Complete Guide on Canadian Visa

Canada is stated to be among the most developed countries in the American continent. There are world-class educational, medical and lifestyle benefits that seek the desires of millions of people to live or visit this country. But getting a Canadian visa is not that easy. You have to crack some tests, render documentation and a long queue to get your turn. Before this, it’s essential to get a clear understanding of Canadian visa types and the most suitable option for you.

In light of understanding the Canada visa application in detail, we will be focusing on the subject thoroughly.

What is a Canadian Visa?

Canada Visa

To enter and stay in any nation other than the country you were born in, is restricted with permission called “Visa” on the passport. Similarly, a Canadian Visa is granted by the central government before an individual enters the country. Primarily, the utmost needed document is a passport of the traveller followed by some other documents for verification processing.

You may apply for a Canadian visa application at the embassy in your country. Then, the Canadian consultancy will initiate the analysis on all the formalities and would get the permission granted, if found eligible. The visa can be applied on a temporary or permanent basis. Both the formalities and time duration differ from each other including the benefits.

Note: Just a visa would not help you to enter the country. This is because when you reach the border of Canada, the customs officers may ask you a few queries with which you can make your final entry permitted. If at any point of the discussion, they have a suspicion, they may cancel your visa and ask you to return to your nation. This means that your approved visa can be terminated at this moment itself.

What are the Types of Canada Visa Application?

Types of Canada Visa Application

Here, you may get a brief about what Canadian Visa Type you can look for depending on your need.

  • Visitors Visa

This is a part of tourism promotion where a person may apply for a Canadian Visa to visit the country and explore the amenities there. This is short-term permission that gets granted more easily than any other visa.

  • Student Visa

The name of this visa itself describes itself. It is given to such individuals who are planning to study in the country. If you want to get graduation or master’s degree from Canada, you may request the same. However, this type of Canadian visa is only applicable till the time your qualification duration would be active.

  • Work Visa

You must have seen people traveling for business purposes to different nations. If they have to get a Canada visa application, they need to select this type of visa.

  • Permanent Visa

This visa will let you get in Canada for a lifetime as this is permanent permission to stay in the country. People who plan to switch their nationality need to possess a permanent visa. Additionally, you can also have benefits of residency, for instance, the right to buy a property or establish a business of your own.

  • Business Immigrant visas

This visa grants you specific permission to invest in the Canadian economy or start your business within the country. If you are looking forward to establishing your business or its expansion, you may choose this Canadian visa. Under this, you may have to select a start-up visa or a self-employed visa as per your condition.

  • Express Entry Program visas

It is an immigrant application system where people can provide their profile to the embassy. The highest-ranked people would get an invitation to apply for a permanent visa for that nation.

Temporary Canadian Visa Types

Temporary type

The temporary Canadian visa is time-bounded in nature. The maximum duration under this Canadian visa is six months. After the extension, if they continue staying in the country for less than 990 days, they may regenerate their visa. Post that, they may have to leave the country immediately. The second case can obviously create a legal issue for such people. Hence, it is advisable to keep a check on your visa eligibility. So if you decide to spend your vacations in Canada, this type of visa will be required to be applied.

This is categorized under two umbrellas:

  • Single-entry Temporary Visas– The visitor can only enter ones in their life in the country and cannot make a repeat visit henceforth.
  • Multiple-entry Temporary Visa– The visitor can switch or reactivate their visa before the expiry and may apply for the same multiple times.

Table A

Type of Visa Description
Canada Tourist Visa The Visitor Visa or the Tourist visa permits one to enter Canada for the purposes of tourism.
Canada Super Visa The Canadian Super Visa allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents to visit their families for an extended stay.
Diplomatic and Official Visa The Diplomatic and Official visa allows officials and diplomats from other countries to enter the country for official obligations or purposes.
Canada Business Visa The Business Visa is rendered to those who are travelling the country to engage in a business.
Courtesy Visa The Courtesy visa is granted to individuals who fail to qualify for a Diplomatic or Official Visa but are umfer VIPs due to their professional ranks.
Baby Delivery in Canada Visa This visa is given to people who fulfil all the conditions to stay in Canada temporarily. Also, women who are pregnant and planning their  delivery in the country.
Intending Organ Donor Visa This is issued to those who are travelling to Canada to donate an organ to a Canadian citizen.
Canada Facilitation Visa Facilitation Visa is granted to Canadian citizens who possess dual nationalities in case of any hardships for their usual visa procedure.
Canada Student Visa A Canadian student visa is given to those who have an admission from a Canadian university to complete their studies.  It is only provided to those who have their qualification tenure exceeding 6 months.
Canada Temporary Work Visa Canada temporary work visas are for individuals who have a job offer from Canada.
Working Holidays Visa The Canada Working Holiday Visa is given to individuals across 30 countries,to work in the country and travel.  This is chosen through a random visa application procedure.

Permanent Canadian Visa Types

Permanent type

The permanent Canadian Visa, also known as Immigrant Visa, is the permission granted to an outsider to stay permanently in the country. They are allowed to avail the country’s facilities and have certain privileges unlike the temporary residents. A permanent visa is out of the hustle and bustle of reactivating the visa and its expiry dates. Check out some segregated types of permanent visa with its meaning below in Table B.

Table B

Type of Visa Description
Immigrant Investor Programme Visa The Immigrant Investor Program is for individuals investing in the Canadian economy with a net worth of CAD$800,000. It is important for them to invest at least CAD$400,000. This investment will be returned by the Canadian government within 5 years without any interest.
Startup Visa Programme This is for people who will be individually involved in startups in Canada. They must have a net worth of at least CAD$300,000 ans should own at least one third of the business.
Self Employed Person Visa It is for people who have skills in business, sports, culture, or agriculture and can start their own business enterprise.
Quebec-selected Skilled worker programme visa If you are fluent in French along with one such occupation that is needed in the Canadian province of Quebec, then you can apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program which will allow you to move and work permanently in the nation.
Family Sponsorship Programme Spouses and dependent children are permissible to immigrate permanently to Canada as per the Canadian citizen’s  Family Sponsorship Visa.
Live-in Caregiver Visa This visa is given to such social workers who meet the eligibility to take responsibility for the elderly, disabled, or children in Canada.

How much is the Immigrant Fee for Canadian Visa?

Immigrant Fee for Canadian Visa

  • For Basic Application fee for Canada PR: INR 49,500
  • For Secondary Member Visa Application: INR 49,500
  • For Dependent Child Application (Below 22 years old): INR 13,500 each
  • For Permanent Residence Application (Adult): INR 30,000 each
  • For Permanent Residence Application (child): NIL

End Thoughts

Since the last few years, Canada has received a lot of immigrant requests as people are fond of the environment, facilities, lifestyle, education patterns, and career stability. This is given a rise in the number of immigrants around the globe. Still, the way to apply for a Canada Visa is a challenge for many.

People around the age of 18 to 40 have a keen interest in Canada. This directs to the thought that the most productive population decides to stay in Canada in the number of thousands each year.

Therefore you must need this piece of comprehensive information. Hence, we have tried putting all the relevant details possible with an intention to make it easier for you to have your plans settled in the right direction. All the best immigrants!

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Who requires a Canada Visa? 

The Canadian Visa is required by all the 148 countries residents whose Canada is not the home country. More technically, it means the citizens of certain nations who do not hold a visa exemption agreement with Canada will need the visa granted from the Canadian embassy. 

How can one be eligible to get a Canada Visa?

As the nation is active in terms of new immigrants every year, the government has made things simpler and faster by some evaluation tests that can judge the person’s eligibility. There is an online questionnaire that needs to be filled in matching your Canada Visa type. If you pass the test, a notification will be sent to you asking for your Canada Visa Application. In this way, the chance of rejection decreases to zero and you can quickly get access to enter Canada.

How can one navigate the official website of the Canadian Government for Visa?

You may go through the official website and know the answer to your concern for Canada Visa Application. This website is the official site of the Government of Canada and the door to knock on for your visa application. 

Can a friend sponsor a Canadian visa?

There are no such sponsorship programmers announced from the Canadian Government’s side either for temporary or permanent residents.