It is a tough choice when you have to choose the style of your dream home. The weather of the location, family size, space availability, and surroundings play a significant role in selecting the style of the homes in Canada.

As Canada covers a diverse range of terrain, the style of homes in the country is also manifold. This is why Canadian homes never fail to bring in something special when it comes to housing options.

And so that you don’t get confused with some of the best home architectures and styles in Canada, we are here to help come to a decision.

Country Style

Country-style houses in Canada

Country-style houses in Canada are built keeping in mind the vintage style of old country houses of the yesteryears. Spacious inside-out, country-style houses are constructed with a mix of wood and other materials that gives the house a luxurious yet extensive look.

The interior of the country house is designed well by utilizing crafty wooden furniture and upholstery, just as couch or table covers, curtains, blinds, or throws. Upholstery is required as the country-style houses have big windows that bring in abundant natural light. Besides this, these houses also have a backyard with a patio.

The furniture of the patio is sober, and the walls aren’t too much decorated, portraying a simple style. If you have a traditional taste and are looking for a house for your joint family, a country-style house in Canada will definitely suit your preference.

Cottage Style

Cottage Style

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for cottagers. From earlier times, cottage-style houses can be seen in the colder regions of the country. The cottage-style houses offer a traditional appearance, wherein the interiors are adorned with humble and simple furniture.

Wood advocates the interior of the whole cottage, with it being lavishly used on the walls, floors, and even on the ceilings. As cottages are small units, it creates a cosy ambience in the house, whereas the woodwork inside keeps the rooms warmer.

The interior of the cottage house hosts a piece of practical furniture and does not emphasize the decoration. This simplicity of the cottage house adds an organic and down-to-earth vibe to the household.

The small and simple cottage houses are best for those looking for low-maintenance Canadian homes.

Ranch Style House

Ranch Style House

A ranch-style house is an extended building built on the ground without lifting the base of the house (usually raised to create a basement). Ranch-style houses are more common in the colder regions as they have an open plan on the inside and are quite warm.

Usually, ranch-style houses do not have any second-floor or a large floor plan. The construction of such houses has extensive use of wood to make windows, doors, and furniture. If you want to avoid the stairs and love to relish the natural environment at home, consider building a ranch style home for yourself.

Modern Style House

Modern Style House

As the name suggests, modern houses exude practicality in their design and features. Special emphasis is put on the architecture, design, and interiors for a modern style house.

The uniqueness of the modern style house is that it is centered around the kitchen. The house encompasses the hall, including the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Separate spaces are usually built on another floor for the personal rooms.

The best thing about the modern style house is that there is no fixed format of this housing. Thus, they could be built on the smallest of the spaces. Its contemporary and stylish furniture justifies the style of the house.

West Coast Style

West Coast Style

West Coast houses are mostly seen in West Vancouver. The terrain is not smooth in the region, so a lot of innovation has been done in terms of the style and shape of the houses that perfectly fit a rough landscape.

West coast style houses brought in the trend of complex geometric architectural shapes along with open-plan layouts, multi-purpose open spaces and rooms. Glass is used extensively in the construction, and the beam design with woodwork gives a phenomenal look to the West Coast houses. If you love modern decor with stunning home architecture, then the west coast style is the perfect fit for you.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style

A house attached to the farm is called a farmhouse-style home. A farmhouse-style home is mostly preferred by people seeking budget home construction.

The farmhouse style is casual and is constructed utilizing reclaimed wood, barnboard, simple vintage accessories, and wrought iron. The design and size of the farmhouse are flexible that you can adjust as per your requirement, complementing the open space and casual settings to keep up its style.

Craftsman Rustic Style

Rustic houses have extensive use of natural elements in their construction. The construction of the craftsman rustic house includes stone, uncoated bricks, and woodwork. Also, the look of rustic houses captures the enchanting old-world charm. The best part of such buildings is that they are sturdy and require low maintenance.

Additionally, the rustic houses are built in a way that the appearance of dust and dirt is less. For this reason, such houses look fresh for a more extended period without any cleaning.

Wrapping Up

The homes in Canada are not restricted to just specific styles, but they are also categorized into different types, just as detached homes, semi-detached homes, townhouses, duplex/triplex, rental rooms, and lofts. Choose your home style as per your preference, keeping in mind the place you are staying in and whether you will be staying alone or with your family.


What type of houses are there in Canada?

Canada has various types of houses, including detached houses, condominiums, semi-detached houses, duplex/triplex, or townhouses.

What is the typical house size in Canada?

According to 2017 reports, the average size of most Canadian houses is 1,792 sq ft. Canada comes third, following the US and Australia when we talk about the average home size preferences.

What is the most common type of house in Canada?

Detached houses are the most preferred and common in Canada. They are quite popular amongst single-family homes as they hold an independent housing unit. The detached homes in Canada are stand-alone, separated from other houses with a space on their plot.

Are houses low-priced in Canada?

The Canadian property market is not reasonable, especially in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. It is nearly impossible to acquire an awesome property at a decent rate in these cities. Therefore, if you are willing to put in a bit more effort, there are several homes in Canada for sale that cost less than CAD$25,000.

What is known as a cottage house in Canada?

The Ontario Cottages are popular throughout Canada. Cottage houses were commonly built in the 19th century in Ontario, Canada. The single gable above the door at the centre of the cottage was the unique characteristic of the cottages in Canada. Therefore, in the late 19th century, Gothic had become the well-known and most praised architectural style in Canada.

What is the difference between a cottage and a cabin?

As per the experts, the cottages are all-purpose homes, especially near water bodies, whereas the cabins are wooden structures that are tucked away in the forests. Cottages are finished homes with amenities like electricity, running water, and other modern facilities.