Life in Toronto or Life in Vancouver, a never-ending debate! You can’t decide whether Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi or KFC is better than McD or Dominos is better than Pizza Hut. The same goes for these two best cities in Canada- Toronto vs Vancouver.

Well, the answer will vary from one individual to another. But if you had to choose Toronto or Vancouver, how would you choose? You can simply read here, compare, and understand which city to choose.

But why Canada and not the US or the UK?

Canada is the least densely populated area with lots of things to do for fun. It offers stability, a good standard of living, amenities, and true calm and harsh yet soothing nature. In short, Canada is the best place for enjoying your vacation.

Vancouver vs Toronto Weather

Weather Toronto vs Vancouver

  • Weather in Toronto

Weather in Toronto has drastic fluctuations in temperatures; it can be way too hot and way too cold. The summer temperature is about 35°C, and in winters, it can be as low as -35°C, along with chilly winds. Also, Toronto has around 31.5 inches of rainfall every year.

There is a 3300 km difference between Vancouver and Toronto, therefore drastic temperature variations.

  • Weather in Vancouver

On the other hand, Weather in Vancouver has mild winters with temperatures varying from 0 to 4°C. And the warm temperature varies from 25°C to 30°C. But yes, there is a lot of rain in Vancouver. For days, Vancouver can look gloomy and grey due to rainfall.

However, on the west coast of Vancouver, the temperature remains freezing during the winter months.

Lifestyle in Toronto vs Lifestyle in Vancouver

Lifestyle Toronto vs Vancouver

  • Lifestyle in Toronto

Toronto is THE BIG City in Canada. It has everything from the financial to cultural values of the country. If you are a night person, then life in Toronto city can be enjoyed with the shopping spree, eating options, and the nightlife.

  • Lifestyle in Vancouver

Vancouver is a perfect place for people who like city life but in a relaxing manner. Also, one can enjoy diversified cuisines, including some very delectable healthy options.

Furthermore, Life in Vancouver have all the vital conveniences that one can expect to find in a city, along with more opportunities for Skiing and Kayaking.

Places in Toronto vs Places in Vancouver


  • Best Places to Visit in Toronto

Toronto excels because of its proximity to some major cities in North America, including New York City, Montreal, Ottawa, and Chicago. The city is well-known for its low crime rates and fantastic education system. Apart from this, and the iconic landmark, the CN Tower, you can think of living here with your loved ones and consider the best places to visit in Toronto: the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Niagara Falls, Distillery District, Toronto Zoo, and Kensington Market.

  • Best Places to Visit in Vancouver

The ocean and mountains surround Vancouver, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, it is covered by water and is popular for filming locations, music, and theatre. Moreover, it is located on all three sides by Seattle, its nearest city. Some of the best places to visit in Vancouver are: Stanley Park, English Bay, Gastown, and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Things to Do: Toronto vs Vancouver


  • Things to do in Toronto

Toronto city has everything from nature to activities, music, art shows, and perfect nightlife. Also, there is a beautiful Toronto Music Garden for people who enjoy nature.

Further, you can enjoy the Humber River and perfect dining on the shores of the Humber River. It is a favorite activity of people living there. Whenever you visit Toronto city, don’t miss the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. You can also enjoy numerous festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival, the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, the Ashkenaz Festival of Yiddish Culture, etc.

  • Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver has several outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing, paddling, diving, and more near the city centre. If you visit Vancouver city, you can drive up to the Sea-to-Sky highway, hike the Grouse grind, cycle around Stanley Park, or go Kayaking in Deep Cove. In short, there are plenty of activities to experience alongside nature. One can enjoy the delicious food, exciting festivals, and art exhibitions.

Entertainment Cost in Vancouver Entertainment Cost in Toronto
The average cost of entertainment is $244 per capita. The average cost of entertainment is $34 per person per day.
The meal at the normal restaurant is $18.00 $20 in a normal restaurant. Cocktail drink in the pub: $15
A three-course meal for 2 People can cost $80.00 A three-course meal for 2 people is $90.
Domestic Beer can cost $7. $7 for domestic beer.
Cinema tickets for two are $31. Cinema tickets cost two $31.
A taxi trip on a weekday for 8 kms can cost $15. A taxicab ride can cost $23 on a weekday.

The entertainment cost in Vancouver and Toronto is the same. However, Vancouver is less expensive as compared to Toronto.

Culture And Cost of Living in Toronto vs Vancouver

Cost of living

  • Cost of Living in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most diversified cities globally, making it rich with culture. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find a community of people like yourself. Also, Toronto is not a cheap city to live in but not as expensive as Vancouver.

  • Cost of Living in Vancouver

Vancouver has multi-culturally diverse surroundings but not as much as Toronto. And almost one-third of its population is Chinese.

When it comes to the cost of living, both places are expensive, regardless of the average wage, housing prices, and the expense of day-to-day life. However, the utilities and groceries are less expensive in Toronto.

Category Vancouver Toronto
Housing $1869

for a 1BHK


For a 1BHK

Housing Insurance and Utilities $149 $215
Transportation $100.25 (Using Translink) $156 (Using TCC Pass)
Car Insurance $1,832 $1,528
Entertainment $211 $230
Grocery Cost for an individual $227.35 $283.60
Phone and Internet $80 $80
Health/Fitness $55 $55
Taxes 12% 13%

Major Differences: Toronto vs Vancouver

Difference Between Toronto vs Vancouver

Toronto Vancouver
Toronto is a part of Ontario. Vancouver is a part of British Columbia.
Toronto is located on Lake Ontario. Vancouver is itself an island city.
It is Canada’s financial capital and the world’s major financial centre. Its revenues depend on forestry and tourism.
Way too hot or way too cold. Amazing weather.
Diverse Culture and Lifestyle Difference between culture and lifestyle.

Pros And Cons: Toronto vs Vancouver

Toronto Vancouver
  • More opportunities.
  • Diverse, vibrant, and entertaining.
  • More restaurants and bars, cool areas, and general activities.
  • Close to NYC, Montreal, and the best cities of Mexico.
  • Mouthwatering cuisine.
  • Great place for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, boating.
  • Beautiful beaches to enjoy all year long.
  • Amazing weather.
  • Rains a lot but is enjoyable at the same time.
  • Nightlife in the downtown area of Vancouver.
  • Explorable north side of Vancouver.
  • Either way too cold or too hot.
  • More activities and entertainment mean more expenditure.
  • Dirty and unhygienic.
  • Alleys are always filled with garbage and awful smells.
  • Cab drivers aren’t that hostile.
  • Extremely small places.
  • Not much of a nightlife.
  • Similar lifestyle
  • Expensive place and land to live in.

Choose Wisely: Life in Toronto or Life in Vancouver

Toronto is a Canadian version of New York city that never sleeps. The shopping and food spree and nightlife are much better in Toronto than in Vancouver. Even safety-wise, Toronto is better. However, Vancouver is a bustling place and one of the most expensive cities in Canada.

Life in Vancouver is expanded on a limited land as it is compressed by sea from three sides, hence no more place to expand land. And probably one of the reasons why Vancouver downtown is densely populated, and the land is way too expensive.

If you visit Toronto or Vancouver city, let me tell you both are great cities to live in. Both cities are similar in feel and look; the vibes are different.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is Vancouver known as an expensive city in Canada?

Vancouver is known as an expensive city as land is limited, making it costly.

Why is life in Toronto better than in Vancouver?

Vancouver is undeniably a lively metropolis, but it lacks employment opportunities and the city vibe that Toronto possesses, such as entertainment, retail, and drive-thru dining options.

Which city is the safest in Canada?

LaSalle is located in Ontario's province and has the lowest crime severity index. It is considered the safest city in Canada.

Which city should I choose to study in Canada?

Among all the provinces of Canada, Toronto and Vancouver are the top two cities for education, with a diverse range of courses as well as placements.

What wage do you need to live in Vancouver?

Presently, the living wage for a Vancouver citizen is $20.52.

Is Vancouver better than Toronto?

It is difficult to decide which city is better, but both cities have their own benefits. Like, Vancouver is a magnificent city with mountains and rivers around it. On the other hand, Toronto is a developed city with modern facilities.