Canada is much more than what meets the eye! It is a country of exceptional beauty, opportunities and home to diverse real estate markets. Yes, from coast to coast, each region is characterised by its unique housing market trends. While some regions have witnessed skyrocketing home price in Canada, others offer affordability, attracting a surge of interest from home buyers and investors alike.

Home Price in Canada: Most Expensive Markets

Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are ideal examples of Canada’s most expensive real estate markets. For instance, in Vancouver, the high prices have been mainly driven by foreign investors’ interest coupled with the city’s geographical constraints that limit new housing developments. Conversely, Toronto has witnessed robust demand from an ever-growing population and solid economic factors that have been in play for a long time.

Canadian Regions are Witnessing Rising Sales Competition

Several regions in Canada offer affordable real estate options to homebuyers. Owing to the affordability factor, these areas are experiencing staggering sales growth driven by hot competition. Several provinces like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island offer lower home price in Canada. And provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba have maintained relatively affordable housing markets while offering excellent amenities, quality of life, and employment opportunities.

Canada’s Most Affordable Regions

Niagara Region

Buying property in the Niagara region is an affordable alternative to Toronto and Vancouver’s expensive real estate markets. Niagara’s strategic location allows for easy commuting and robust international trade opportunities. The region boasts exceptional healthcare facilities, reputable schools, and post-secondary institutions like Brock University and Niagara College, making it a good investment opportunity. Here’s a quick snapshot of the Niagara Region real estate landscape. 

    • Average home price in Niagara : $600,000-$700,000
    • Houses for sale in Niagara : 2600+  
    • Houses for rent in Niagara : 640+
    • Types of property available in Niagara : Niagara offers everything from villas, homes, apartments, and condominiums. You can choose which property to buy depending on various factors and requirements. 


Housing Price in Ottawa

It won’t be an understatement to say that Ottawa has evolved into a captivating city that harmoniously blends urban flair with a touch of historic charm and natural beauty over the years. In terms of real estate, Ottawa presents an appealing contrast. As of 2023, the city’s average home prices have been lower compared to cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Also, affordability isn’t the only draw of Ottawa; the city also excels in the quality of life it offers its residents. The steady population growth and the robust job market are fuelled by technology, government, and healthcare sectors. The strong demand for rental properties, particularly in nearby universities and downtown, suggests promising rental yields for investors.

    • Average home price in Niagara : $670,000
    • Houses for sale in Niagara : 2700+
    • Houses for rent in Niagara : 500+ 
    • Types of property available in Ottawa : From detached homes, semi-detached homes, villas, apartments, and condominiums are easily available in Ottawa.

London & St. Thomas

London and St. Thomas have property prices in Canada that are both accessible and diverse. The various property types range from charming Victorian homes in the historic Woodfield district of London to modern condos in Downtown, cosy bungalows in St. Thomas’ Lake Margaret area, to rural properties on the city outskirts. Several factors underpin the strong investment potential in London and St. Thomas. First, the consistent population growth in these cities drives demand for housing. Second, London, a regional healthcare and educational hub, is home to Western University, Fanshawe College, and several hospitals. These institutions attract students and professionals, stimulating demand for rental properties. St. Thomas, with its robust manufacturing sector, sees similar dynamics.

    • Average home price in London and St. Thomas : $670,000
    • Houses for sale in London and St. Thomas : 300+
    • Houses for rent in London and St. Thomas : 30+ 
    • Types of property available in London and St. Thomas :  London & St.Thomas offers everything from detached homes, semi-detached homes, villas, apartments, and condominiums.


One can find a wide range of property types in Windsor-Essex right, from affordable condos and townhouses for first–time buyers to single-family homes and luxury waterfront properties. The property prices in Canada’s Windsor-Essex have gained considerable momentum in the recent past. Areas such as South Windsor, Tecumseh, and LaSalle are specifically known for their high-quality schools and family-friendly environments. Plus, the solid economic fundamentals anchored by automotive manufacturing, education, healthcare, and agri-business sectors underpin the investment potential in Windsor-Essex.

    • Average home price in Windsor-Essex : $700,000-$800,000
    • Houses for sale in Windsor-Essex : 65+
    • Houses for rent in Windsor-Essex : 60+ 
    • Types of property available in Windsor-Essex : Homebuyers can easily buy detached homes, commercial properties, duplexes, condominiums, to multiplexes in Windsor-Essex. 


Housing Price in Calgary

Calgary’s real estate market is both diverse and accessible. The city offers a range of property types, from downtown condos and lofts, which appeal to young professionals seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle, to detached family homes in suburban neighbourhoods like Aspen Woods and Tuscany. For those drawn to historic charm, communities like Inglewood and Hillhurst are dotted with beautifully preserved older homes. Moreover, Calgary’s strategic location, with one of Canada’s busiest airports, ensures excellent connectivity domestically and internationally, boosting the city’s economic and lifestyle attractiveness.

    • Average home price in Calgary : $500,000-600,000
    • Houses for sale in Calgary : 1000+ 
    • Houses for rent in Calgary : 2000+ 
    • Types of property available in Calgary : One can find luxury homes, duplexes, multiplexes, and condominiums in Calgary.

Home Price in Canada: Halifax-Dartmouth

The property prices in Canada’s Halifax-Dartmouth encompass various offerings, from historic Victorian homes in South End Halifax to modern condominiums in downtown Dartmouth and charming seaside cottages in areas like Eastern Passage. Several key factors bolster the investment prospects in the Halifax-Dartmouth region. Halifax has a robust economy, with sectors like technology, healthcare, and shipbuilding playing significant roles.

    • Average home price in Halifax-Dartmouth  – $528,000
    • Houses for sale in Halifax-Dartmouth  – 1300+ 
    • Houses for rent in Halifax-Dartmouth – 630+ 
    • Types of property available in Halifax-Dartmouth : Detached houses, condominiums, duplexes, and multiplexes are easily available here. 


Over the years, the Saskatoon housing market has remained fairly affordable. This affordability factor makes living in Saskatoon an attractive choice for people, especially first-time home buyers. Saskatoon’s real estate market carries robust investment potential. Saskatoon’s strong economy is based on diverse sectors like agriculture, mining, and technology. Owing to this, it attracts professionals from all walks of life. 

    • Average home price in Saskatoon  : $400,000 – $500,000
    • Houses for sale in Saskatoon  : 1100+
    • Houses for rent in Saskatoon  100+ 
    • Types of property available in Saskatoon : Everything from detached houses to condominiums are easily available here. 

Home Price in Canada: Edmonton

Its diversity and relative affordability characterise Edmonton’s real estate market. In Edmonton, you can find various properties that suit your budget. Right from modern condos to downtown areas, detached homes are easily available here. Over all these years, Edmonton’s real estate landscape has offered competitive prices compared to other major Canadian cities. Edmonton holds substantial promise for real estate investment.

    • Average home price in Edmonton  : $400,000
    • Houses for sale in Edmonton  : 1400+
    • Houses for rent in Edmonton : 800+
    • Types of property available in Edmonton : You can easily find condos, townhouses, and apartments in Edmonton. 

Greater Moncton

Housing Price in Greater Moncton

Its diversity and affordability characterise the property prices in Canada’s Greater Moncton area. Housing options span from modern urban condos and townhouses in downtown Moncton to traditional single-family homes in neighbourhoods like Riverview and higher-end properties in areas of Dieppe. Greater Moncton’s real estate market carries a strong investment potential. The strong economy backed by information technology, healthcare, and the retail sector is one major reason so many professionals are pouring into the economy to make a living for themselves. 

    • Average home price in Greater Moncton  : $400,000-$500,000
    • Houses for sale in Greater Moncton  : 700+
    • Houses for rent in Greater Moncton : 50+ 
    • Types of property available in Greater Moncton : Being a homebuyer, one can find single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartments, condos and townhouses in the Greater Moncton region. 


The Regina property market offers various property types catering to diverse tastes and budgets. Housing options range from modern condos in downtown Regina to detached homes in the family-friendly neighbourhoods of Harbour Landing and Greens on Gardiner and upscale properties in the prestigious Lakeview area. Regina’s real estate market holds promising investment potential. The city’s robust economy, anchored by energy, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors, is a vital catalyst in creating consistent demand for housing. 

    • Average home price in Regina  : $400,000-$500,000
    • Houses for sale in Regina  : 1100+
    • Houses for rent in Regina : 100+
    • Types of property available in Regina : Single-family homes, commercial properties, apartments, agricultural properties, townhouses, condos, etc. 

Saint John

Saint John

The property prices in Canada’s Saint John City are marked by its diversity and affordability. Housing options span from charming heritage homes in the city centre, contemporary condos along the waterfront, and detached family homes in suburban neighbourhoods such as Milledgeville and Rothesay. Despite experiencing growth in recent years, Saint John continues offering some of Canada’s most affordable real estate.

    • Average home price in Saint John : $300,000
    • Houses for sale in Saint John  : 150+ 
    • Houses for rent in Saint John : 20+
    • Types of property available in Saint John : Waterfront properties, commercial properties, apartments, townhouses, and condos are available for buyers. 

Wrapping Up 

The Canadian real estate market is quite diverse. While some areas boast above-average home prices, a healthy mix of affordable regions offers an attractive alternative. The shifting dynamics in work arrangements and the increasing need for financial efficiency are shaping Canada’s future of real estate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will home prices drop in 2023 in Canada?

It can be quite a challenge to predict with certainty if home prices will decline in 2023. However, factors like interest rates and the economic conditions of a country can decide if home price in Canada will drop in 2023.

What is the real estate prediction for 2024 in Canada?

Needless to say, predicting real estate trends can be overwhelming for anyone. However, multiple variables like economic growth and employment figures can help predict if the real estate market will show any signs of expansion or contraction.

Will houses ever be affordable again in Canada?

Depending upon various factors like the income levels of the professionals, and market conditions, some regions may remain expensive, and others may remain affordable. Policies promoting affordable housing and a potential increase in housing supply may help improve overall affordability.

What is the average home price in Ontario?

The average home price in Ontario can differ across the province. However, an approximate figure would be between $800,000 to $900,000.

Is Canada's cost of living high?

The cost of living can differ depending on the region where you plan to settle in Canada. For instance, cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa are known for their higher cost of living. Then on the other hand, there are several regions in Canada where the cost of living can be relatively lower such as Quebec and Hamilton.