We all love vacationing in our favourite places and celebrities are no exception in this regard. this is evident from the plethora of homes that they buy across the globe to escape from the monotony of their everyday life and find someplace to unwind and rejuvenate themselves. while it is common knowledge that they purchase homes in places like Malibu, Corfu, etc. they also purchase properties in Canada, as evident from the growing number of celebrity homes in Canada.

Let us explore their love for Canada further in the sections below.

Why Do Celebrities Love Canada?

Why Do Celebrities Love Canada

Celebrities with roots in Canada have expressed their love and attachment for this country now and then. but there are other big names from the entertainment and musical genre, who claim to have found their dream vacation home in Canada and are in love with this place.

There are quite a few reasons for this, namely:

    • Canada’ low crime rate
    • Its proximity to the U.S. also accounts, which allows them to come here for quick gateways

So, here we will try to know about all those celebrity homes in Canada nestled in their favourite holiday spots.

Why is Canada an Ideal Vacation Destination?

Why is Canada an Ideal Vacation Destination

Canada is an ideal destination for a vacation owing to:

    • Its diversity of culture, landscape, and climate, as evident from its varied landscape that includes mountains and lakes and glaciers and forests, etc.
    • The variety of places to explore, activities to carry out, etc. as evident from the plethora of endless dining and shopping options
    • The warm and friendly natives
    • Its low crime rate

Where Celebrities Prefer To Live in Canada

Where Celebrities Prefer To Live in Canada

Some of the most preferred locations in Canada where you may come across celebrity vacation homes are namely:

    • Muskoka in Ontario
    • Quebec
    • Niagara Falls
    • Tofino in BC
    • Vancouver
    • Montreal

The Who’s Who of Celebrity Vacation Homes in Canada 

  • Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

He owns a vacation home in Muskoka, Canada. The actor prefers spending time in this property whenever he is shooting around Ontario in addition to spending his summer days here. he is also known to visit Lake Rosseau during his not-so-busy days in Canada.

  • Jason Priestley

The actor is the proud owner of an exquisite terrace beach resort in Ucluelet, which lies on the western coast of Vancouver Island. He stays here with his parents. the property is eco-friendly with special arrangements to accommodate pets. Waterfront cabins and a broad walkway along the Pacific Coastline enhance the feel of the place. 

  • Cindy Crawford

If you are listing celebrity vacation homes in Canada, then you simply cannot get by without mentioning Cindy Crawford’s cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. the cottage which is the lakeside home of Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Garber is also surrounded by a private island, which undoubtedly makes it the ideal go-to summer adobe for the family and their friends. it is spread over 7 acres and has a warm and tasteful interior done by Ralph Lauren Home, with the couple adding their personal touches to turn the place into an ideal home. 

  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

This native Canadian pop superstar is a great jet-ski lover and is often known to rent properties in the Muskoka area to be able to spend some wonderful summer time with his family, who are based in Ontario. he also owns a property in Canada, which happens to be a lakefront mansion in Wellington Country in Ontario. The property houses four bedrooms and also a movie theatre with a private lake route. 

  • Jim Carrey

Next on the list of celebrity homes in Canada is the cottage of Jim Carrey that is located at Baptiste Lake, close to Bancroft, Ontario. He uses his private jet to fly to this wonderful escape of his via Peterborough Airport.

  • Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

This famous Hollywood couple is known to have owned a vacationing cottage in Muskoka, by Lake Rossea for many years. They love to spend their summer days here, idling and shopping at Gravenhurst.

  • Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

This award-winning director is also one of the celebrities to own personal property in Canada. Steven Spielberg has a property in Muskoka and is known to often visit for a vacation during the summer season. 

  • Martin Short

This Canadian actor is the not-so-surprising name in this list of celebrity homes in Canada,  and has been very verbal about his love for his native place. His cottage is located at Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. the actor’s deep love for the place gets well reflected by his collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mint to come out with special edition $3 coins with the impression of his cottage.

  • Donald Sutherland

This legendary, veteran Canadian actor, a New Brunswick born, has a summer cottage in Georgeville, Quebec, and is often spotted having a good time here with his wife, son, and friends. as the actor has expressed his love for Canada in his own words in Globe and Mail, “We live in Canada all the time we can. There’s a maple leaf in my underwear somewhere.”

  • Drake


Drake House Toronto is a magnificent mansion in his hometown Toronto, Ontario. this world-famous rap singer, who is also a Grammy award winner is said to have bought this property in 2016 and has turned it into his dream mansion, with everything customized and built to his taste. this extravagant property is built over 35000 square feet area and is located on one of the most expensive streets in Canada. 

  • Rachel Mc Adams

This actress owns a “quaint-Victorian-inspired” vacation home in Harbord Village in Toronto. She is often spotted in her garden or moving around on her bike. 

  • Halle Berry

This Oscar-winning actor was also said to have owned a sprawling 2500 square-foot cabin in Saint-Hippolyte, Que. the property, which the actor bought along with her then partner and father of her elder daughter Nahla, was sold out later in 2013 following a split between the two. 


Apart from the list of the various celebrities mentioned above, there are other popular faces that are also known to have a special affection for Canada, which they express by owning private properties here. some of these other celebrities who also own properties in Canada are Mark Wahlberg, Ethan Hawke, Gene Simmons, and Alan Arkin, among others. therefore, as evident from the above sections, the list of celebrity vacation homes for a holiday in Canada is long, which should not be a surprise given the allure of Canada as an ideal vacation spot.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where Do Celebrities Vacation Most?

There are different places in the world the celebrities are known to spend their vacation. To list some of the popular vacation celebrity destinations around the world will include names like Switzerland, Italy, France, Miami, Greece, Mexico, Spain, and Maldives.

Where is Tom Hanks Cottage in Ontario?

Tom Hanks Cottage is in Lake Muskoka in Ontario.

Does Jim Carrey Own Property in Canada?

Yes, Jim Carrey owns property in Canada. He has a cottage in Bancroft, Ontario by Lake Baptiste.

Where Do Most Celebs Live in Canada?

Several hot spots around Canada are known to have celebrity vacation homes for holidays, with preferences changing from person to person. nonetheless, some of the most favourite areas in Canada for celebrities to live in are Muskokas in Ontario, Tofino, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Bay of Fundi in Nova Scotia, Lake Okanagan, Banff in Alberta, and Lake Joseph in Ontario, etc.