Toronto, famous for Skyscrapers and high rise buildings, has two sides just like any other place, which is rapidly growing in each sector. And for this reason, the city is quite populated while most of the city’s population comes from migrants. And that is why people who are new to the city seek affordable housing in Toronto.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing all the measures the city takes to comfort its residents in terms of affordable housing in Toronto or emergency housing for homeless people.

“House for rent Toronto” is on the top of each migrant’s list, so why not start hunting for the best rental places in the city to make your stay secure and comfortable. But before pursuing the rental homes, it’s good to take a rough idea of the Toronto rent cost to pre-plan your budget.

Toronto Rent Cost

Toronto Rent Cost

The Toronto rent cost seems to skyrocket for years now. Many potential buyers have been driven off the property market, pressured by the high property prices to remain renters for a more extended period than they would have preferred. Unfortunately, rent is not even cheap either.

It is not unusual for Toronto tenants to pay more rent than their monthly mortgage. Home ownership comes with several hidden costs, but rents are pretty steep in Toronto, mainly in the highly sought-after regions. The average rent cost in Toronto for a one-bedroom apartment is around CAD$2,300, a hefty amount.

But there are still many areas in the city that offer decent places with affordable rental prices.

Here are the most preferred neighborhoods in Toronto where rent prices fall below the city’s average. For instance, here are a few popular places with an average rent:

  • Guildwood Village’s-  Average rent costs at Guildwood Village starts at around CAD$950 per month.
  • Weston-  The average monthly rent at Weston starts at around CAD$957 per month.
  • Black Creek- The average rent a tenant might have to pay at Blac Creek starts is somewhere around CAD$1,011 per month.
  • Rexdale- Rent is relatively low in Rexdale, starting at CAD$887 per month.
  • East York-  The average rent cost at East York starts at CAD$1,082 per month.

Best Places to Rent House in Toronto

Rent Houses in Toronto

Guildwood Village

Guildwood Village is a beautiful residential neighborhood that resides in the north of the city at the shore of Ontario lake. The place is heaven for those who wish to live close to nature as it has a picturesque locality and natural landscapes, open areas, and some mature trees. The area offers public transportation facilities, several schools, a local market, and other essential services.


The neighborhood of Weston resides on the northwest side of Toronto. And the place has reasonable rent to nest in the tenants at comfort with all the essentials in society.

Black Creek

It is a diverse society that constitutes a predominantly Vietnamese, Jamaican, and Italian population. Black Creek is quite famous amongst families because it provides affordable housing in Toronto compared to its other residential counterparts.


Rexdale is located beside the West Humber River Valley that has plenty of entertainment venues, including Racetrack and Woodbine Casino. It’s a well-known residential hub in Toronto that provides all the basic amenities nearby the society to comfort the residents.

East York

The East York region in Toronto is quite famous for its ageing population, but the demographics of the society are changing with time. Younger families are moving to the East York societies these days due to affordable rental prices in the region with all daily needs.

However, many people move to Toronto to make their career, but starting a new life in a new place always comes with its share of struggles. Toronto is a welcoming and kind city that gives emergency affordable housing in Toronto support to struggling and homeless people.

Be at ease, and if you know someone in need, you can help them by reading the brief below. So let’s focus on the facts of Toronto’s homelessness and how the needy could access emergency housing services in the city.

Facts About Toronto Homelessness

Toronto Homelessness

More than 10,000 people in Toronto had to face homelessness on any given night. This is based on several reasons out of which some majors are listed below:

  • Loss of employment
  • Family break-up
  • Family violence
  • Mental illness
  • Poor physical health
  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

Homelessness results from societal barriers, lack of appropriate and affordable housing, the financial condition of an individual, cognitive, behavioral, mental, or physical challenges. Apart from these reasons, there comes discrimination and racism to increase the count.

And people struggling on the edge of homelessness usually experience stress, ill health, unsafe and unpleasant life. Also, the key factor of this issue is the high price of the housing market in Toronto.

The rental and purchasing prices of the property have constantly been increasing due to the high demand in Toronto. Thus, the situation resulted in homelessness in the past ten years. Besides this, affordability is another major factor that generates this situation in Toronto. And day by day, the affordability gap increases, becoming a challenge to help people.

Keeping this in mind, Toronto is working to fill the affordability gap. Meanwhile, people looking to access emergency shelters can get the brief below.

How to Access Emergency Housing in Toronto?

affordable Emergency Houses in toronto

It could happen to anyone you know due to the uncertainty of today’s times when several crises are hitting. In this case, the first thing you can do to reach the street outreach is call 311. All the emergency housing agencies in Toronto work under non-profit organizations and are available in many drop-ins and shelters. The next thing you can do to access emergency housing is reaching out to the Central intake to ensure your bed for the given night.


I hope you have gone through the above-detailed information and are all set to help someone in need while making your stay in the beautiful city of Toronto. The affordable housing in Toronto is discussed above, which is enough to move to the city.

It might be possible that the initial years might be exhausting for you, but struggling is essential for a successful life. So never forget that “Big things often have small beginnings”.


How long can one stay at a homeless shelter in Toronto?

Youth in Toronto can stay at a homeless shelter for one year. Usually, short extensions are entertained, but the stay duration extends to 18 months for the youth addressing addiction issues or mental health. 

How does someone access Toronto’s emergency shelter system?

There are two methods to access Toronto’s emergency housing shelters: a 24-hour helpline number to contact Central Intake, which is available at 311 and a 24-hour walk-in service, i.e. SHARC for people in the downtown core.

What is Sasha Toronto?

This stands for the Shelter, Support & Housing Administration in Toronto. It is the service management division for addressing the homelessness issues providing the housing facilities in Toronto. The Division funds and supervises community agencies to serve facilities like emergency shelters and support services.

How does Toronto operate homeless shelters?

The homeless shelters in Toronto offer temporary accommodation and similar support services that facilitate people to move into housing. One can easily access an emergency housing shelter by dialling 311 or contacting the Central Intake. The sheltered housing help centres in Toronto are listed under non-profit agencies that provide housing to avoid eviction.

How many emergencies homeless shelters are there in Toronto?

At present, the shelter system of the Toronto city has more than 6,900 beds in 63 shelters, which includes 2,500 beds in the motel rooms that are utilized to offer an additional capacity. Apart from this, the city operates ten homeless shelters directly. 

Does Toronto have a homelessness issue?

More than 10,000 people in Toronto experience homelessness on any given night. The prime reason for homelessness in Toronto is the economic state of the city and the real estate market. The rental prices have increased dramatically in the past few years due to the increased demand against the shortage of affordable housing, which resulted in homelessness. 

As per 2021 reports, how many people were homeless in Toronto?

According to the reports of 2021, there were around 8,700 people who have undergone the experience of homelessness in Toronto. Besides this, many more are experiencing “hidden homelessness”, and hundreds of others are on the supportive waitlist of emergency housing.