A Modern mansion is a huge home built across 5,000 square feet of space or more and has more than five to six bedrooms on average. Simply put, it combines luxury, elegance and comfort perfectly. Gourmet kitchen, stylish master suites, grand staircases, in-house movie theatres, double master suites, Zen gardens, indoor spas and saunas, music rooms and libraries offer a glimpse of the interior features of the Modern mansion house design.

Let us explore the luxurious world of mansions through our modern mansion house design that are an ideal amalgamation of ample square footage, graceful features and home comfort.

What Gives a House A Mansion Status

What Gives a House A Mansion Status

A house becomes a mansion when it has all the luxurious features and is designed exclusively per the homeowner’s needs and preferences. The modern mansion house design includes all the advanced facilities, and these modern mansions are made from the most lavish and high-quality materials.

The landscaping of a modern mansion plan is immaculate. Along with leisure spaces like billiards rooms, music rooms with a piano, and gymnasiums, these mansions are typically surrounded by expansive green spaces like waterway access, gardens, gatehouses, meditation zones, and more.

Elegant and Comfortable Modern Mansion Floor Plans

A modern mansion floor plan is set across 5,000 square feet or more, depending on location. For instance, in the United States, the floor space may start at 8,000 square feet, while in South Africa, it could be over 18,000 square feet. A modern mansion house design will include contemporary features with modern grace.

Some of the features of a modern mansion floor plan are as follows:

  • Incredible Leisure Space

Incredible Leisure Space

Modern mansions incorporate popular traditional features like ballrooms, salons and lavish lounges for parties but add a modern touch by including many other modern amenities. Apart from being houses equipped with advanced technology, they have ultra-modern game rooms, indoor spas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bars, libraries, gymnasiums etc.

Leisure spaces are not only places where homeowners and guests can relax but are built especially to entertain them so that everyone can have a memorable time when they are with their guests or family. Some modern house designs of the mansion include greenhouses, intricate gardens, art rooms and music rooms.

  • Spacious Outdoor Areas

Spacious Outdoor Areas

While a house, bungalow or villa may have a backyard and garden, a modern mansion takes such features to a higher level. Outdoor areas are not only limited to gardens but also have Zen gardens, fountains, tennis courts, guesthouses, lakes, waterway access, private hiking trails, benches or outdoor sitting areas with fire pits etc.

As modern mansions are grand and built according to the specifications, they usually have exquisitely designed furniture, expensive art and lavish interiors. Some high-end materials used in modern mansions are wood herringbone flooring, Italian marble, decorative granite, top-quality stainless steel appliances etc.

How Many Bedrooms Does A Mansion Have?

The majority of modern mansions typically have five to seven bedrooms. There isn’t a set rule on the minimum or maximum number of bedrooms a modern mansion can have. These days, mansion owners focus on building fewer but bigger bedrooms with advanced amenities. Additionally, bedrooms in a mansion are suites with facilities like an impressive walk-through shower, spacious closet etc.

Awe-Inspiring Areas in a Modern Mansion

The modern mansion is an upgraded version of the lavish Colonial and Victorian counterparts that used to be passed down from one generation to another. The modern mansion plan is inclusive of a contemporary layout with more open spaces, large windows and a variety of superior quality materials used throughout the mansion, like marble, special woods and metals.

Moreover, nowadays, house owners have been leaning towards more sustainable materials. Every modern mansion is unique in design and style and has many more angles and unusual forms. Modern mansion designs also use a lot of glass and other high-end materials to make a modern mansion look magnificent. 

A modern mansion is the pinnacle of luxury and has many impressive areas, making living in this mansion a comfortable and luxurious experience. A luxurious modern mansion may come with mesmerising interiors, which are often inclusive of master suites (bedrooms), gourmet kitchens, balconies, grand staircases, leisure spaces, huge glass windows, heated terrazzo floors, wine cellar, glass-encased elevator, automated glass walls, indoor swimming pool, and more.

Furthermore, the lavish outdoor spaces often include impressive areas like a grand courtyard, tennis court, direct access to nature, gorgeous rooftop deck or swimming pool with a spa, gardens, multiple outdoor lounges, garages etc. 

Top Biggest Mansions in the World

Modern mansion designs follow the principle of practicality and comfort. The house plans have unique and unusual shapes with extraordinary design concepts that make these modern mansions outstanding. Let us look at the top five biggest modern mansions worldwide to whom referring as amazing or impressive would be an understatement.

  • Magnificent Istana Nurul Iman Palace in Brunei

Magnificent Istana Nurul Iman Palace in Brunei

The title for the biggest modern mansion in the world undoubtedly goes to Istana Nurul Iman Palace, which is owned by the Sultan of Brunei and is located in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. This modern mansion, known as The Light of Faith Palace, has 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, a garage for 110 cars, five swimming pools, air-conditioned stables to accommodate 200 polo horses and a mosque. This magnificent mansion was built in 1984 by architect Leonardo V. Locsin and measured 2.15 million square feet.

  • Stunning Antilia of Mukesh Ambani in India

The mansion of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, in Mumbai, India, is one of the largest modern mansions in the world. This modern mansion that belongs to the Ambani family has 27 floors, nine elevators, a helipad and a car garage that can accommodate 168 cars. This mansion was built in 2010 on 400,000 square feet and has about 600 employees that cater to the Ambani family and their guests.  

  • Legendary Buckingham Palace in England

Legendary Buckingham Palace in England

Built in 1703, Buckingham Palace in London, England, can be termed one of the biggest mansions in the world. It is built on 828,82 square feet and has 775 rooms, a police station, a movie theatre and a tennis court, among other impressive features. This royal residence has been the official residence of the United Kingdom’s monarchs since 1837 and operates as their main administrative headquarters. 

The mansion also has other remarkable features, such as an exquisite white drawing room, the regal throne room, and an underground tunnel system that connects the palace to the Clarence House and Parliament.

  • Mega Modern Mansion – The One in Bel Air, California

The One is one of the largest modern mansions in the United States, which overlooks the city of Los Angeles. The CEO of Fashion Nova, Richard Saghian, won the bid on this magnificent mansion which luxury developer Nile Niami developed. Saghian bought this mansion for a whopping $126 million. 

This modern mansion’s extraordinary house plan includes 21 bedrooms, a gymnasium, a juice bar, a hair salon, two turntables, a four-lane bowling alley, a 10,000-bottle wine cellar, a cigar lounge and a movie theatre. This mansion is spread across 105,000 square feet and is an architectural wonder.

  • Iconic Safra Mansion in São Paulo, Brazil

Safra Mansion belongs to the second-richest Brazilian family, the Safras. This modern mansion was built by socialite Lily Safra and her husband, Edmund. Joseph Safra, the world’s second-largest banker, owns this mansion. The regal Safra Mansion is built on 117,000 square feet and is located in the rich forest area of São Paulo. The design of this modern mansion includes estimated 130-plus rooms and a lavish outdoor area. The Safra family has not revealed many details about this mansion as the family members wish to keep it private.


Modern mansions are a perfect combination of mesmerising architecture and advanced technology. Each mansion is a unique opportunity for architects and designers to showcase their creative skills and create a masterpiece. These modern mansions have lavish interiors, magnificent outdoor spaces and superior-quality building materials, which can make anyone fall in love with their exquisite appeal. Modern mansions, the epitome of luxury, are everyone’s dream house.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can we consider a bungalow as a mansion?

The bungalow is similar to the mansion but is slightly smaller in terms of square feet and land.

What should be the ideal size of a mansion?

Generally, a mansion is 5,000 square feet or above. There is no fixed standard for the size of a mansion, and it is based on where you live.

Is there any difference between a villa and a mansion?

A mansion is a high-standing home of a single family with multi-storey buildings and large green areas which can be located in a rural or urban space. A villa is a luxury property normally in contact with natural and green spaces.

What is bigger than a mansion?

A mansion is a huge house, but a manor is larger than a mansion.

What makes a modern mansion?

A modern mansion can have features like an outdoor sitting area, gardens, fountains, guesthouses, spacious bedrooms, in-house movie theatres, fully equipped gymnasiums, indoor spas, hiking trails, lakes etc.