more relaxing and welcoming spaces. After years of straight lines and minimalism, builders are celebrating this design hack, paving its way into current new home trends.

Influence of Natural Materials

Nature is the biggest inspiration when it comes to new home construction trends, the addition of wood, greenery, and natural stone with warming neutrals uplifts the ambience of the living space. Designers are finding new ways to strike a coherent relationship between the indoors and the outdoors with landscaped gardens and rooftop terraces that add cost to build a house but enhance the value. 

Bright Bold Colours

New home construction embodies the celebration of bold colours and striking hues that makes a statement in the interiors. Vibrant backsplash ideas and textural wall materials are at the forefront of the decorating game, adding character and personality to the rooms. Choose a hue that merges with the decor style of your home while injecting a dramatic and distinctive look. 

Shape Your Dream Home!

Designing new homes is not just merely constructing buildings, but crafting spaces that are efficient, inclusive, flexible and in harmony with nature. With a focus on sustainability, technology, and aesthetic living, embrace these home trends that add finesse, flair, and functionality to your space. For more queries related to real estate in finding your dream home, contact Square Yards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the construction trends in Canada in 2023?

Currently, after the pandemic, construction trends are dominated by sustainable building practices, smart home technology, efficiency in designing, and multi-functional living spaces. Additionally, prioritising the outdoors and spending time in nature maximising outdoor living spaces.

Will construction costs go down in 2023 in Canada?

While some factors might suggest a decrease in costs, like advancements in construction technology, other factors, like surging demand and inflation might push costs up.

What is the future of Canadian housing?

The future of Canadian housing looks promising as it's on the path towards stabilisation for both buyers and sellers. With a strong emphasis on sustainable and energy-efficient construction and flexible living spaces, while embracing innovative solutions, the housing industry is expected to hike.

What are three future trends in Canada?

Three future trends in Canada include: Sustainability and Net Zero Emission Smart Home Technology Multi-family residential housing.

Is construction booming in Canada?

As per reports, the construction industry will be experiencing remarkable growth in the upcoming years. The housing sector is driven by varied factors, including population growth, economy, immigration, and a shift towards modern practices and automation.