For obvious reasons, Canada ranks among the leading countries in 2023 for real estate investment. best investment in rental property has been booming in Canada for the past few years. Canadians are no longer looking for real estate properties to reside in but are favouring the other side of the picture. best investment in rental property are beneficial and high on returns making it a possible interest in real estate for the citizens of Canada.

Post the traumatic pandemic losses in the world, the question floating around is whether real estate investments will be profitable or not in 2023. Should you look into property investments in Canada?

Read further to know everything about property investment, renting and buying property in Canada. Using this article as a reference, you can get a better understanding of real estate investment opportunities in Canada in 2023.

Is Real Investment in 2023 Safe and Secure?

Real estate is secure and profitable if you purchase it at the correct price in a location where the value will increase, specifically, the city’s prime location. If you don’t make wise decisions regarding your finances and location, you can end up like many Toronto property owners who bought at exorbitant prices in 2017. Particularly, if they made smaller down payments, those homeowners would need to pay off their mortgages for a while before they may turn a profit.

In comparison to equities and bonds, real estate typically exhibits less instability. If the value of your real estate decreases from the price you purchased, you might reduce risk by keeping the property for longer. In this manner, you can keep increasing your equity. Additionally, when you decrease your mortgage balance in real estate, equity increases. As a tangible investment, your property will eventually be simpler to use as capital.

The reasons that Real Estate Investment is safe are:

    • Real estate investment has a high tangible asset value
    • The property value increases with time
    • Your portfolio can become more comprehensive through property investment, which subsequently reduces risks
    • Investments in real estate bring in tax benefits

How to Plan Property Investment in 2023?

Real estate investments, either renting or buying property in Canada, involve extensive planning. Listed below are some pointers to keep in mind before you start your investment journey –

  • Eliminate Debt and Begin Saving

Before making best investment in rental property, clearing debts will establish a good credit score and help you accumulate more real estate if you have fewer or no loans to your name.

As and when you pay off the debts, save money from time to time or every month for your down payment on the first property you purchase in Canada.

  • Research and Understand Real Estate Through-and-Through

Research and Understand Real Estate Through-and-Through

As much as you can, start learning and researching everything about real estate investment in Canada. Studying real estate investing, market trends, and emerging neighbourhoods are essential. Compare the pros and cons of property investment and the rental and buying price of different residential properties depending on the unit size of your preference.

  • Hire a Reliable and Trusted Agent

Once you are thorough with your research work, find properties based on your budget and preferences by working with a reliable agent. Trustworthy real estate agents know the best locations to buy properties in Canada, with the benefits of high returns on investment.

  • Find Your First Home

Find Your First Home

If you have comfortable savings for your down payments, start looking for your first purchase. Pay 20% at least to find the best terms for your mortgage loans. It is ideal to purchase a property with a mortgage payment less than your current house rent.

The house you purchase will be up on rent; thus, search for a property in a prime location that offers you rent that covers your mortgage payments. The extra few notes will help you save for your next property purchase and help you cover maintenance costs.

Reasons to Best Investment in Rental Property in 2023

Investing in real estate projects is a great way to accumulate wealth for your future. However, getting into the investment game as a beginner can be tricky. With accurate guidance, here are a few tips on why property investment in 2023 is profitable and beneficial –

  • Low Risk

It is not a secret that the stock markets around the world are unpredictable. Trading in equity is volatile since it might happen at any time, as it is right now. Contrarily, real estate investing is less risky because it doesn’t call for specialised knowledge and is less erratic than the equities market. Additionally, it will probably produce superior long-term returns.

Real estate is a physical and tangible asset. Due to its scarcity, the land retains its worth and sees an increase in price over time. Real estate investments have less risk than stocks and bonds because their performance isn’t entirely dependent on their management.

  • Higher Returns

Higher Returns

Higher risks typically lead to higher returns. Consequently, you can observe various individual stocks performing exceptionally well. But, both risk and returns diminish with a cluster of stocks. In actuality, over the previous 20 years, the S&P index had an annual return of 5.9%. Bonds have lower returns than stocks since they carry less risk. The detached real estate market in Toronto, in the past 20 years, has steadily increased by 7.4% annually. The blame is on the combination of low supply and high demand for property.

Subsequently, there is a shortage of land, and the city council isn’t authorising residential development projects fast enough to keep up with the high demand.

A significant surge of people is entering Toronto due to exceptional social benefits like healthcare, safety, and educational systems available for a better living. Toronto is Canada’s financial centre and offers several stable and alluring work opportunities. This brings in people from other provinces and across different nations. Thus, an increase in real estate investment and property is on the higher side of the graph.

Additionally, one receives consistent cash flows from rental income. Real estate is, therefore, a better risk-adjusted investment due to the higher returns from cash flows and appreciation.

  • Low Market Fluctuations

Investments in real estate are more resistant to fluctuations in the economy. Even in a failing economy, people still need a place to live. More people may start renting instead of buying property in Canada. Thus, higher rental demand will consequently increase your cash flows. If the economy is strong, property values will rise, and there will be higher appreciation on your real estate investments.

In real estate investing, cash flows and appreciation provide a safety net against one another. They also help to balance out your portfolio of stocks and bonds because they don’t fluctuate in pace with the economy.

For instance, Toronto’s real estate demand is in surplus, but the city isn’t authorising new development projects. Thus, Toronto is underdeveloped by 26,000 houses.

  • Optimal Financing

Optimal Financing

When you plan to grow investments quickly, you think of investing in stocks by borrowing money to fund the investments. However, stocks bring in higher risks leading to higher borrowing rates.

Talking about real estate investment, real estate is a tangible asset that retains its worth and, thus, is less risky. Therefore, banks will lend you up to 95% of the value of your house, and mortgages typically have lower interest rates than margin trading.

Even though Toronto and Vancouver continue to have the highest real estate markets in Canada, mortgage interest rates are at record lows. Thus, owning a principal residence (first home) has several advantages.

Control Over Investment in Rental Property and Increase in Cash Flow

Real estate investments put you in the driver’s seat, as opposed to entrusting a business or the government with giving you the control of managing your investment.

You can take advantage of opportunities for growth to manage your returns. Making improvements to your property is a terrific method to boost your real estate investment returns.

An updated property can increase the house value and attract tenants willing to pay higher rent for a beautiful home. Furthermore, unlike Toronto, not every city requires and approves of secondary suites (an additional unit used for renting purposes). Toronto needs and permits the process of converting a single-family home into a duplex and a duplex into a triplex due to the city’s housing problem. The more rentable square footage you create, the more money the property investment will bring in.

A continuous and reliable cash flow is the best investment in a rental property or retail space. If you own a house that you rent out for $3,000 per month and your monthly mortgage payment is only $1,500, you are passively earning $1,500 each month and about $18,000 in rental revenue annually. You can manage your mortgage payment, continue to expand your portfolio, and amass wealth by making the most of your rental income.

In a Nutshell

Real estate investment can be daunting for a beginner, but with good research work and effort, one can build an impressive portfolio of property investments. Finding good prospects, making the necessary improvements, renting it out, handling the tenants, and maintaining the property all take time.

Buying property in Canada, especially in Toronto and Vancouver, is heavy on the pocket. However, if you clear your debts, save enough funds and have a good credit score, you will be eligible for bank loans and mortgages to buy your first property. It is beneficial to manage your investments as you can understand the risks and reap the success accordingly. Study, research and explore the Real estate market in Canada to purchase your first property investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is insurance needed while you invest in a real estate property?

It is advisable to have property insurance as it offers extensive coverage for any damage caused to the residence, building, and commercial spaces in case of any kind of calamity.

Why are real estate better than stocks?

Stocks are more volatile than real estate, and higher risks involve low returns. On the other hand, real estate investments are less risky and offer high returns.

Can I buy multiple units in Canada at once?

If you can put a 20% down payment on the new house or declare the second house as your primary residence, you can purchase a second property in Canada and rent out the first. Many people possess a second home for numerous reasons, such as a chalet, cottage, or investment property.