Vacation Home Rental in Toronto translates to generous people, intercontinental cuisine, shopping streets, high art, and lush green scenery. When touring such a beautiful city, you need accommodation that matches the vibe, like the Toronto Vacation Home rental offer. Switch the relaxation mode on with your stay in a short-term rental while exploring the beauty of Toronto.

Vacation Rentals 

Vacation Rentals 

Vacation home rental in Toronto make an ideal abode for your trips. Whether you are travelling with family, friends, or even pets, you can tick off comfort from your checklist, provided you have the variety of rentals Toronto has to offer to its tourists. Most of these rentals offer amenities like Wi-Fi, swimming pools, air conditioners, TVs, dishwashers and other necessities. Condominiums, apartments, houses, cottages, cabins, bungalows or studios can be rented out depending on your requirements. 

Why Are Vacation Home Rentals a Smarter Choice?

You must be wondering why you should opt for rentals when on vacation rather than go for other popular accommodation options. Well, read below to find the answer to your question!

  • Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Safety

Vacation rentals offer better privacy compared to hotels. You do not have to worry about excited kids running in the lobby or crying babies disturbing your sleep. No thin walls means you do not have to lower your voice more than necessary or be in an uncomfortable position to hear strangers talking loudly in their rooms. At the same time, you do not also have a continuous fear of getting your stuff stolen or having to be under constant supervision whenever hotel staff come to clean your room.

  • Spacious

If you have a huge family or a group of friends, you would need many hotel rooms to accommodate all of them. Instead of this, you could book a variety of rental houses Toronto offers. Depending on your group’s strength, choose a rental from one to five bedrooms. Even if you travel solo, opt for a one-bedroom cabin rental and spend your vacation in comfort and luxury. Another bonus of rentals is that you do not have to minimise your fun by splitting the groups into different rooms. Everyone can be accommodated in a single house, and you can stay as long as you want without disturbing anyone.

  • Equipped Kitchen

Equipped Kitchen

When in a hotel, you must pay extra for a three-course meal or maintain a strict schedule concerning the hotel’s times. In vacation rentals by the owner, you get a fully equipped kitchen. You do not have to spend money on the eateries outside and you can eat according to your hunger pangs. If you are travelling with kids a personal kitchen is a better option as you can prepare the dishes your children eat and keep other digestive issues at bay. 

  • Pet – friendly

Pet-friendly for Vacation Home Rental

Most of the short-term rentals Toronto has are pet-friendly. You don’t have to leave your short-legged friend behind. The rentals provide comfortable options to accommodate your pets. 

  • Homey Environment

Rentals feel like home because they are! They ooze that warm feeling, putting you at ease. You find all the necessary stuff that you might need for everyday chores. You feel a part of the community as the property is located in a residential area. 

Vacation Rental Locations

Vacation Home Rental Locations

Do you want to engage with the local community and understand their culture? Or visit the farmer’s market and taste the delicious multicultural cuisines? They are probably hoping to stay close to the countryside explore the various art galleries, and attend art and theatre festivals. Or are you curious about urban tourist spots like the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and Eaton Centre? You may be looking for an escape route from chaos to experience the tranquillity of Toronto beaches with picnic areas and hiking trails, Kawartha Lake, Muskoka area and Scarborough Park.

Whether you want vacation home rentals on the beachfront in the serenity of mountains, in the middle of the city or surrounded by a cluster of trees and nature, Toronto has it all! No matter what your vibe is, there is one to match it! 

Short – term Rentals

Short-term rentals are permanent dwellings of residents of Toronto who can lease them out to tourists for a maximum of 28 days. This includes bed and breakfast options but not hotels or motels. The operators of these rentals, i.e.. the residents who rent out short term rentals Toronto offers, need to follow a certain set of regulations for registering their homes as rentals and advertising their listing. Let’s have a look at some of the most important regulations for these vacation rentals. 


Regulations for Vacation Home Rental

A person 18 years of age or older can register their home as a vacation rental only if it is their permanent residence in Toronto. This means that the particular house is where the operator permanently lives and uses the address of the lodgings to pay bills and taxes and in the identification and insurance documents. An operator can only legally register one residence as a short-term rental at a time. The dwelling must be in a residential area in Toronto. Vacation rentals by owners could also be a secondary or laneway suite if that is their permanent address. If you are living in an apartment or condominium under a lease, then you need to get the assurance of your landlord and act as per the Residential Tenancies Act. In the event that multiple individuals reside in the same home, each can register that house as a short-term rental. 

  • Eligibility 

    • In the case of a duplex, triplex or fourplex, you can rent out only the portion of the house where you reside permanently.
    • While renting a secondary suite, ensure that zoning bylaws allow your suite to operate as a short-term rental and check if it complies with the Building Code and Fire Code requirements.
    • Condominium operators need to check whether their corporations have their bylaws and whether they allow short-term rentals. 
  • Registering Your Primary Abode

Registering Primary Abode for Vacation Home Rental

The process of registration for vacation home rental is online. You must declare that your apartment complies with the Ontario Fire Code and the Ontario Building Code. Along with this, you need to authorise information collection and attest to the information provided about your rental. When registering, you need:

    • A government-issued identification (Ontario Driver’s License or Photo Card)
    • Contact information and address details
    • Rental description
    • An alternate emergency contact (with consent).

The registration fee is $51 in 2022. The registration fee is non-refundable and is binding only for a year, after which renewal is required. Payments need to be made online only through credit cards. If the registration is denied for some reason, the operator cannot apply again for a year. 

At post registration, you will receive a short-term registration number that you need to put on all your advertisements and listings, exemption from which will lead to the blocking of the listing. When you have guests in your rentals, you need to provide them with alternate emergency contact, an emergency exit plan highlighting exit routes, and information for contacting 911 in case of an unforeseen emergency. The operator needs to be ready with the rental records at any given time as the government can request them without prior notice. The operator needs to collect 4% Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) and remit the same for stays of 28 days or less. In the case of any updates or changes, you need to inform the city within six days of the change.  

  • Registration Renewal

After a year of your registration, a renewal of your property is needed. You can start the renewal six days prior. You will be eligible for renewal only if you have made all the necessary payments and submitted your reports. The same amount of money ($51) is required for renewal. 

  • Night Limits 

Owners’ vacation rentals could include the entire house for 180 nights or three rooms for unlimited time. A night above the limit would mean an offence under rental laws, and legal action would be taken against the operator. 

Wrapping up

Short-term rentals Toronto offers belong to the residents of Toronto, which is their permanent abode. When staying in a vacation rental, you experience better facilities and services than hotel stays. You also have greater flexibility to come and go as you choose, and these rentals are perfect for long holidays. But if you are standing on the other side of the court and are an operator, then you need to follow certain rules and regulations laid down by the government, failure of which will lead to the blocking of your listing.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How many vacation rentals are available around Toronto?

More than 4700 vacation rentals are available around Toronto.

Do vacation rentals have a pool?

Many large vacation rentals have private swimming pools. Tourists, who require a pool, could sift through various rentals that offer pools.

Do vacation rentals allow pets?

Most vacation rentals are pet-friendly, and some even boast comfortable lodging for your furry friends.

What is the average cost of vacation rentals in Toronto?

Most vacation rentals charge $210 to $450 each night for the entire home, depending on your requirements.

How long in advance do I have to book vacation home rental?

It is advisable to book as much in advance as you can because the charges are lower when there is a large time gap between your booking and the actual trip date.

What is the paperwork required for vacation rentals?

The following are the required documents: Government-authorised identification proof Vacation rental agreement Description of the vacation home rental Address Proof