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How To Compost in an Apartment

Did you know that the total solid waste generated in Canada is around 35.6 million tonnes? This accumulated waste releases methane, a toxic greenhouse...
Zilpha Rodrigues
7 min read 24 views

Gothic Influences in Ontario’s Architecture

Architecture of all kinds mark the evolution of history, like a time capsule capturing the essence of that place. It’s fascinating how a simple...
Seikhohao Haokip
3 min read 164 views

Decorate Your Rental Apartment in Just a Few Steps

Decorating a rental home can frequently feel like a labyrinth of choices, requiring you to assess the potential financial risk against the desired aesthetic...
Mansi Saini
3 min read 129 views

10 Green Ways to Build Eco-Friendly Homes

With the constantly changing environment around us, it’s essential to be actively aware and take a conscious step towards safeguarding the environment. Building an...
Jahanavi Arora
4 min read 198 views

All About Bleach Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring is an exquisite and stunning addition to any house, boosting residual value. And they offer warmth and richness that other floor coverings...
Anjali Deswal
5 min read 218 views

Home Improvement and Remodeling Steps to Increase Its Value

Canada is a constantly evolving country that adapts to technological advances and provides convenience to its residents. Even in a pandemic when the whole...
Saranga Saxena
4 min read 224 views

Seven Easy Tips For Giving Your Space A Morale Makeover

If you are thinking of redecorating your house and are concerned about the financial toll it may take, the good news is that you...
Anjali Deswal
4 min read 235 views

A Guide to Prepare Your House for Winters in Canada

Canada is renowned for its extreme winters. The season lasts from mid December to mid March, which is a great time to enjoy outdoor...
Saranga Saxena
4 min read 220 views

Home Renovation Increase Home Value in Toronto

Re-modelling a house calls for increased functionality and beauty to a property at an expense. By pinning the right renovation method, one can enhance...
Kavya Srivastava
5 min read 274 views

Building and Construction of Wooden Houses in Canada

A primary source of building and construction, wooden housing is an essential part of architecture and interior design in Canada. Over the years, wooden...
Roma Moitra
4 min read 269 views

What are the Best Ways to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation?

Nowadays, a kitchen is not just a place for cooking. With a big enough space and open kitchen layouts, a kitchen space is also...
[email protected]
7 min read 252 views

30 Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants For a Perfect Home…

Indoor plants are one of the best items to decorate your home. Not only does it bring in a refreshing zest, but it also...
[email protected]
8 min read 240 views
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