If you are a Canadian homeowner, then understanding the complications of tax laws in Canada can get you some financial benefits in mortgage tax. Canada doesn’t allow any homeowner to deduct mortgage tax on their primary residence. However, implementing some financial tax deductible mortgage strategies can change this scenario. There are multiple ways to deduct mortgage tax if you use these strategies carefully. These strategies support the short-term and long-term benefits of homeowners who wish to save some money for future finance. With this blog, you will get a complete understanding of tax deductible mortgage strategies, their benefits, associated risks, and how to implement them. 

Meaning of a Tax Deductible Mortgage Strategy

Before jumping to the benefits of a Tax deductible mortgage strategy, let’s understand what this strategy actually means. A tax deductible mortgage strategies helps Canadian homeowners minimise the applicable interest on their mortgage. There are certain limits in the deduction of tax in Canada. If you wish to claim the mortgage interest with a deduction in tax on a primary residence, you’ll be required to operate a business. You can start a business or use a portion of the house for professional purposes to claim the tax deductions.

Renting out a significant portion of the home is also a helpful solution for tax deductions. If you wish to rent out a portion of your house that you have equity in, then all the rental expenses will be tax deductible. Without renting out the house or operating a business, you’ll not be able to claim the tax deductions.

There is another strategy called the Smith Manoeuvre that you can use to make the interest on your mortgage tax deductible in Canada. Smith Manoeuvre doesn’t actually allow you to directly claim the benefit but rather follows a little complicated approach. Let’s understand how the Smith Manoeuvre actually works. You can use this strategy to invest in some tax-deductible investments. Suppose you own a house on a mortgage and have equity in the house’s portion. Now, you can take another mortgage on that particular portion and invest that borrowed money for significant returns. In that investment, you can get the tax deductions that you can use to pay the earlier mortgage.

Beneficial Aspects of the Tax Deductible Mortgage Strategy

Beneficial Aspects of the Tax Deductible Mortgage Strategy in Canada

There are several benefits you can avail of using tax-deductible strategies. Below are some of the benefits of tax-deductible mortgage strategies:

Improved Net Worth 

Implementing these strategies will ultimately have a positive impact on your net worth. When you repay your mortgage amount with the rental income or investment income, you can notice a growth in your investment portfolio and home equity. Growth in these two aspects overall contributes to improved net worth.

Better Cash Flow

You can optimise your cash flow using your rental income and income from your tax deductions. Using tax deductible mortgage strategies can help you reduce your mortgage debt, promoting investment income. This will leave you with more funds for future investments and other expenses.

Less Time in Mortgage Repayment

Using a tax-deductible strategy will help you clear your mortgage earlier. You can use your rental income and investment income to repay the mortgage quickly and reduce the overall interest on your mortgage.

Investment Portfolio Build-up

Tax deductible mortgage strategies help a homeowner build a healthy investment portfolio. You can make multiple beneficial investments in your investment portfolio by saving more funds for future investments. Rental income can be a big help in this plan.

Associated Risks and Things to Consider

Associated Risks and Things to Consider

A tax deductible mortgage strategy does indeed help you gain significant benefits. However, it is also important to always consider the related risks that can resist those benefits. Below are some of the risks and things to consider before you start implementing these strategies:

Variation in Financial Market

You can invest in the stock market for investment income to avail of a tax deduction, but that too has a risk associated with it. Stock market investments contain some financial risks due to the variation in the market. It is possible that your investment portfolio fluctuates, ultimately resulting in losses. Hence, it is important to carefully consider the risk of market volatility and compare your market performance with the interest you pay on the mortgage.

Mental Preparation

It is always advisable to be mentally prepared for your additional mortgage while implementing these strategies. Multiple mortgages can take a heavy toll on your mind, so it is important to carefully consider the risks. You can seek help from a financial advisor to assess the risks and carefully plan the alignment of your strategy with your financial goals.

Dynamic Interest Rates

Dynamic interest rates can lead to difficulty in managing rental income and investment income. Any change in the mortgage interest rate can impact the monthly payment system of your mortgage. It is important to stay informed about market trends.


A tax deductible mortgage strategy is surely a beneficial way to plan for other expenses and future investments. A strategy like Smith Manoeuvre can be a great help in saving some extra funds and deducting taxes on your mortgage. Apart from saving funds, implementing these strategies provides you with additional benefits that support your future finances. However, with great benefits come great risks as well. There are certain risks associated with these strategies that every homeowner should consider. Overall, creating and maintaining a suitable tax deductible mortgage strategies is a good plan for your financial future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make my mortgage tax deductible?

You can use some strategies that can help you make your mortgage tax deductible. Smith Manoeuvre is one of the strategies that you can use for the same.

Are mortgage insurance fees tax deductible?

Yes, mortgage insurance fees are deductible in Canada.

How does buying a house affect taxes in Canada?

Buying a house in Canada leads to the implementation of additional taxes such as GST and HST.

Are property taxes tax deductible in Canada?

Yes, property taxes in Canada are deductible.

Does renting a room in my house make the income taxable in Canada?

Yes, renting a room in your house will lead to the addition of taxes in Canada.