Canada Wonderland has been Toronto’s top destination for thrills, family enjoyment, and world-class entertainment since 1981. It undoubtedly has something for everyone, regardless of their age!

Canada Wonderland is ideal for a fun-filled family day out with over 200 outstanding Toronto attractions, including the country’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster. Located in the Vaughan suburbs, it is Canada’s biggest theme park, and is just a forty-minute drive north of Toronto’s downtown core. The exciting rides appeal to many visitors, from adventurers to every other individual who is looking for a change. 

Top Attractions in Canada’s Wonderland

Top Attractions

Canada Wonderland has 17 rollercoasters, including some of the country’s tallest and fastest rides. At 93 metres tall, the Leviathan lives true to its name, slithering over dizzying heights and dazzling drops with the unsettling smoothness of a serpent’s tail. The Leviathan is the highest roller coaster in Canada, standing 23m taller than the previous record holder, the Behemoth, which is also one of the attractions at Canada Wonderland. True daredevils will revel in the Behemoth’s fast speeds, hitting 125km/h in less than four seconds despite their absence of upper-body restraints. 

Another attraction is the Yukon Striker, which is the world’s highest, longest, and fastest dive coaster, featuring a 90-degree drop that descends into an underground segment that drives you deeper into the unprecedented 360-degree loop.

Visitors with children who aren’t yet ready for roller coasters can visit the two children’s zones in the park. They can meet Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang, and go on kiddy rides based on the famous comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. For instance, they may board a biplane and fly along on Snoopy vs The Red Baron, or they could go to the sea on Lucy’s Tugboat.

Before visiting the park, you may take a virtual tour of this massive amusement park. Take a seat on the highest, scariest roller coaster with the ultra-realistic footage of Canada’s Wonderland’s newest and wildest coaster, the Yukon Striker. Set the screen to full-screen mode, press play, and get ready to scream! Pleasure seekers pivot far over the park’s skyline, stopping at a 90-degree dip to stare 245 feet into an underwater tube before dropping at 130 km/h. The most delinquent rollercoaster at the park is undeniably exhilarating. 

  • Splash Works Water Park in Canada’s Wonderland

Splash Works Water Park

Are you not a fan of roller coasters? Splash Works is the perfect place to fight the summer heat, with over a dozen waterslides, pools, plunges, and splash parks sprawled across 20 acres. Splash Works includes 16 water slides, ranging from the kid-friendly Lakeside Lagoon Slides to the exciting Black Hole. The latter is a four-storey double slide in which swimmers are completely submerged before streaming into the pool below. The Muskoka Plunge is a must-see for real daredevils. The 18m towering goliath includes four drops with wild twists and turns around 360-degree loops at speeds of up to 40km/h. Splash Works’ White Water Bay is Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool. Swimmers of all levels can splash about in the water. The park also has a lazy river about 400 metres long, where you can ride a tube hit by moderate water. The water park also has enough attractions to keep you and your family cool before heading to the park’s central area to dry off.

Another cutting-edge attraction is Mountain Bay Cliffs, where youngsters can climb to different heights to leap into the ocean below. The kids can soar over the sky in an old-fashioned aircraft at the Beagle Brigade Airfield. At Planet Snoopy, kids can have fun with Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang. They may also enjoy a boat ride on Swan Lake or the Character Carousel. You can take part in interactive rides like the Skyhawk, in which riders can put their flying skills to the test by directing the movement of the wings, or the Flying Boats, where riders can grip the two-person canoe to soar higher or lower over the lake. You can also chill at Timberwolf Falls, a water ride where you’ll drop 50 feet and get thoroughly soaked by the massive splash. And if you don’t like roller coasters, you can still enjoy the splash from the observation deck next to the flume.

The thrills and excitement at Canada’s Wonderland do not end with the rides. The live entertainment, such as the Victoria Falls High Divers, is equally impressive. They make their way down the Wonder F to the Starlight Spectacular, a spectacular nightly show of lights, music, lasers, and water effects.

  • Events in Canada’s Wonderland

Events in Canada's Wonderland

Throughout the year, Canada Wonderland hosts a variety of entertaining and unusual events, such as the “Spooktacular” Halloween Haunt in October, where zombies stalk the park, and Winter Fest, where they put the “Wonderland” in “winter wonderland.” Earlier this summer, the park commemorated the long weekends of Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, and Labour Day with breath-taking fireworks displays that captivated visitors of all ages. In addition to their traditional Brew and BBQ festival, the park hosts multiple foreign culinary celebrations every year.

  • Food in Canada’s Wonderland

Food in Wonderland
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A day at the park is bound to make you hungry. The meals at Canada Wonderland will satisfy your palate while providing you more energy to experience the rest of the activities. Every theme park should offer funnel cakes! During August, visitors experienced the Taste of Portugal, which included spicy roast chicken and exquisite custard tarts. The Taste of Ireland event was held the following weekend, consisting of delectable dinners, sweets, and traditional Celtic music. Finally, the Taste of the Caribbean event was held, honouring summer’s end with savoury jerk chicken and traditional music. Of course, iconic concessions such as the famed funnel cakes of Canada’s Wonderland were available throughout the summer. 

You will be spoilt for choice with the plethora of scrumptious food available around the park. There are also pizzas, chicken fingers, and burgers for children with different likes. If you want to try something new, you can visit the Marketplace International Buffet, Teriyaki Experience, or Manchu Wok, and you can also enjoy the delicious treat that is Canada’s iconic beaver tails, a funnel cake topped with fresh strawberries and ice cream. Visitors may save money by purchasing meal plans along with their tickets.

  • Restaurants in Canada’s Wonderland

Poutinerie Apres offer typical Canadian poutine, complete with excellent sauce and Quebec cheese curds. You can quench your thirst with several soft drinks provided at the park. Coasters is a 1950s-themed diner and is a terrific location to visit on a hot summer day since it is air-conditioned and has ample seating. Also, the fries and burgers are delicious! 

The modest hot dog station “Dog is Hot” is exactly as advertised, and also offers vegetarian hot dogs to delight every park-goer. 

The Sugar & Spice Pastry Shop will satisfy your sweet tooth with the most delicious chocolates, cakes and candies.

When is The Opening Date For Canada’s Wonderland?

Can’t wait to enjoy the most remarkable rides at Canada’s Wonderland? The park’s summer season for 2022 began on April 30, and Splash Works on May 28. You should visit Canada’s Wonderland site before planning to visit, and the timings might vary depending on the season and weekdays. 

  • Tickets and Passes

Choice Privileges Elite Status members can save money on single-day tickets to Canada’s Wonderland. You can use this deal to start arranging an exciting day with family or friends. With a Season Pass, you can visit Canada’s Wonderland unlimited times during the season for CAD 6.83 each month, or a total of CAD 82 per year. There are three types of passes available: regular, golden, and platinum. Their prices vary depending on the offers and services provided. For further information, visit the park’s website for details on ticket purchases and directions.

How to reach Canada’s Wonderland

How to reach Canada Wonderland
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By car, go north on Highway 400 to Rutherford Road in Vaughan. Continue north on Canada Wonderland Drive, following signs to the park’s entrance. Jane Street, which is south of Major Mackenzie Drive and between Norwood Avenue and Avro Avenue, has a passenger pick-up and drop-off location. 

If you are using public transport, you can take the subway to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Station at Highway 7 and Millway Avenue. 

You can also take the 20 Jane Street North bus and use the Avro Road/Jane Street exit.

  • Remember These Important Points

    • For height and age restrictions for all rides, see Canada’s Wonderland’s website or mobile app. 
    • The free app has features like ride wait times, interactive map, exclusive deals for app users, and a vehicle locator. You can also save your Season Pass in the app for quick access to the park for the next time you go.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much does parking at Canada Wonderland cost?

Depending on your preference, the price can vary from CAD 25 to 40.

What should you do if it rains while visiting Canada Wonderland?

If it rains while you enter the park, you can watch a live show or sit at a restaurant and relish the weather until the rides are available.

Can we bring our own food and drinks to the park?

No, it's strictly prohibited to bring your own food or beverages. You can buy food from various stalls and restaurants available at the park.

What clothing should I wear on the park rides?

You should opt out of wearing jeans or any flowy dresses as it might get difficult during water rides or roller coasters. You can wear T-shirts and shorts to make your day comfortable.

Can I rent lockers inside the park?

Yes, they are available at CAD17-30, depending on locker size and the season.