Let’s celebrate 2024 with extra zeal and enthusiasm as the Canada 2024 festivals are here! Filled with colour, music, dance, and cultural events, locals and tourists are looking forward to enjoying every festival throughout every season. There is a festival for everyone, kids and adults! A festival brings communities closer, and it is a special time to bond and an opportunity to meet new people, eat delicious world cuisines, unwind, and have a blast. In this blog, we will talk about the top festivals to visit in Canada in 2024. You’ll have many moments to capture at the Canadian festivals, so remember to carry your camera.

Let’s walk you through the top 10 Canadian festivals 2024.

List of Festivals in Canada

The best 10 festivals in Canada 2024 to attend are given below – 

  • Promenade Days (June/July)

Canada Festivals - Winterlude

This event will take place in Ontario during June and July 2024 and promises four days of intense fun. It’s a vibrant and varied festival, including live music, fire shows, street performances, wrestling fights, and a breath-taking air show. This event started in 1974 and is the city’s longest-running street festival, attracting locals and tourists. The festival also includes a pop-up shopping experience, amusement rides, and several unseen entertainment zones.

  • Montebello Rock (June)

Montreal International Jazz Festival- Canada festival

Montebello Rock was previously known as Amnesia Rockfest and Montebello Rockfest. Quebec is set to bring another high-energy outdoor music festival to Montebello in June 2024. This much-anticipated event is renowned for showcasing a mix of talented bands, solo acts, and rising stars from across Canada, making it a vibrant celebration of music and community spirit. The festival features craft beer gardens, carnival rides, a food truck, and even mini golf courses, alongside access to two beaches for swimming and canoeing. 

  • Oktoberfest (October)

From September 27 to October 19, 2024, Kitchener-Waterloo will host the second-biggest Oktoberfest globally and the largest Bavarian celebration in Canada. This lively occasion turns Kitchener and Waterloo into a joyous centre with traditional German dancing, music, costumes, and a large selection of beverages. Several community activities honouring German history are planned, including a formal keg-tapping ceremony and performances at numerous fest-halle (festival halls) run by German groups in the area. It was first opened in 1969 to promote communal harmony and honour German culture. Since then, it has become a popular destination, bringing in thousands of tourists annually.

  • Winnipeg Folk Festival (July)

In 2024, take in the lively ambience of the Winnipeg Folk Festival as part of the Canada Festivals. With a wide range of acts, including singers, bands, dancers, and performance artists, all sharing their upbeat sounds, this event brings the folk music community to life. Along with a diverse selection of food and drink options, attendees may peruse local craftsmen’s booths offering a unique blend of jewellery and musical instruments. In addition to showcasing musical ability, this festival provides a unique chance to enjoy and buy artisan objects, resulting in a full cultural experience.

  • Niagara Falls Elvis Festival (April)

The Niagara Falls Elvis Festival 2024, scheduled for April 18–21, promises to be an exciting four days honouring the history of Elvis Presley in Canada—the only nation outside of the United States where he ever gave a live performance. The festival’s calendar is jam-packed with competitions, tribute acts, and events honouring Elvis and other legendary people. There will be amazing music, and the event will immerse you in the culture of Elvis Presley’s period, complete with delectable cuisine, entertaining activities, and exciting surprises.

  • Cavendish Beach Music Festival (July)

Cavendish Beach Music Festival (July)

The Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2024, scheduled for July 5-7 in Prince Edward Island, looks to be an incredible event once again with a roster that includes headliners Tyler Childers, Zac Brown Band, and Brothers Osborne. This festival, regarded as the biggest outdoor music event in Atlantic Canada, is celebrating its 15th year. It is anticipated to bring a sizable crowd to Cavendish, a picturesque coastal resort town.

  • Winterlude (February)

Canadians enthusiastically celebrate winters in Ottawa, the country’s capital. Winterlude is an epic annual festival celebrated on the first three weekends of February. During this time, the frozen Rideau Canal (UNESCO Heritage Site) becomes the largest ice skating rink in the world, attracting multiple natives and tourists alike. During this festival, you can also experience live music and entertainment at the American Express Snowball concert venue. Winterlude includes indoor and outdoor activities highlighting Canada’s artistic, cultural and culinary traditions. This festival allows you to connect with your loved ones and make new connections.

  • Quebec Winter Carnival (January)

The Quebec Winter Carnival is the world’s largest winter festival in Quebec City. Numerous tourists visit the city annually to indulge in its colourful and fun activities. However, this carnival is a week-long event celebrated in January that you don’t want to miss.

Numerous traditional activities are as follows:

    • Night Parades

People of different age groups come together on the snow-covered streets of Quebec City to enjoy the two nights of the parade featuring vibrant performances and the most loved snowman archetype of the carnival, Bonhomme.

    • Ice Palace of Bonhomme

Bonhomme is the snowman mascot of the Winter Carnival that symbolises happiness and fun. A gigantic Ice Palace is built for him, which is the centre of attraction of this carnival. Both tourists and native people get excited to see Bonhomme’s Palace, a piece of art.

    • Ice Canoe Race

The Ice Canoe Race is the adventure sport of the winter carnival, where athletes have to cross through the frozen St. Lawrence River. Over 40 teams participate in four classes: Elite Women’s, Elite Men’s, Competitive and Sports events.

  • Montreal International Jazz Festival (June)

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is one of the world’s largest in Montreal in June. You can witness around 500 concerts hosting about 2000 musicians worldwide. About 75% of the concerts are free to access and do not charge any entry or ticket fee. More than 2 million music lovers visit this festival. However, along with jazz music, you can also experience other forms of music in this Canadian festival.

  • Pride Toronto (June)

Pride Toronto Canada festival

Pride Toronto festival is celebrated every June for the freedom and diversity of the LGBT community in Canada. This festival is the world’s largest gay festival, 7 to 10 days long. In 2014, the festival was celebrated as the fourth international World on a larger scale than regular Toronto Pride. A non-profit organisation with 22 teams hosted the vibrant Pride Toronto, wherein each team took up the responsibility of particular activities. Every year, the parade and march course through the Town of New Toronto (Yonge Street), Bloor Street and Gerrard Street. The Church and Wellesley Village are the vantage points. Pride Toronto was introduced in 1981 after a mass protest and clashes with police and the government for their right to love. That resulted in the establishment of the vibrant Pride Festival we see today.

  • The Calgary Stampede (July)

The Calgary Stampede Canada Festivals

The Calgary Stampede is the world-famous ten-day-long rodeo festival held in July. Numerous people wear traditional cowboy hats and denim jeans. Upholding the rowdy Western tradition, this Canadian festival attracts over a million visitors annually. The Calgary Stampede also features music concerts, amusement parks, agricultural exhibitions, stage shows and various mouth watering foods.

  • Celebration of Light (July/August)

Canada Festival Celebration of Light

The Celebration of Light is also known as the Honda Celebration of Light. This annual festival features one of Vancouver’s largest musical fireworks displays in July and August. Apart from sightseeing, you can also listen to incredible music and give your taste buds the ultimate experience of some of the best foods in the region. The Festival of Light is the world’s longest-running offshore musical fireworks festival. The English Bay Beach is the vantage point of this festival, and it becomes very crowded during this time. So, it is better to reach the location early and get a spot that offers the best view of the fireworks. Over 1 million people across the globe attend this Canadian festival every year.

  • Canada Day (July)

Canada Day Celebration

Canada Day is the biggest Canadian festival celebrated nationwide on the 1st of July. This festival is celebrated as a reflection of the birth of Canada and its past. People proudly wave the Canadian maple leaf flags while wearing red and white attire resembling national colours. Parades, concerts, barbecues, fireworks, singing of the national anthem and other patriotic activities are also some of the many highlights of this festival. They even paint their faces red and white to show their love for their country. The country’s capital, Ottawa, becomes the vantage point of the celebration of Canada Day.

  • Montreal Comedy Festival – Just for Laughs (July)

Montreal Comedy Canada Festival

The Montreal Comedy Festival, also known as Just For Laughs, is an annual Montreal event held in July. Just for Laughs is one of the most reputed and popular comedy events that feature some of the best comedy shows, such as Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean (1889). However, the current comedy festival has a completely revised format. The readapted outdoor and indoor shows and free digital access to the festival across the globe are available now. Recently, some of the greatest comedians, like Jimmy Carr, Katherine and Kevin Hart, have been featured in this Canadian festival.

  • Edmonton Folk Festival (August)

Edmonton Folk Festival

The Edmonton Folk Festival is a leading annual folk music festival held in August. This festival is a four-day-long event that features six stages, hosting various concerts and workshops. Edmonton Folk Festival attracts folk music lovers across the globe to perform and spectate. The quality of the music is next level. During this festival, over 2,700 people volunteer, which keeps the ticket prices down. It also comprises a large beer garden serving more beer than any other festival or event in Western Canada. Temporary food stalls offering vegetarian and international cuisine and carnival fare are also lined up during this time so you can have your fill while listening to some of the best music live. Album CDs of the artists are also available during this festival so that you can purchase and spread the good word.

  • Toronto International Film Festival (September)

Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Festival (TIFF) is one of the leading charitable cultural events. This 11-day-long festival aims to change the perception of society via films. TIFF festival is celebrated annually in September. In 2021, TIFF welcomed over 200,000 people to the festival. The screen featured over 118 feature films, four series and about 45 short films from 64 countries. This charitable event generates about CAD 200 million every year. One amazing fact about TIFF is that many films premiering in this festival get nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards later. The 47th edition of TIFF will return in September 2022. However, a regular and premium screening ticket at these venues will cost you around CAD 25 and CAD 40, respectively. If you wish to submit your film, you must register at FilmFreeway.

  • Celtic Colours International Festival (October)

Celtic Colours International Festival

The Celtic Colours International Festival showcases the traditional Celtic talents and cultures of Cape Breton Island. It is a 9-day festival celebrated each Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October. About six concerts showcase the musical culture of Cape Breton each day. However, the most popular feature of this festival is world-class bagpiping, Cape Breton fiddling, Gaelic singing and the local traditional dance. Music lovers from around the globe visit this Island to participate in this musical festival. During this time, you can listen to the music of some of the greatest entertainers, such as Buddy MacMaster, Ashley MacIssac, Rita MacNeil and the Rankin Family. Numerous concerts, activities and events take place in communities around the Island. CCIF also presents substantial visual arts, workshops and a nightly Festival Club. This Canadian festival was first introduced in 1997 and is now one of the country’s major festivals.

Summing Up

Enjoy Canada’s colourful culture by participating in one of its many festivals year-round. Canada is a shining example of cultural diversity and joyous celebration, with a calendar full of events. In addition to the excitement of adventure sports and the beauty of its scenery, the country welcomes you to participate in the vibrant celebrations it is pleased to provide. Prepare to immerse yourself in Canada’s joyous festivals, which greet each season with festivity and colour, whether you’re considering moving there or just visiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the festivals in Canada?

Canada hosts multiple festivals. Some of the most popular festivals in Canada are Canada Day (celebrated throughout the country), Quebec Winter Carnival, Celebration of Light in Vancouver and Just for Laugh in Montreal.

How many celebrations are there in Canada?

There are countless festivals that the people of Canada celebrate, including the Celtic Colours International Festival, Calgary Stampede, Pride Toronto, Quebec Winter Carnival, Ottawa, Winterlude and so on.

Which festival is celebrated in Toronto?

Toronto International Film Festival is celebrated in Toronto in September, where it features both local and international films, documentaries, and series.

What are the top 5 holidays in Canada?

The top 5 holidays in Canada are Canada Day, Quebec Winter Carnival, Calgary Stampede, Celtic Colours International Festival and Edmonton Folk Festival.

Do Canadians celebrate traditions?

Yes, Canadians celebrate traditions with full enthusiasm and preserve their Western culture. Celtic Colours International Festival and Calgary Stampede are some of the festivals in Canada that are celebrated to showcase Western culture, Celtic talent and traditions.