Toronto, a famous city in Canada, is a dream city for many individuals across the globe. The city has something special starting from being the capital of Ontario, one of the well-known Canadian provinces. There are many other attractions in the city that drive people to buy a house in Toronto.

Situated alongside Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, Toronto is a metropolitan city with lucrative employment opportunities. For this reason, every other person wants to buy a home in Toronto. Buying a home is a great solution to routine-based issues if you are planning to live long in the city.

The famous CN Tower, the city’s architecture and all the free-standing buildings form the core of a soaring skyline. Moreover, there are many green spaces, high parks, zoos, sports facilities and top-notch education facilities. The increasing demand for real estate is a strong base when buying a first-time home in Toronto.

So, if you are amongst those who wish to buy a first home in Toronto then let’s know a little more about Toronto homes.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Home in Toronto

Buying a home is everyone’s dream and aspirations take time to turn into reality. A home is that one dream where we can live happily ever after. Sounds exciting, right? Before you start working on your dream home, take into account these pointers to help you make the best decision.

Choose the Best Location

Location plays a major role in increasing the value of your home with time. Here, you have to cover all the aspects of the location in terms of growth from the past few decades to the next few decades.This is the accurate method to measure the value of your property in the coming years.

– Neighbourhood

Hink about your surroundings and neighbors you want to live with.

– Commute

If you are a daily traveler, think about the commute, the traffic flow of the city, distance between your home and the workplace.

– Local market

Make sure the local market is within reach to avoid daily hustles for small things.

Decide What You Really Want in Your Home

After your primary research, scour the Internet to find things that are important to note if you have a home in Toronto city. Make sure you spend the most on the basics and think of the next thing you really wish to have in your home, for instance, have you thought of a condo with a big balcony that you can also convert into an urban garden? Or is it a spacious dining hall where you wish to welcome your guests? Break down your priorities smartly to accommodate all the things you need.

Now decide patiently, whether you want to buy a condo in Toronto, a big bungalow, a semi-attached house, or a villa. Do not hurry and stay at ease because this will be your lifetime decision of turning your dream into reality.

Make a List of What You Can Afford

Buying a villa or a condo in Toronto is up to your dream and your affordability because to turn your dream into reality you need to pay for it too. So, start with deciding if you want to rent or buy a home.

The very first step to figuring out what’s in your bucket is to check on your finances. After knowing your budget, you can accordingly look after the properties which won’t kill your time as well.

You might have a plan to sell your current home to buy a new one as you are quite particular not to withdraw your savings.

Get Pre-approved Mortgage

A mortgage is one of the most important things when you think of buying a home. After deciding on your location and the type of home you want to buy, the very next thing you must do is to apply for the mortgage.

And it becomes easier if you get a pre-approved mortgage before approaching a real estate expert. The reason why we are suggesting you for a pre-approved mortgage is because it has documentation work that takes pretty much enough time which otherwise you can utilize in visiting a home.  Also, a real estate agent has a clear idea of your budget and choice which is another benefit that eases the whole process.

Contact a Professional Real-estate Agent

Your friends or relatives could suggest you a property considering major aspects of the real estate market.

However, an experienced person can advise you based on their knowledge of the properties. So, the very next step that you must take is to take some suggestions from the real estate experts.

A real estate expert knows the market in and out, thus, they can suggest better options on the same price range at the same or different locations. The professionals understand the needs of their clients and can help them make the most under their budget.

Personally Visit a House

After all the considerations, you must always visit every property personally to know all the pros and cons on your own.

A virtual tour is different from a live visit. Hence, try to check on each property you are thinking of buying. There are several factors that you keep in mind but can’t express and this is where a personal visit becomes a must. To give a personal touch to your dream home, it is necessary for you to look after everything before you make the final decision.

It could get overwhelming at times as you have to ensure multiple things in a single visit, so it’s good to keep the major factors in your mind already. And making a rough picture while viewing a property is always helpful because only wall paint is not enough to make a move. Make sure you consider the room size, entrance, bathroom size, balcony, kitchen, and wardrobes too.

The next best thing is to embrace renovations only when it is required. Make pictures and list down the pros and cons of the property. This way you will help yourself in closing a great deal while buying your dream home.

In Conclusion

The process of buying a house in Toronto can be eased with a proper list of essentials and measures before investing in a property. Toronto offers a range of realty options and it is vital for consumers to make a choice that suits their needs and budget.


How much do you need to earn to buy a house in Toronto?

As per the recently-released housing availability information through the National Bank of Canada, you at present are required to hold annual household earnings of about $178,499 to manage a “representative home” in the Toronto real estate market.

Can I afford to buy a house in Toronto?

No doubt Toronto is quite expensive than many other cities in Canada but you can afford to buy a house in Toronto. A basic house in Toronto falls near $1,146,667 as per the current real estate market situation in the city. To buy a home at this price, you will require a household earning of $196,193.

How does anyone afford a house in Toronto?

You will require a household earning of about $200,000 to buy an average house in the city of Toronto. Another option to manage to buy a house at this income is to buy a Condo in Toronto. By doing this, you can utilize the equity built up in a few years to buy a house in Toronto. 

How much do you require to afford to live in Toronto?

Living in metropolitan cities comes with big prices — from big-budget rent to transportation and groceries, it is not easy sometimes to afford these expenses on a regular basis. To afford a simple living in Toronto, you will at least require to make about $22.08 an hour.