You can take your imagination to the skies by standing atop the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. This engineering marvel has broken numerous world records. As guests ascend the elevators, they get a thrilling view from 1,815 feet above. If you are visiting Toronto, visit the CN Tower in Toronto, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Historical Background

The CN Tower in Toronto was named the world’s highest free-standing structure for 32 years until Burj Khalifa Dubai surpassed it. Despite losing the title of the world’s tallest building, it continues to attract millions of visitors every year. It has also been named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

A Visit to the CN Tower

Visit to the CN Tower

  • Visiting timings : The CN Tower will be open to the public starting July 23, 2021, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. You’re most likely to dodge the crowds in the mornings and after 5 in the evenings. Don’t go on weekends if you want to skip the lines.
  • CN Tower location : You won’t have any trouble finding the CN Tower. Anywhere in the city has a clear view of the tower. There is easy access to Toronto’s major highways and the waterfront is nearby. Two major convention centres in Toronto, the Rogers Centre and the Toronto Convention Centre, are located near the CN Tower at 301 Front Street West.
  • Visiting with kids : Children under 3 can visit the CN Tower in Toronto for free. You’ll have to walk a lot or wait in line to get to the CN Tower, though. It is a good idea to bring a stroller if you have younger children. The CN Tower’s SkyPod observation point and the 360 Restaurant are accessible to parents with strollers. You will also find changing stations and family washrooms on the CN Tower.

How to Reach CN Tower

How To Reach CN Tower

The CN Tower’s entrance can be a little confusing despite being a hard-to-miss landmark.

  • On foot : On the south side of Front St., at the foot of John St., there are stairs leading to the CN Tower. CN Tower and Rogers Centre entrances are accessible via a ramp to the right of those stairs.
  • Access for wheelchair users : A wheelchair elevator is located approximately halfway up the ramp to the CN Tower entrance. Keep your eyes open since these doors aren’t well marked.
  • Taking the subway : Take the Front Street exit at Union Station and head west. Turn left (left). See it for yourself by looking up.
  • Getting there by car : From the QEW, take the Gardiner Highway toward Buffalo, Hamilton, or Oakville. Right turn onto Bremner Boulevard after exiting Spadina Avenue North.

You can get to Toronto from Montreal, Kingston, or Ottawa by travelling east on Highway 401, then exiting onto the Don Valley Parkway southbound. The Gardiner Expressway will turn into this as you approach Downtown. Bremner Boulevard can be reached by taking the Spadina Avenue North exit.

Take Highway 400 into Toronto, then Highway 401 West if you are coming from the north (Muskoka, Barrie). Continue on Highway 427 southbound until you reach it. By taking the QEW/Gardiner Expressway, you can reach downtown via Highway 427. Bremner Boulevard is located on the left after you exit Spadina Avenue North.

Downtown Toronto parking is both frustrating and expensive, as it is in many large cities. However, many public parking lots near the CN Tower are marked and well-lit. If you’re willing to walk for 10 minutes, parking prices drop significantly.

Parking at the CN Tower

Parking at the CN Tower
Credits : Best Parking

CN Tower parking is not included in the CN Tower ticket price. A daytime maximum of $21 is charged at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which is the nearest major parking garage. A commuter lot is also an option for flat rate parking. You can even take the subway downtown if you park your car there.

Looking up is all you need to do to reach the tower! CN Tower parking and drop-off are convenient on Bremner Boulevard. Check their website for updated hours as they change seasonally

What To Do At CN Tower

What To Do At CN Tower

When visiting the CN Tower in Toronto, ensure you don’t miss certain interesting features and activities, including an experience of best dining in CN Tower. Located at 1,136 feet, The Look out Level provides open-air viewing. In addition to watching tower history presentations, you will also be able to view regional maps. It is surreal to be on the glass floor level (1,122 feet). SkyPod, in addition to being one of the tallest observation platforms (385 feet), is also an observation platform (1,465 feet). A 5-foot wide ledge surrounds the top of the Tower’s main pod, 116 stories (1168 feet) above the ground, making EdgeWalk the world’s highest hands-free walk.

  • CN Tower 360 Restaurant

You won’t believe how much weight you can put on your stomach when you look down 1,000 feet from the CN Tower’s revolving 360 Restaurant. Don’t forget to make reservations since plenty of people will try to squeeze a meal in between their tour of the tower.

It takes about 72 minutes for guests to enjoy their meal alongside the 360-degree view. Drink wine from one of the world’s highest wine cellars while you enjoy your delectable dish. There may be a price tag attached to the food, but the quality is exceptional. As a bonus, you won’t be stuck in a crowd to catch a glimpse; you can take in the stunning view during the entire meal.

  • Le Cafe and VUE Bistros

The VUE Bistro and Le Cafe offer an ideal refuelling alternative if you want something more casual. Although you won’t have a complete view of the city, the Look out Level at VUE Bistros still has tasty and a must try foods in Toronto with a good view. A bistro meal can be readily arranged at the tower without a reservation, making it a good option for impromptu visitors.

It’s great for a quick bite before the rapid journey upward. A short distance from the CN Tower in Toronto, you will find excellent restaurants such as Sightlines Restaurant, Boston Pizza, and Baton Rouge.

  • Life on the Edge

The Edgewalk offers a hair-raising sensation for the bravest of guests. You are tethered to a harness on the edgewalk by a safety rail around the roof of 360 Restaurant. The Tower’s circumference can be walked hands-free. Embrace the fresh Toronto air and take in the magnificent view of Lake Ontario. Your frightened face will be captured in a keepsake video and photos which you can keep forever. Aside from bragging rights, you’ll also get great memories.

  • Bring the Sky to Life

Toronto’s night sky is illuminated with colour courtesy of the CN Tower. As significant events throughout the city and country occur, the colours and patterns change. By checking the lighting schedule, you can see which days your favourite colours will shine 1,800 feet above.

Best Way to Avoid Crowds

Best Way to Avoid Crowds

It’s best to head up to the CN Tower in Toronto before 11 a.m. if you want to capture the best photos. Weekends are always the busiest, and most crowds arrive around noon. There is a better chance of catching the night sky view after 7 p.m. when the crowd reduces. The breath taking and nerve-wracking view of the CN Tower in Toronto is still up for grabs on a weekday morning visit to the tower.

The Bottom Line

When planning your visit, check the weather forecast for the week. During the summer, you may experience a bigger crowd and more tourists due to other events that might be taking place. The CN Tower is one of Toronto’s bucket list adventures for any tourist. It is important to have all the information beforehand to make the best of your visit.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long can you stay up in the CN Tower?

You are welcome to look around whenever you want, as long as you remain on the main observation level. Ticket holders can only use the elevator once to reach the main observation level.

Is it free to walk up the CN Tower?

Children under the age of 4 are free of charge. There is a difference in price for the CN Tower Edge Walk. People over 13 can visit CN Tower for CAD 225 (12613.00 INR).

How many steps are in the CN?

With its 1,776 steps, the CN Tower can be compared to a building with about 100 floors.

Is the glass floor safe?

In a nutshell, yes. There is no risk of injury from walking on glass floor panels. The walkways and pavements were designed to be as safe, secure, and durable as concrete walkways and pavements.

How many people visit the CN Tower each year?

It is a central telecommunications point for Toronto, serving over 17 radio and TV stations. Besides employing more than 500 people annually, the CN Tower also hosts over two million tourists.