Toronto, Ontario’s capital, boasts a rich culture and nightlife and is replete with museums, galleries and culinary expertise. Ottawa, the capital of Canada and another city in Ontario, has a historical background and bustling urban life. Traveling between the cities can be tedious if one is unaware of the different options available. Toronto Transportation offers various options for individuals based on their budget and preference. If you’re considering traveling from Toronto to Ottawa, let’s look at Toronto to Ottawa transportation bus, Toronto to Ottawa train, Toronto to Ottawa flight, and everything you need to know.

Route for Toronto Transportation to Ottawa

Route for Toronto Transportation to Ottawa

You can use one of the many routes available when travelling to Ottawa. Each mode has its time frame and en-route journey experience that will delight you and your fellow travellers.

  • Toronto to Ottawa by Car

Driving from Toronto is the most common form of transportation when travelling to Ottawa. The distance between the two cities is around 400-450km, depending on your route. If you are going to self-drive, you can either opt for Highway 401 or Highway 7. Highway 401 leads to Highway 416; from there, head north, into Ottawa and onto Highway 417.

You can also start from Peterborough and onto Highway 7, into Ottawa, taking Highway 417. Alternatively, Highway 401 is faster and easier than Highway 7. The latter takes a little more time as many small towns lie on the way, but the brighter side is that this road offers more picturesque scenes to the riders.

  • Toronto to Ottawa by Bus

One of the easiest, cheapest, comfortable and most popular modes of transport from Toronto to Ottawa is via bus. Toronto to Ottawa bus services are offered by many, like Mega-bus Canada, Rider Express, FlixBus, Ontario Northland, etc. The Toronto busdeparts from the Union Station Bus Terminal Downtown at 81 Bay St, Toronto, Ontario, around the corner of Bay St. and Lakeshore Blvd. When you reach Ottawa, your destination will be St. Laurent Station at 1300 St. Laurent Blvd. The Ottawa bus journey includes five stops.

  • Toronto to Ottawa by Train

You can catch the Toronto to Ottawa train if you do not want to drive or travel by bus. Train services from Toronto connect Ontario’s smaller cities and large centres. From Toronto, go to Union Station on 65 Front Street.

This station ranks at the top of Canada’s busiest transportation centres. On reaching the station, follow the signs, and you will reach the departure area. If you get lost in the process, do not hesitate to seek help from the staff.

You will arrive at the Ottawa Train Station on 200 Tremblay Road. If you also make a return journey to Toronto, you can catch the Ottawa to Toronto train from here. The station offers parking space (paid), and if you need a pick-up or drop-off, you can avail of the service here.

The station is not located downtown, so you will have to take a bus or taxi to reach the main city or your next location.

  • Toronto to Ottawa by Flight

Toronto to Ottawa is a short flight but more expensive than the other modes of transportation we discussed. In Toronto, you have two airports – Pearson Toronto Airport and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport – that you can use to fly to Ottawa.

Pearson Toronto Airport is located on 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, Ontario, outside the city centre. This airport offers travellers 20 daily flights that fly out to Ottawa.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport stands on 2 Eireann Quay, Toronto. Daily, 16 flights take off from Toronto to reach Ottawa.

You land at Ottawa International Airport, a small busy airport in the nation’s capital. While the size of this airport does not match that of Pearson Toronto Airport, it does host some international flights from the USA.

Time Taken by Toronto Transportation to Ottawa

Time take by Transport from toronto to Ottawa

Traveling from Toronto to Ottawa has its own time duration. Let’s look at the approximate time taken for travel by each mode of transport.

  • Car

By car, on average, it takes 4-4.5 hours to reach Ottawa from Toronto. If you are stopping en route to the capital for refreshments, rest, or to admire the scenic views, it will take you more than the stipulated time to reach your destination, but it will be worth the wait.

  • Bus

Many buses from Toronto to Ottawa are available throughout the day, starting in the morning. If you miss one bus, you will surely catch another one in minimal time. The timings of the bus differ depending on public holidays and other events. The fastest direct route to Ottawa by bus usually takes 4.5 hours. However, if you are taking a connecting or indirect bus route, it might take up to 11 hours to reach Ottawa.

  • Train

It takes around 5 hours from Toronto to Ottawa by train. The train from Toronto operates daily and has six stops in between.

  • Flight

Flying to Ottawa only takes one hour, reducing your travel time significantly. Also, flights to Ottawa leave at regular intervals, so you can board one any time of the day.

Price for Toronto Transportation to Ottawa

Price for Toronto Transportation to Ottawa

The travel prices for each transport differ depending on the distance.

  • Car

You can opt for a shared ride from Toronto to Ottawa. Many mobile apps are available for this feature, with average charges ranging between CAD 30-40.

  • Bus

The Toronto to Ottawa bus fare starts from around CAD 59 but might differ depending upon your route, bus provider and if you are booking around a public holiday or any other event.

  • Train

The prices of the train tickets start from around CAD 92 (one-way). They may vary depending on booking, departure, seat availability, public holidays, etc.

  • Flight

On a flight to Ottawa from Toronto, you fly 362 km. The average price of a one-way flight is CAD 117. Though a bit more expensive than when you travel by car, bus or train, the time you save is well worth the expense.

Wrapping Up

Bus and train journeys are economical options for solo travel or a long road adventure with your friends and family. If you have to attend a meeting or do not want to travel long, booking a flight is your best bet as it will take you to your destination within an hour or so. Thus, when traveling from Toronto to Ottawa, go through each aspect and decide the best mode for you according to your travel budget and plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to book a bus ticket for Ottawa online?

To book bus tickets for Ottawa from Toronto online, open an online bus booking service. Select your travel destination, i.e. Toronto to Ottawa and confirm the number of seats you require. Next, select the seat from the bus outline. The details of your journey, including your seat and total price, are displayed on the screen. Proceed further to pay online and book your bus tickets to Ottawa.

Are flight options available for Toronto to Ottawa travel?

Yes, airlines like Porter Airlines, Air Canada, WestJet, and Aer Lingus, operate flights from Toronto to Ottawa.

How to book a shared cab/car to Ottawa from Toronto?

Applications like Poparide and Kijiji offer shared cab/car options from Toronto to Ottawa. You can book a seat among the various options available that leave at different times.

What is the time interval between Ottawa to Toronto trains?

The time interval between trains is usually 2-3 hours. Some trains are also scheduled at an interval of one hour.

Can I take an Uber from Toronto to Ottawa?

Yes, you can take an Uber from Toronto to Canada. However, opting for an uber is the most expensive option.

What documents do you need to carry while travelling?

While traveling, carry your COVID-19 negative test reports and ID proof, like your driving license or passport.