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Celebration of Remembrance Day in Canada 2023

November 11 is a date marked in the hearts and minds of Canadians far and wide as Remembrance Day. As a day of profound...
Rohan Bhalla
4 min read 216 views

How To Celebrate Boxing Day in Canada 2023

A series I once watched said that Things don’t become good because they are traditions. They become traditions because they are good. Boxing Day...
Zilpha Rodrigues
5 min read 145 views

Celebrate British Columbia Day in Canada 2023

When life gives you British Columbia National Holidays, make the most of it! Ah yes, it’s the season of British Columbia Day in Canada!...
Krittika Barua
4 min read 345 views

International Women’s Day 2024 Celebration in Canada

Do you know which month has the most tremendous significance in the history of international women’s day in Canada ? Well, March has brought...
Shreya Pandey
4 min read 279 views

Celebrate Halloween Day in Canada 2023

Halloween is an exciting time of year for many Canadians. From creative costumes to spooky decorations, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate...
Krittika Barua
5 min read 323 views

Explore The Religious Significance of Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a festival to celebrate the harvest and blessings of the year. Every year on the second Monday in October,...
Krittika Barua
4 min read 2626 views

Celebrate All Saints Day 2023 in Canada

Remembering the loved ones who went to a heavenly abode long ago, stands true when Canadians celebrate All Souls Day, which is also referred...
Vaishali Rustagi
7 min read 257 views

Labour Day in Canada 2023 – Statutory Public Holiday

Labour Day is a worldwide public holiday observed on the first Monday in September every year. Workers’ social and economic accomplishments are celebrated on...
Krittika Barua
3 min read 881 views

Canadian Way of Celebrating Eid Ul Fitr in Canada 2023

Do you want to create new memories and explore Eid Ul Fitr in Canada? If so, what plans do you have for Eid Al...
Anjali Deswal
5 min read 2578 views

Easter Sunday And Traditions in Canada 2023

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon...
Kunal Sachdeva
4 min read 290 views

The Hosannas of Palm Sunday in Canada 2023

Just like several other occasions to remember Jesus Christ, Palm Sunday 2023 is also one of the holiest days celebrated in many countries around...
Krittika Barua
3 min read 325 views

How To Celebrate Mothers Day in Canada 2023

Mothers day in Canada is a day dedicated to honouring the women who moulded us – our mothers. It is the day when we...
Krittika Barua
5 min read 1243 views

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