International Students in Canada may be required to prolong their stay in Canada on various grounds. You must take measures to extend your permitted status as a guest if you entered Canada as a temporary resident and need to remain longer. As a bearer of a study permit, you must comply with various requirements. Your student status and study permission may be revoked if you do not achieve these requirements. You may potentially be forced to leave Canada. You should apply for study permit extension at least 30 days before your existing permit expires. However, you should use it three to four months before your current study permit expires.

How to Apply For Study Permit Extension?

Apply for a Permit Extension

To renew study permit, you must usually apply online. If one of these requirements is met, you may be eligible to apply on paper.

    • You are handicapped, which prevents you from applying online or
    • There is an issue with the online application.
  • Benefits of Applying Through an Online Mode

    • The application arrives immediately without courier costs or postal delivery time gets there.
    • It helps you confirm that your application is complete before submitting it.
    • You may easily submit additional papers online (if asked).
    • You may review the progress of your application through your online account.

How Can You Extend Your Study Permit?

How Can You Extend Your Study Permit

You would have entered Canada as a visitor on one of two documents :

    • A student visa is an electronic travel authorisation (also known as a temporary resident visa).
    • You must apply for a visitor record if you want to remain in Canada for an extended period.

You can seek to have your status resuscitated if you are a student. You must meet the following requirements to be eligible :

    • Submit your application before your status’s initial expiration date.
    • Continue to satisfy your stay’s initial criteria.
    • Follow all of your status’s requirements (i.e. not working or studying without authorisation)
    • Meet the conditions of the category for which you are now applying for temporary residency restoration.

When to Get Your Permit Extended?

Get Your Permit Extended
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    • About more than 6 months before the expiration date, add a reason for your early application.
    • The cost for applying for a renewal is $150.00 plus $85.00 for biometrics(if applicable).
    • Technically, you may apply until the expiration date.
    • You should stay up to date and have a “maintained status.” However, we would also suggest filing the renewal application. 

What To Do If Your Study Permit Decision is Pending?

    • If you request to renew your permission before it expires, you may lawfully remain in Canada and continue your studies.
    • Waiting for a decision even after the present research permission has expired.
    • Do not leave Canada while on maintained status; you will be denied re-entry.

How To Restore Your Study Permit?

How to Restore Your Study Permit

In some instances, you may be able to seek to have your student status restored. To apply, you must first:

    • You must use it within 90 days after losing your permit status.
    • Continue to satisfy the conditions for your stay.
    • Have fulfilled all of the permit’s criteria, and You must pay your fees.
    • $200 for restoration and
    • $150 for a study permit

You should explain how you lost your permit and why you remained in Canada for an extended period. Your application is not guaranteed to be accepted. You are free to stay in Canada while IRCC reviews your application. You cannot, however, study (or work) until your student status is restored.

Application Procedure Summarisation

    • Determine whether you will apply online or by paper; consider processing timelines, although, in most circumstances, online is preferable.
    • Fill out application form IMM 5709; depending on your computer’s operating system and you may need to click on a hyperlink and then fill out the form.
    • To open the document, save the form to your computer’s desktop.
    • Collect supporting documentation (scan documents if applying online)
    • Create a MyCIC account; this is essential for online applications; use this platform to submit your application form and documents and check your messages. 
    • Pay the processing charge.
    • Submit your application for processing; if you submitted an online application, keep an eye on the email account you mentioned on your application.
    • Application (containing spam and garbage files) (including spam and junk folders) if IRCC has a question regarding your application; these emails are time sensitive

Important Points to Bear in Mind 

    • If your application is approved, you will get an immigration document giving your status and new expiration date.
    • If Canada rejects your application, you may only remain in the country until your present temporary resident status expires.
    • If you are denied an extension, you have 90 days from the date of the rejection notification to apply for restoration.
    • If your status expires while you await a decision on your restoration application, you are not allowed to work or study in Canada.
    • To seek reinstatement of your temporary status, you must stay in Canada. If you leave the country, your return will not be processed by any means.

Online Application Tips 

    • It requires the completion of an eligibility questionnaire and the creation of MyCIC account
    • If you have questions, use the question mark or hyperlink to get an answer.
    • What do you want to do in Canada? Study
    • How long do you intend to remain in Canada? Temporarily – for a period of more than six months.
    • What is the name of your current nation or region of residence? If you are currently in Canada, choose Canada.
    • Questions about family members: Click on the links for a definition of a family member.
    • Select “Study Permit” on the “Your Results” page; if “Temporary Resident Visa” appears, students who require a visa must apply for one.
    • Temporary Resident Visa must apply for a new one after receiving their new study visa.
    • Do you wish to apply for a temporary work permit as well? If you need a co-op work permit, choose “yes.”
    • Examine your answers; click the “pencil and eraser” symbol to change them.
    • “Your Document Checklist for Studying in Canada”; Make a note of your personal reference code; there’s a link for the IMM 5709 application form, a list of supporting papers, and the needed fee.

The Bottom Line

Suppose you apply for study permit extension before your study permit expiry. In that case, you have what is called “maintained status” until a decision is made on your application, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can continue to study and work(if eligible) until you acquire the new study permit or a refusal.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the cost of extending a student visa in Canada?

If applicable, biometrics will cost $85, and the renewal fee is $150.

Can I leave Canada and then return as a student?

Check that you have the necessary travel documents to re-enter Canada.

What's the duration to acquire a Master's degree in Canada?

It takes roughly two years to acquire a Master’s degree in Canada.

Do I need any health insurance if I want to study in Canada?

You will need health insurance and additional financial assistance to cover your stay.

Can I work without a work permit while studying in Canada?

You may work full-time while waiting for a decision on your post-graduation work permit application if you had a valid study permit, had finished your programme of study, were authorised to work off-campus without a permit.

What are the other options for short-term accommodation in Canada?

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