With impeccable natural beauty comprising glowing glaciers, captivating waterfalls, sparkling rivers and beautiful lakes, Canada has undoubtedly become the hotbed of holiday-makers. Today, we are sharing a travel guide on Canada visitor visa to the Great White North to help you make the most of your holiday plans in this lovely wonderland.

The holiday season is approaching fast, and most people are looking for beautiful places to plan a holiday. While seeking the best countries to travel to, you’ll come across Canada – a land of unique landscapes and vast peaks. Scattered across more than 9 million square kilometers and consisting of 6 time zones, this country has it all to delight you, from outdoor adventure, magnificent nature and vibrant cities to food, art and culture.

Since there is so much to explore and experience in this country, it is impossible to discover everything, given its vast area. We have created the ultimate travel guide to assist in this process (including how to apply for a Canada visitor visa) to ensure you have a great time while on holiday in Canada.

How to Plan a Holiday in Canada

Plan a Holiday in Canada

Most travelers from different countries need a visitor’s visa or a temporary resident visa to travel to Canada. Once you meet all the requirements, a document will be placed in your passport.

  • Steps to Get a Canada Visitor Visa following proper Eligibility Criteria

Visitor Visa

Here is the process to get a Canada Visitor’s Visa:

Step 1: Check your eligibility criteria to travel to Canada.

One needs to meet basic requirements to get a Canada visitor visa, including

    • A valid travel document such as a passport
    • A medical certificate confirming good health
    • No immigration or criminal related convictions
    • Proof of funds to felicitate your stay during the entire tenure (depending on your time of stay and if you’ll be staying in a hotel or with family, friends or relatives)

Step 2: Make sure you have the proof to meet the COVID-19 travel exemption

Here is the list of documents required to travel to Canada:

Document When you need this document
Vaccination Proof On your arrival in Canada – show it to a border services officer
Negative Report of COVID-19 Test Show it to the airline staff at the time of boarding your flight. You will not be allowed to board if do not present a COVID-19 negative report during check in. Then, show it to a border services officer on your arrival at a Canadian land port of entry. You will not be allowed to enter Canada if do not present a COVID-19 negative report.
ArriveCAN Receipt (paper or electronic) On your arrival in Canada – show it to a border services officer
Travel History Submit with visa application
Account Statement Submit with visa application
Identity Document Submit with visa application
Itinerary Submit with visa application

Step 3: Apply for travel visa

You can apply for a travel visa online. Make sure to have a camera or scanner available to make electronic copies of the visa. A valid credit or debit card is also required.

Step 4: Provide your photo and fingerprints (bio-metrics)

Those who are applying for the first time and are not exempt need to provide their biometrics. If you have already done the step earlier, it may still be valid. Check this using the Check Status tool on the Government of Canada’s official website.

  • How to Get Your Bio-metrics Done?

    • Pay the fee for bio-metrics: Pay this fee while applying.
    • Get the letter for bio-metric instructions: This is the confirmation letter for providing your bio-metrics. It also contains the details for where to get it done.
    • Visit a bio-metrics collection service point: You need to provide your bio-metrics in person. It would be beneficial to book an appointment as soon as you receive your instruction letter.

What to Do In Case You Don’t Need a Visitor Visa?

Traveling to Canada During COVID-19

Residents of a few countries do not need a Canada visitor visa to visit Canadian city. However, if you are visiting Canada from a visa-exempt country, you must apply for an ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization.

  • What is an eTA?

eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a document linked to your passport electronically. It is mandatory for those from the visa-exempt nationals list. It is essential to travel by air to qualify for the eTA. This document is valid for five years or until your passport expires. You can stay in the country for six months during those five years and can have multiple visits.

Note: If your passport expires before the eTA, you will need to reapply for an eTA.

  • How Can You Apply For an eTA?

Applying for an eTA is simple and easy, and the entire process is based online. The document is available in various languages. Below are the documents required to fill out the application form:

  • A valid passport from a visa-exempt country
  • A valid email address
  • A debit or credit card.

Once you have completed the application, you should receive an approval email within a few minutes. This email will contain your eTA number. However, you may need to submit more documents under certain circumstances before getting approval. If this happens with your application, you will receive an email within 72 hours with further instructions.

Important Tip: Make sure to apply for the eTA before booking a flight since it might take time. If you are traveling with your family, each person must submit an individual application.

  • What is ArriveCAN?

ArriveCAN is an app that allows incoming travellers to submit all their contact information and documents quickly, easily and securely. And it is free to use. This application was designed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Travellers are required to use ArriveCAN while entering airports and crossing Canadian borders. You can log in to the website to access ArriveCAN and create an account or simply download the mobile application.

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa

The WHV or Working Holiday Visa is perfect for those who wish to discover this beautiful country while working on the side. The good thing is you can also earn enough to spend on your trip. This visa will be valid for 12-14 months, depending on your country’s origin. You can work in any province of Canada during this time because of your open visa permit.

  • Who Can Apply for a Working Holiday Visa?

You can apply for the Working Holiday Visa if you are from any of the below countries:

Countries Eligible in the IEC or International Experience Canada Program
Australia Austria Belgium
Chile Costa Rica Croatia
The Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
France Germany Greece
Hong Kong Ireland Italy
Japan Korea, Rep. Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Poland Portugal San Marino
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Ukraine United Kingdom
  • Traveling to Canada During COVID-19

Those who are fully vaccinated and have been staying in a country other than Canada or the United States in the last 14 days before entering Canada might be eligible for testing upon arrival. One needs to be quarantined in a suitable place unless their negative result is out.

However, some fully-vaccinated travelers might be exempt from getting quarantined. Keep in mind that you need to make quarantine plans before traveling, and these details need to be submitted on the ArriveCAN app.

Those who are not fully vaccinated or did not receive the fully vaccinated travelers exemption at the border must quarantine for 14 days after their travel.

This was all about our well-researched travel guide to help you plan a holiday in Canada. You may use this travel guide as your bible to finalize all nitty-gritty details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to visit Canada?

June is the time of the year to visit Canada.

Is Canada cheaper than the USA?

Canada is said to be cheaper than the US entirely. However, the United States is known to have a higher median income. Since the living costs vary fiercely within each city in the US and Canada, the cost of living cannot be easily compared between both countries. The hidden costs and savings of public goods and services need to be considered when comparing the cost of living.

How much does a Canada trip cost?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Canada is CAD 2,679 for a family of 4, CAD 2102 for a couple and CAD 1389 for a solo traveller.

Is Canada safe to travel alone?

Yes, Canada is counted as one of the world's safest nations. It is certainly safe for a solo travel trip.

What is the best city in Canada to plan your trip to?

The best cities for a cosmopolitan adventure in the country include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa. However, you can also visit Calgary, St. John's, and Halifax and enjoy a side trip from Montreal to Quebec City to experience a deeper insight into the beauty of this country.