When we say travelling and exploring the world, cities like Montreal make it worth paying a visit and are an extravagant place to look at the world differently. Although this city is not the capital of Quebec, it flourished well with cultural and political facts. Many immigrants believe it to be a potential place to start a new journey of life in Canada. But does traveling downtown all that is needed to kick start the upgraded lifestyle? Of course not. As it is always said for immigrants, decent budgeting with the effective idea of Hotels in Old Montreal is a must before you switch to settling in a new place. And hence, we don’t want you to divert from the crucial discussion and will introduce you to some of the best hostels in Old Montreal for a comfortable stay. 

Factors to Consider for a Best Budget Hotels & Hostels in Old Montreal

Montreal, with a blissful theme park, greenery and passionate love for art and music, wins every visitor’s heart. Its cuisines and culture give an impressive welcome with tons of entertainment destinations. But before exploring these beauties of the place, a pocket-friendly hostel and hostel in Old Montreal will help you take a breath and start the trip with good energy. Let us make it easier for you by segregating some umbrellas that will bring you flawless decisions in a foreign land. 

  • The Costing/Rent Bracket

Old Port Montreal Hostels are mostly worth their cost range. You may pay a handsome amount for your stay if you prefer a spacious and luxurious hotel or even hostels. It might be possible that with a strict budget bracket, you have to adjust to a compact and shared space with minimum services to access.yi

  • The Close Proximity

Among millions of hostels in Old Montreal, few may be far away from the main city that may have an affordable rental price. But this may lead to high expenses on regular commutes. We are highlighting the issue of daily commuters who look for nearby hotels in Old Montreal that cut the cost of transport over hostels as the city is large enough and often results in time-consuming and hectic travelling schedules. 

  • Online Research on Hostel Montreal Downtown

Before you pay an amount in any of the budget hostels in Old Montreal or even in hotels, make sure you go through the genuine reviews available on the internet about the property. In this digital era, this might give your potential information about the level of service they offer, the staff behaviour, entry/exit timings and the compared price bracket. 

  • Basic Needed Amenities 

Hostels and hotels in Old Montreal are generally kind enough to offer hostelers/travellers free breakfast with 24/7 wifi service. But if you want to exceed the bracket of amenities, your budget might ask for expansion too. This is the most required deal to crack effectively that comes differently to different people with their own experiences. 

Top Hostels in Montreal Downtown 

We are finally in the section where we will look at the budget hostels in Old Montreal with comfort, class and cosiness.  

  • Auberge Du Plateau

Auberge Du Plateau
Credits : Agoda

Auberge du Plateau is a vibrant and fancy hostel in Old Montreal. It is perfectly close to the Rue Saint-Denis and Parc Du Mont-Royal. With cleanliness, maintenance and shared restroom areas, the property promises its tenants a good range of studios with personalised amenities. For better property information, tenants should know that each floor of the dorm has two shareable restrooms only. The rush hours may make you late for your work or classes. 

Besides this, the amenities also have a terrace with a socialised environment. The staff members are decent and helpful. Also, a free breakfast of maple syrup pancakes is offered to get you to kick start the day in a sweet mood. 

  • Samesun Montreal Central 

Samesun Montreal Central 
Credits : HRS

If you are a party animal looking for a fun place where staying is not only on the service list, you must pay a visit to Samesun Montreal Central. This place offers a bar with happy hours and a list of entertainment activities. Here, rooms are spacious and classy and give liberty to book lovers with smart fitting LED reading lights. There are outlets for each tenant and many private rooms where certain project works, rehearsals and practices can be performed properly. 

The property also provides easy navigation facilities, cable to each room, a fridge and a reading corner for each student. The tenant will enjoy morning breakfast, such as muffins, boiled eggs, waffles, and milkshakes, to name a few. This homely vibe grabs more tenants, making it harder to book a room at any time of the year. 

  • M Montreal

M Montreal
Credits : agoda

M Montreal is a multi-storey hostel building Montreal downtown with almost 500 beds in various rooms and storeys. It is only for female tenants, so cleanliness and space are at their maximum. The ambience has a basement club, a cafeteria, two jacuzzis, a rooftop terrace and a priceless breakfast to add fun to the lives. 

The ambience is inviting and appealing, with a socialised vibe. The property is close to Old Montreal, Festival District and Latin Quarter, known to be fun destinations nearby. Including this, the staffs are also very gentle and professional and perfectly maintain the property.  

  • Auberge Bishop

Auberge Bishop
Credits : yelp

This stay ambience is aesthetically pleasing that gives a massive range of amenities to look for. The tenants can choose their roommates or go for mixed living spaces here. A personal kitchen space with appliances provided by the hostel in Old Montreal is also a great perk. 

Beyond this is a happening lounge where the tenants spend lots of free time with each other. The most attractive benefit for the residents is the proximity of Auberge Bishop to Mt Royal Park, Golden Square Mile, Guy Concordia station and other major entertainment spots. 

  • Alexandrie Montreal

Alexandrie Montreal 
Credits : trip advisor


Alexandrie Montreal is a well-identified old port Montreal hotel like a hostel where a co-living system is followed. It is designed for solo travellers where BYOB and music are allowed in a large lounge. The overall idea promotes the travelling vibe to carry forward with some other travellers too. It won’t be wrong to say that a typical hosteler life should not be expected from this stay building. 

Interestingly, a relaxing patio where your tiresome days can have a full stop. In conclusion, the arena gives a cosy mood yet entices the stayers with plenty of fun activities. Here, a disciplined and traditional living pattern is not being followed but what follows is a passion-driven lifestyle that reminds you of the energy that gets you going. 

  • Le Gite du Plateau Mont Royal 

Le Gite du Plateau Mont Royal 
Credits : tripSavvy

As we discussed, one of the budget hostels in Old Montreal, just like this destination, this place also invites boose lovers with their liveliest music playlist. There is a huge rooftop terrace where real-time barbecues and concerts are played. The vibe is so amazing that it sends all your pain away and makes you show the best dance moves. Ample smart amenities let the tenants cherish a happy living experience.

Here, rooms are sharable mostly and guarantee regular hygiene throughout the ambience. Along with this, the clubs and malls situated nearby are just a close walking distance. Besides this, the secure environment is good for new girls living alone in Old Montreal. This place gives plenty of opportunities to explore and paint the town red in your style at any time of the hour due to its proximity to the designated spots. 

Do Not Miss Out on Exploring the Hotels in Old Montreal

Old Montreal will never disappoint its travellers when it comes to staying options. There is a wide range of budget hotels in Old Montreal, which is not far and is pocket-friendly. They offer a lavish living experience with admiring sites from balconies. Here are the comfy beds with every luxury one may think of at an unbelievable price range. Along with this, the food is also at par where the customers are fully satisfied with the taste and the good menu. We are taking you on a quick tour of the manifesting property that calls for centrally located ambiences. 

  • Lord Berri

Lord Berri
Credits : HRS

If you are looking for a budget hotel in Old Montreal with a nominal-size bedroom unit, this hospitality ambience is a potential one for you. They offer the space with fancy furniture and modular-fitting amenities. King and queen sizes are available as per the customer’s preferences. And the most attractive part is the property site near the bus station, Berri UQAM metro station, startling restaurants & clubs and an incredible landscape view from the windows. 

  • Hotel Faubourg 

Hotel Faubourg 

This is a reputed chain among the old port Montreal hotels which is popular for its hospitality to the travellers off on their vacation. The hotel has made a great impression on its customers with almost 161 rooms decent staff, and A-class cleanliness servicing. Including this, the perk of staying here is convenient because of a modular kitchen provided for a personal small cooking break. The free wifi, a scrumptious food menu, complimentary breakfast and smart amenities are some tons of services offered by the hoteliers. Besides this, the nearness to the Holiday Inn Express Centre Ville, Convention Centre, Chinatown, Venus Montreal and Downtown wraps the whole list of major destinations one might wish to explore. 

  • Abri Du Voyageur

Abri Du Voyageur
Credits : booking

This luxurious old port Montreal hotel is listed for its famous ventilated rooms with brick walls and contemporary aesthetics. This fancy ambience is free from any elevators and has common washrooms, which might not be suitable for some. But with the qualities like flawless room servicing, over-the-top food, and other major amenities at a reasonable cost, one might think of making their stay here. The property is welcoming with its round-the-clock help and offers a happy stay near destinations such as the St. Laurent metro station and easy public transportation facilities. 

  • University Bed and Breakfast

University Bed and Breakfast
Credit : magazine Trivago

This budget hotel in Old Montreal is a complete package where a spacious room, complimentary free breakfast, high-speed internet and a comfortable ambience is given to the customers. The staff are good with their assistance and prompt in their service. It has a 1RK model bedroom with an astonishing field of vision. Including this, spots like designated suites such as beige, blue, red and yellow, to name a few, are a part of its offers. And the bonus is an extra sofa cum bed which allows you to easily stay with more than two people at a time. 

End Thoughts

Wrapping this up, we believe this has got your head much clear with the type of stay you should look for in Old Montreal. It is quite possible that your online results must not match with the real properties while visiting. But we assure you of the quality living spots on the aforementioned list. Right now, all you’ve got to do is carry all your prerequisites and dream big to make it possible with dedication and hard work. And for a big ambition, the start with choosing the hostel Montreal downtown is must to be grand and happening. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where should I stay in Montreal without a car?

It is suggested to select the below-mentioned hostels in Old Montreal if you have no car: Hotel Saint-Laurent Montreal. Hostel Inn Tourist Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel Place d'Armes Old Montreal Hotel Espresso Montreal Centre-Ville/Downtown

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Montreal?

Cities like Montreal, Ontario and Toronto have favourable pricing for Uber taxis that offer affordable commute facilities compared to other taxi service providers.

How old do you have to be to check into a hotel in Montreal?

Montreal city practices a check-in policy with eligibility to be 21 years old. It might be possible that some hostels or hotels allow check-ins at 18 years of age, but this is barely possible to avoid any mishappenings and unresponsive behaviours of youngsters.

Can you get a hotel room without a credit card?

Yes, Montreal city offers lavish hotels where payment modes are open with cash, UPI or debit card in case the customer does not possess a credit card.

Can you pay for a hotel with cash in Montreal?

Yes, booking a room in hotels in Old Montreal can be done by cash without any issues, Although online booking is mostly preferred as per the current market trends.

Are hotels a better option than hostels in Old Montreal to stay?

Depending on the location, hotels are proven to be better options to make a stay in Old Montreal. But it may cost heavier on your pocket when compared to budget hostels in Old Montreal.

Are Hotels safer than hostels in Old Montreal?

There is no proven situation where hotels and hostels have witnessed to be better than each other in terms of security. Though, hostels claim to guarantee a healthy environment to stay for youngsters.

Why should one choose budget hotels in Old Montreal rather than hostels for short-term stay?

For a short-term stay, it is recommended to go for Old Port Montreal Hotels, where no security money and one month's notice period is required to be ensured from the customers’ end which is demanded in hostels.