Even though Le Sud Ouest Montreal is not on everyone’s checklist yet, it is still a great borough to settle in. When you are looking for an investment option into the properties, the  initial thought starters are accessibility, comfort and convenience. Le Sud Ouest Montreal is a complete package for you. The place is not only affordable but also includes various restaurants, metro stations for easy transportation, beautiful parks amongst various other residential, recreational and commercial facilities.

This blog will give you in-depth information about all these attractions in Le Sud Ouest Montreal and much more.

1. 54 Parks

Montreal parks

54? It sounds like a huge number, but it is what Le Sud-Ouest showcases, including 97-hectare Angrignon park. This park is known to be the oldest and largest park so far, the park also showcases some of the best views of lakes, a path for your dogs to walk, and a separate kid’s play area. Apart from this, it also consists of six community gardens, making it a differentiator in the Montreal real estate investing market.

2. Affordable Renting Options

Affordable Renting in montreal

Witness the variety of historical and architectural buildings, different beautiful restaurants, and attractive parks at affordable pricing options. Not only this, but now you can also get your hands on affordable metro transportation. If you want to invest in Montreal properties, Le Sud Ouest Montreal is the perfect place!

3. Diverse Selection of Restaurants

Restaurants in montreal

Have you ever thought about getting access to restaurants and having your favourite food but this time at a more affordable price? Le Sud-Ouest  Montreal has it for you, they include a wide variety of restaurants. Starting from high-end restaurants to different pizza joints.

4. Metro Station

Metro Station

Not one, but 10 metro stations are available just for your comfort and convenience in the city. The metro route takes only 10 mins for you to reach downtown, which exclusively helps you to go and chill out with your friends.

5. Easy Access to Champlain Bridge

Champlain Bridge

Champlain bridge is one of the famous bridges at present, which is now easily accessible without you getting stuck in any kind of traffic. Right after that, you can easily access everything on the south shore.

6. Easy Accessibility to Canal

Access to Canals

Canal calls for Old Port and Old port are all about tourists. You can see a lot of tourists visiting the canal to take pictures with their family members and loved ones. But why even bother to visit the place anymore when you can hold it near yourself? All you need to do is to take a bike path to the old part which you will be able to reach in just about 20 minutes.

7. Machin-O-Livres

Next in line in Le Sud Ouest Montreal is the machine-o-livres where you can access a book of your choice for just one dollar through this vending machine. You can find the same near the pools and different community centres. And all it costs is just one dollar.

8. The Lachine Canal becoming a skating rink next winter

The Lachine canal will soon become a skating rink next winter in no time just like how Rideau Canal located in Ottawa became. The visitors can easily skate their way out and enjoy the view and the architectural and historical buildings alongside the canal.

In Conclusion

So, if you are looking for a place that involves all the attractions under one roof then investing into Le Sud Ouest Montreal properties is the right move. It is not only a smart decision for you to make but at the same time it also makes things easily accessible. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in this Montreal property now to reap future benefits!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different benefits of investing in Le Sud Ouest Montreal property?

The Le Sud Ouest Montreal property is not only affordable but also includes a lot of other benefits such as metro stations, machine-o-livres, easy access to the canal, access to the complaint bridge, and 54 parks.

What are machine-o-livers?

The machine-o-livres where you can access a book of your choice for just 1 dollar through this vending machine.

What are the different attraction options available at Le Sud Ouest Montréal?

Le Sud Ouest Montreal is nothing but your dream come true, it is everything and more that an investor looks into before investing. The attractions that this place includes are machine-0-livers, easy access to metro stations, 54 different parks, affordable renting options and much more.