It is a dream for many to uplift their lives by settling in such countries that provide plenty of facilities and a quality lifestyle. Canada is one of such trending nations that has impressed the people worldwide, and many wish to avail its services and lavish living standards. Its geography, citizens, infrastructure, political system, etc., have set a benchmark in the world. So Canada’s PR Visa (Canada Permanent Resident Visa) is in very high demand.

A huge fascination has been seen among today’s youth to study and build their career and prosperous life in Canada. For the last few years, Canada has wholeheartedly welcomed an immense number of people immigrating from their native lands. So this means that if you are the one who is quite ambitious and clear that you need this kind of chance to try your luck, you must not miss and learn the process for Canada’s PR Visa immediately. In this article, we have tried to break down the whole process to help you realise the dream of settling in Canada. 

What is a Canadian PR Visa (Canada Permanent Resident Visa)? 

What is a Canadian PR Visa (Canada Permanent Resident Visa)?

It is permission granted to the applicants who wish to work and invest on a permanent basis in the nation. People who want to settle their career or live permanently in Canada are eligible to apply for Canada’s PR Visa. Under this, the permitted citizen would become a permanent resident of Canada, possessing all the rights and privileges, along with the duties of a native citizen. However, many confuse Canada Permanent Resident Visa with International Student Visa or Foreign Worker Visa. Let us dig inside the whole subject to better understand the difference. 

What are the Different Types of Canada’s PR Visa Programme?

Canada offers multiple immigration programmes that allow people from around the globe to get a Canada PR Visa. After five years of tenure, the Canadian permanent resident card permits the holder to gain the benefit of Canadian Citizenship also. They may go through Canada’s Permanent Residence Application through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) portal to apply for the same. 

    • Skilled Immigrants Program – Express Entry
    • Federal Skilled Worker – FSW 
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program – FST
    • Canadian Experience Class – CEC
    • Start-up visa – for applicants who have a business idea and need someone to fund it
    • Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed 
    • Quebec Skilled Workers Program – QSWP
    • Provincial Nominee Program – PNP 

Simple Steps for PR Application Canada

Simple Steps for PR Application for Canada

It is quite a short but specific processing system that demands a lot of patience and continuity for PR application for Canada. If this is the first-ever trial, you must ensure that all the mentioned steps are careful to avoid any delay. 

  • Crack the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

This assessment is done to show that the applicant is eligible and qualified to meet the standards of the nation; to live and work in Canada effectively.

  • Get the Language Proficiency Report

Language Expertise Report with the IELTS eligible score is the language criteria. This reflects that the English speaking and writing of the applicant is as per the Canadian Government Benchmark Level (CLB). 

  • Create a Profile on Express Entry Application

After all the aforementioned processes, the applicant needs to create an online profile in the Express Entry System profile.

  • Meet the CRS Score

The applicant gets a score/marks after initiating the PR application for Canada that acts like the cut-off listing on a competitive basis. If you possess the required CRS score, you become eligible for Canada’s PR visa or else you may give it a second try. 

  • Check the Express Entry Draw

If the candidate qualifies the above criteria, the applicant needs to wait for the Express Entry Pool draw, which is held at a certain time gap. Then, the applicants who are ranked at eligible ranks get an invitation for further processing. 

  • Adhere to the Invitation To Apply (ITA)

If the candidate gets selected, they will get an Invitation To Apply (ITA), which needs to be applied within 60 days after hearing from Canada’s PR Visa authority. 

  • Final Formality for PR Application for Canada

This is the last process where the applicant is required to send the final PR application to Canada with the required documents mentioned below. The concerned authorities may then initiate the remaining formalities within six months. If the application gets approved at this stage, then the candidate will receive the PR authorisation.  

Important Documents Required for PR Application Canada

    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 
    • ECA (Education Credential Assessment) – To apply through Federal Skilled Workers Program
    • Proof of funds to support your application. 
    • Educational degrees or certificates, diploma degrees, sponsorships, and certificates.
    • Include original copies and officially translated documents supporting the application. 
    • Age proof – such as birth certificate etc.
    • Employment documents – a Job offer, reference letter, payslip etc. 
    • Medical and Police Clearance Certificate
    • Travel document – your passport 

What is the Processing Duration for Canada’s PR Visa?

Canada's PR Visa process

Like every visa processing, Canada’s PR Visa (Canada Permanent Resident Visa) also takes a little time to process. However, it varies on the programmes that have been applied. The programmes can be Provincial Nominee Program or Express Entry System, or any other as per the chosen preference. Always ensure that your application is up to the mark by securing a good score on the Comprehensive Ranking System. After the approval is sanctioned, the rest of the verification and authentication will take a maximum of 6 months. 

Scores Allotted for Each Eligibility Criteria

Criteria Points
Education 25
Age 12
Language (English/French) 24
Adaptability 10
Work Experience 15
Arranged Job Employment 10

What are the Advantages of PR in Canada?

A major benefit of Permanent Resident in Canada is that upon its expiry of your Canadian visa, you would be eligible for the citizenship of the nation. The additional benefits are: 

    • With a resident visa, you get a study permit and work permit. So, with the work permit, you can work anywhere in Canada, and the same goes for a student permit. 
    • Social and family security services.
    • You would be protected under Canadian law and rights. 
    • You get Health care and most of the other benefits which a Canadian Citizen enjoys. 
    • Free education and social provisions for the entire family. 
    • Accessibility to the USA

Some Non-permitted Rights to Permanent Residents of Canada 

Of course, the perks of a Canadian Permanent Resident cannot exceed the perks of a native resident. That is why some minor rights are not accorded to the Permanent Residents of Canada. 

    • They are not allowed to get such jobs that require high and in-depth security authentication.
    • They cannot vote for choosing a representative of the nation, nor can they participate in making a government. 

Why is Canada’s PR Visa in High Demand? 

Why is Canada's PR Visa in High Demand? 

Undoubtedly, Canada has worked on all fronts to give its citizens a better life, be that the infrastructure, education system, or career opportunities. Of Course, in search of an impressive lifestyle and high paid jobs, people from around the world are determined to settle in the nation. As per the Human Development Index, the country bags 12th rank and is also positioned at 16th when it comes to Nominal Per Capita Income worldwide.

Canada’s economy is the 10th biggest in the world. In addition to this, the country knows that incorporating trading networks with other major nations plays a vital role in the development and future sustainability. Hence, an impressive trade network and the abundance of natural resources have been blissful and contributed to its rapid progress. 

You must have heard from many that the aura and adorable views of Canada are unmatchable. Canada has many major lakes that make it a perfect country to settle in if you are a nature lover. In today’s scenario, where the earth is facing horrifying global warming issues that are adversely affecting the weather and air quality, Canada makes sure that its residents do not face any such difficulties.

If we look at health care or social services, Canada offers one of the best in the world. This contributes to making Canada the highest educated country with the fittest population. 

End Thoughts

If you are an admirer of Canada and wish to settle down in this country, do not wait for a better time. Rather, quickly plan your settlement by PR Application for Canada. Currently, the country is promoting immigration on a large scale. This is the right time when the efforts should be made. So make your dream of settling in Canada come to life and apply for Canada’s PR Visa (Canada Permanent Resident Visa) ASAP.  

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I get a Canadian PR visa?

These are the simple steps you need to follow: 

=> Fill out the online form.
=> Scan and upload the documents.
=> Pay your fees.
=> Submit your complete application.
=> After you apply.
=> Check your application status.

How many years does it take to get PR in Canada?

In today’s scenario, an applicant is required to live for three to five years in Canada, after which they can apply for Canada’s PR Visa.

Which state in Canada gives PR easily?

Nova Scotia is the Easiest Province that has a quicker issuance rate when it comes to giving Canada’s Permanent Resident Visa.

Can I buy Canadian Citizenship?

Yes, a person can buy Canadian Citizenship if they are eligible to settle there. For a better idea, a whole family can earn Canadian Citizenship with an investment of Rs. 45 Lacs legally.

What are three ways to become a Canadian citizen?

There are three major ways by which a person can become a Canadian Citizen: 

* After marrying a Canadian Citizen
* Through Federal Skilled Worker Programme
* And by Canadian Student Visa