Niagara Falls offers one of the most incredible natural spectacles in North America. Toronto to Niagara transit is just a short ride by bus, train, or car, making this waterfall a preferred getaway for Torontonians. It is an ideal destination for a relaxed weekend sojourn or a quick break from a hectic schedule. While Toronto transportation offers several ways to reach Niagara Falls, selecting the best option can sometimes be confusing.

This compact guide provides all the details about traveling from Toronto to Niagara Falls, including routes, prices, time and more.

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Bus

Toronto to Niagara Falls bus

Opting for a Toronto to Niagara bus service is ideal for those looking for budget travel options. There are several departures every day, and a Niagara Falls bus ride is not just a reliable, economical travel option but it also provides quick transit.

Travelling from Toronto to Niagara by bus can take between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes. On average, it takes about 2 hours for a Toronto to Niagara bus to reach its destination.

The number of stops a bus makes and the traffic on the road can impact the overall travel time from Toronto to Niagara. Some of the Toronto transportation bus services offer direct routes that can reduce the travel time. Travellers can check and confirm the schedule before booking the tickets.

The fares to travel from Toronto to Niagara by bus start at around $10. Fares for Toronto to Niagara Falls tickets may increase during peak hours. One can compare the major bus service providers to get the best ticket price, travel time and service combination. Buying a ticket on a Niagara Falls bus is easy as they offer online booking services.

The important point is that downtown Toronto has just one main bus terminal. But it can be challenging to locate this terminal for first-time bus travellers in Toronto. It is situated around a corner behind Toronto Union Station. As such, it remains hidden from view. An easy way to navigate this terminal is to reach Dundas Street West and Bay Street intersection. Taking the north direction and walking on Bay towards Edward Street will lead to the terminal entrance. It will be located on the left-hand side.

After reaching the bus station in Niagara, there are two options open for travellers. They can either walk or order a taxi to reach the waterfall. An essential point to note is that Niagara Falls is about 4 km from the bus station. Those who love walking can explore this route. It is a paved pathway that offers scenic views of the Niagara Gorge. But for those who may find a 4 km walk to be a discomfort, a taxi or ride-share service is always available.

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Train

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Train

Toronto to Niagara Falls train travel is among the most relaxing ways to reach Niagara Falls from the Canadian city. By taking a train, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the route as they travel toward the famous waterfalls. There are two options to reach Niagara Falls by train from Toronto. Travellers can either opt for a daily service provider or a weekend service provider. Both are located in the Union Station of Toronto. The journey to Niagara Falls takes about 2 hours to complete by train. This duration is inclusive of multiple stops along the way.

The daily Toronto to Niagara train service is offered by Canada via rail. The train starts its journey from Union Station every day at 8.20 am and arrives at the destination at 10.16 am. The route is offered once daily in each direction. It makes sense to double-check the return ticket and reach the station on time as there is no second train to bring back the travellers on the same day.

But missing the return train doesn’t mean one has to stay back at Niagara Falls; other public transit options are available. So, travellers can consider the train route as a convenient and quick way to reach Niagara from Toronto. Further, this travel option reduces the tension of getting stuck in traffic or not getting a parking space.

As far as Toronto Niagara Falls ticket prices are concerned, they start at $22 one way. This is the rate for basic economy class. The tickets are available for purchase at the Union Station. They are also available online, a more convenient option for travellers who want to have everything scheduled beforehand.

Since there are no direct routes to travel from Ottawa to Niagara by train, travellers can even route their journey through Toronto for a convenient travel experience.

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Car

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Car

Travelling by car is among the easiest and fastest ways to reach Niagara from Toronto. The two places are around 128 km apart. Driving between Toronto and Niagara takes 90 minutes; however, the time may vary depending on the traffic. The scenic route makes up for the traffic snarls. When it comes to cars, one can select from two options:


The first option is to self-drive a vehicle. Many people who own a car prefer to drive to the waterfalls themselves. It offers them better flexibility of travel. They can even visit other attractions in and around Niagara City.

However, not having an automobile isn’t an issue when it comes to Toronto to Niagara transit by car. Numerous companies in downtown Toronto offer rental vehicles. They are easily available for travellers to book for a day and drive down to Niagara Falls. A single-day rental can cost anywhere between $40-$60.

The major route connecting Toronto to Niagara is the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). Travellers can get onto this road and drive south towards the waterfalls for around 126 km. One has to follow the signs and drive until it is time to exit onto ON-420. This brings travellers into downtown Niagara Falls. After reaching Niagara, travellers can park their cars in the downtown core after paying the affordable parking fee.

Since Queen Elizabeth Way is a major commuter route, the possibility of facing heavy traffic heading towards Toronto until a little past 9 am remains on almost all days. The same traffic comes from the Canadian city between 3 and 7 pm.

Ride-Sharing Apps

These days, plenty of apps offer travellers the option of sharing a ride. The advantages of sharing a ride include saving gas and reducing emissions. Also, it is a comfortable way of travelling and enjoying the ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

This travel option can be a bit expensive. When shared with a friend, such a ride can cost approximately $50 each way.

Toronto to Niagara Falls by Plane

Flying from Toronto to Niagara Falls is the quickest way to arrive at the waterfall. Several local flights offered by different airlines connect Toronto and Niagara by air. A one-way flight from Toronto to Niagara can start at around $90.

Since there is no traffic or busy highways to navigate, it can take as little as 15 minutes to reach Niagara from Toronto via flight.

Comparison of Toronto to Niagara Transit Options

Comparison of Toronto to Niagara Transit Options

Here is a quick look at the three major transportation options to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto:

Transportation Travel Time Cost
Bus 2 hours $10 upwards
Train 2 hours $22 upwards
Car 90 minutes Varies depending on whether driving one’s own car, rental car, or sharing a ride.
Plane 15 minutes $90 upwards

Bottom Line

Toronto to Niagara Falls is a short trip that can be easily accomplished via bus, train, or car. When selecting a transportation option, considering a few things can help make the right choice. Travellers must consider whether they prefer speed, convenience, or budget travel options. Once this point is sorted, everything else will fall into place easily.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it cheaper to fly, take a bus, train, or ferry from Toronto to Niagara Falls?

The cheapest way to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto is to take a bus ride. The fares start from $10.

What is the fastest way to get from Toronto to Niagara Falls?

The quickest way to travel from Toronto to Niagara Falls is by flight. It takes around 15 minutes to travel by air.

Is there a direct bus between Toronto and Niagara Falls?

Yes, there are direct buses between Toronto and Niagara Falls that operate every day.

How to travel from Toronto to Niagara Falls without a car?

The best way to travel to Niagara Falls from Toronto without a car is to take a bus or go for a train ride.

How long does it take to get from Toronto to Niagara Falls with several transit options?

The time to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto takes about 90 minutes by car, two hours by bus or train, and 15 minutes by flight.