Rohan Bhalla An avid reader, an unapologetic chai lover, and an introvert by a design who believes in the power of words. He has a knack for reading and writing since his school days. With 4 years of experience in writing, he aims to educate, inspire, and stir his readers’ thinking.


9 Stories by Rohan Bhalla

Know The Income Needed to Get a Mortgage in Canada

In Canada, mortgages are an essential component for people who are looking to buy a property. Lenders, often banks or mortgage companies, offer loans...
0 10 min read

The Pros and Cons of Buying Pre Construction Homes

For many, buying pre construction homes can be an exciting opportunity. On the other hand, buying a property in its pre-construction stage can be...
0 3 min read

Top Benefits of Buying a New Build House in Canada

A new home is a haven where memories are created, and family bonds are nurtured. A new, freshly painted home promises improved quality of...
0 6 min read

Front Porch Decor Ideas: The Art of Welcoming Aesthetics

A beautifully designed porch is like the soul of the home. It gives a narrative of the home’s personality. A porch of a home...
0 5 min read

Find Your Dream House in Affordable Canadian Regions

Canada is much more than what meets the eye! It is a country of exceptional beauty, opportunities and home to diverse real estate markets....
0 6 min read

HELOC in Canada: Can it be Used to Pay off Your Mortgage?

The financial world sometimes feels like an indecipherable labyrinth, where every corner turns you towards a new financial product or concept. One such term...
0 4 min read

Celebration of Remembrance Day in Canada 2023

November 11 is a date marked in the hearts and minds of Canadians far and wide as Remembrance Day. As a day of profound...
0 4 min read

How To Celebrate Good Friday 2024 in Canada

Christianity, the intersection between spirituality and faith, is one of the dominating religions across the globe. It stands on the imperishable pillars of faith,...
0 2 min read

Festival of Trees in Mississauga, Canada, 2024

Looking for a way to make this holiday season unforgettable? Look no further than the Mississauga Festival of Trees in Canada! This December festival...
0 3 min read

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