Rishabh Baisoy

  https://www.squareyards.ca/blog/ With a background in journalism and mass communication, Rishabh uses his words in his blogs to speak to readers around the world. Currently writing for Square Yards, he is continuing to grow as a writer. Growing up, he witnessed Harry Potter movies, and maybe one day, he’ll create a spell to make his written characters come alive.


4 Stories by Rishabh Baisoy

List of Top Cities in The Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) includes diverse cities with unique charm and appeal. From the engaging streets of Brampton to the shores of Oakville,...
0 10 min read

How Does One Draft a Legal Will in Canada

Thinking about the future is a big deal in the world of managing your money, and crafting a will is like the cherry on...
0 4 min read

What Does a Canadian Home Equity Loan Entail

Owning a home is a significant investment; over time, your property’s value builds and generates ‘home equity.’ But what is home equity loan in...
0 7 min read

Everything You Should Know About Canadian Mobile Homes

Before understanding a mobile home, it is important to know what a manufactured home is. Unlike site houses that undergo a complete construction process...
0 4 min read

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