Canada is synonymous with ice hockey, as people always discuss the game when referring to Canada. Ice hockey has become a popular sport, and a growing number of countries are showing interest in this game. However, the game was initially established in Canada and is a part of the country’s legacy. The Canada ice hockey game is the national sport of the country. The game was first started in Canada and has since seen its journey to what the game has become now.

Ice Hockey

The game has reached people across different geographical regions, and people from other nations have also started showing interest in ice hockey. Therefore, several ice canada ice hockey team from European countries and the United States travelled to Canada during the National Hockey League to participate in the event. If you are interested in knowing more about the Canada Ice Hockey Game, this is the right place for it. We will discuss every important game aspect here, so read on. 

History of Ice Hockey

This competitive game of ice hockey was developed in Canada in a city called Montreal. The first indoor ice hockey was played on 3rd March 1875, and the game became even more popular. Several essential aspects of the game that were established in 1875 still exist. For example, the length of the ice rink today is the same as it used to be in 1875. However, the game has undergone significant evolution and also experienced several changes in the format and the rules that govern it as well. In 1892, the iconic Stanley Cup came into existence. It was called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup then. It is one of the most prestigious rewards in ice hockey.

History of Ice Hockey

The game was inspired by another game called Bandy, played in countries like England during the 19th century. The game also has a few elements of another game, lacrosse. The Dutch population also used to play several games that were similar to present-day ice hockey. When the game was established in Canada, it instantly became popular. There were more than 100 ice hockey teams just within Montreal. Several tournaments were organised, which made the sport even more popular. People from all over the country used to participate in huge numbers.

In 1910, the National Hockey Association was formed to take care of the Canada ice hockey game. The NHA was responsible for bringing standardisation to the game and making it a full-fledged professional sport. They defined the game’s rules and created three periods of 20 minutes each during which the game would be completed. The NHL expanded to the United Nations and made the game famous in the US territories as well. As several European countries were intrigued by the idea of ice hockey, they started to join the bandwagon too.

Canadian Hockey Teams

To understand the ice hockey game, you need to know about the Canada ice hockey team that play the game, along with the best Canada ice hockey team. Let’s look at the Canada ice hockey team that are a part of the NHL. 

Canadian Hockey Teams

  • Calgary Flames : The team’s home arena is in Scotiabank, Saddledome. The team is identified by combining colours like red, black, gold and white. The team was started in 1972 and was known as the Atlanta Flames then. The team also won the Stanley Cup in 1989. The NHL has two franchises in the Alberta region: the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. Hence, a match between these two teams is called the ‘Battle of Alberta’.
  • Montreal Canadiens : The team’s home arena is Bell Centre, and you can find the players of the team dressed in a combination of red, white and blue. They have been a part of the NHL since its inception, as the team was started in 1917. The locals also know the team as Les Habitants, and they have a reputation for winning the Stanley Cup 24 times. 
  • Toronto Maple Leaves : You can recognise the Toronto Maple Leaves by their blue and white gear. Scotiabank Arena is their home arena. The team was started in 1917 and has seen great progress ever since. The Maple Leaves have won the Stanley Cup 13 times. However, they won their last cup in 1967 and have not won any major tournaments recently. They are one of the rich teams and have a fan base worldwide, given their legacy.
  • Ottawa Senators : With their home arena in the Canadian Tire Centre, the Ottawa Senators are very popular in Canada. You can recognise their team with colours like red, black, gold and white. They were a prominent player in the 20th century as they had won around 11 Stanley Cups. The team had to wrap up its operations in 1934 due to a lack of proper funding. However, they came into existence again in 1992.
  • Winnipeg Jets : The combination of blue, red, and white represents the Winnipeg Jets. The home arena of this team is Bell MTS place. Earlier, they were a part of the World Hockey Association. They joined the NHL in 1979. The team was sent to Arizona momentarily but returned to Winnipeg in 2011. However, they have not won the Stanley Cup yet, but they are known for their history and legacy. 
  • Edmonton Oilers : The colours copper and blue represent the Edmonton Oilers. Rogers Place is their home arena, and they have won 5 Staley cups. Most of their games are conducted at Rogers Place. The team joined the NHL in 1980. Earlier, it was a part of the World Hockey Association. The team has had some of the most legendary ice hockey players like Wayne Gretzky. 
  • Vancouver Canucks : Vancouver Canucks is another team that has its home arena at Rogers Arena. The colour of their uniforms is a combination of blue, green and white. They are considered one of the best teams participating in the NHL. However, they haven’t won the Stanley Cup yet but reached the final round multiple times. 

National Hockey League (NHL)

National Hockey League (NHL)

The National Hockey League, or the NHL, is one of the most important tournaments for ice hockey. Currently, 31 franchises are a part of the NHL, seven of which are Canadian. All of these 31 teams come together to fight for the Stanley Cup. The cup is the most prestigious award in the field of ice hockey. The Stanley Cup was named after the Governor General of Canada. The game starts around October and goes on till June. The league is divided into the main season and a series of playoffs. The top 16 teams battle it out during the playoffs, and a huge crowd across the country attends these games. 

Significance of Ice Hockey in Canada 

Significance of Ice Hockey in Canada 

Canada is the home ground of ice hockey. Hence, the country gives special importance to the game compared to the other games played in the country. Several Canadian hockey teams were formed when the game was conceptualised. Even today, multiple Canadian hockey teams participate in the game nationally.

Ice hockey is a part of Canada’s culture. Hence, people follow it with great interest, and all the tournaments conducted in the country receive huge traction from the local audience. Apart from these huge tournaments, the Canadian public flock together around a frozen pool and play the game for recreation during the winter season in the country. When the game became a part of the Winter Olympics, it was a proud moment for the country and its citizens. Also, the country becomes inactive during the Winter Olympics as people binge-watch the games.


Ice hockey is a part of the cultural fabric of Canada. If you are in Canada, you should attend one of these events to understand the hype around the game. You can also watch the game on television and try to enjoy it if you cannot visit Canada.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who invented ice hockey?

James Creighton developed modern ice hockey that is played in teams. The game gained much popularity in the latter half of the 1800s.

How long is a hockey game?

A hockey game goes on for an hour. It is divided into three periods of 20 minutes each. Hence, the break duration also defines the game's length.

Why is hockey most popular in Canada?

Ice hockey is popular in Canada as it was established there. Also, out of 31 teams in NHL, seven teams are from Canada, and that builds much excitement among the people.

What was hockey originally called?

Hockey has taken inspiration from several European games. Some of these games are called a hurley, Bandy, etc.

What are the three types of hockey?

The three types of hockey are field hockey, ice hockey and sledge hockey.