Have you ever thought about starting your own business or moving to another country for better opportunities but found the application process too difficult, didn’t know where to begin or did not have enough information that made you drop your plans? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This article will discuss the Canada Startup Visa in Canada 2023, a path for innovative entrepreneurs to help their families get permanent residency in Canada. Whether you are from a tech background or want to start a business in any field, Canada is the right place to be. With its exceptional infrastructure, low crime rate, green surroundings and high standard of living, Canada stands out as one of the best countries to make a home in.

The Startup Visa in Canada allows you to start and expand your business in Canada and offers other benefits like networking opportunities, mentoring, and venture capital. It is now possible to bring your startup dreams to life in Canada. Everything about the Startup Visa in Canada is covered in this article, along with its qualifying requirements, application procedure, and advantages.

Canadian Startup Visa Program – Description

Canadian Startup Visa Program
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Launched in 2013, Canada’s Startup Visa Program is an immigration program initiated by the Canadian government to promote economic growth and generate employment opportunities by taking advantage of the ideas and talent of international entrepreneurs. The Start-Up Visa (SUV) program in Canada allows company owners from outside Canada to immigrate to the country. If they match the other criterias for the program, start-up or established business owners can be eligible to use this program with additional founding partners (up to 5 partners).

With Canada’s flourishing financial and healthcare sectors and an expanding business sector, this country is a top choice for business entrepreneurs seeking Canadian immigration. The country has several advantages, such as enough business opportunities, a skilled workforce, tax benefits, and favourable business policies. The Canada Startup Visa Program aims to grant entrepreneurs and active investors in enterprises and give them the right to live permanently in Canada. Since it takes less than a month to complete all the necessary procedures, starting a business anywhere in Canada is very simple because of the business-friendly norms of the government of Canada.

Eligibility Criteria For the Startup Visa Program

Eligibility Criteria for the Startup Visa Program
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The Canadian immigration authorities have created a set of requirements for entrepreneurs who want to pursue permanent residency in Canada through the SUV program. Here is a rundown of the requirements:

  • Have a Legit Business

    • To apply for the program, a person must hold at least 10% of the company’s shares, which also obliges voting rights. A maximum of five individuals can be the owners of the Startup or business.
    • The applicants and the designated organisation jointly hold the corporation’s shares, making up more than 50% of the total shares.
  • Letter of Support from a Designated Organisation

A designated Organisation is a business group approved by the government to support or invest in possible start-ups with the help of the Startup Visa Program. Venture Captial Fund: Your business must have at least one Canadian venture capital fund prepared to invest at least 200,000 CAD. Angel Investor Group: One or more angel investor groups must invest at least CAD 75,000 in your project. As per the official website of the Canadian Government, you can find the list of all authorised organisations. The following is how you can enlist the assistance of one or more specified organisations:

    • Find out how to get help from a designated organisation by contacting it.
    • Bring the entity in confidence that your business idea and plan are worth their support.
    • Get the letter of support from the specified organisation.

You can persuade a designated organisation to support you by presenting them with an elaborate organisation plan determining your organisation’s potential to grow and how it will benefit Canada’s economy. You must submit your letter of support with your visa application as soon as you get it.

  • Language Test

Passing a language exam in English or French is necessary to qualify for the Canada Startup Visa Program. Meeting a minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 is essential to qualify for the startup visa.

  • Sufficient Financial Resources

To relocate to Canada, you need to provide bank statements and an account summary that you have enough money to support your family and yourself when you move to Canada. The Canadian government’s website has a list that tells you about the minimum amount required for the applicant and each dependent to sustain, and this is updated annually.

  • Educational Qualifications

The applicant should have completed at least one year of post-secondary education. It is usually equivalent to a diploma, degree, or certificate.

  • Legitimacy

The applicant and his family should clear the Canadian security and medical exam. Criminal records or medical issues can impact your eligibility.
Note: Eligibility criteria can change over time, and it is important to check the latest information on the official website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or consult with an immigration professional for the latest requirements before applying for the Canadian Startup Visa Program in 2023.

Application Process For the Canadian Startup Visa Program 

Since last year, the government of Canada has implemented a mandatory online application process for the applicants. To proceed with the application, it is important to have all the necessary documents and forms, including the letter of support, language test result, and payment receipt. If you meet the requirements, have enough money to support your family and yourself, have cleared your medical exams, and have no criminal record, then the government will consider your application. IRCC reviews immigration applications. For some applications, a fair peer review process may be employed.

The Canadian government pays importance to the authenticity and completeness of visa applications. If your application has minor errors or corrections, it can result in rejection, or there will be a five-year ban before you can reapply to visit Canada.

Startup Visa Program Application Timeline

Several factors, like how complex your case is, the waiting period at the time of your application, and whether there are any extra requests or delays, can affect the Canada Startup Visa Program Application Timeline. However, according to the Canadian government’s official website, the application review process can take up to 12 to 36 months. 

Acquiring the Residence Permit

The process of acquiring a residence permit in Canada, also referred to as Permanent Resident (PR) status, can be achieved through different paths for immigration. One way for entrepreneurs and startups to get PR is through the Canadian Startup Visa Program. Once your visa application is accepted, a permanent residence visa will be given to you. Your entrance visa and permanent residency (COPR) confirmation will be included. The COPR will have information about your identity.

Is it a Good Idea to Become a Resident of Canada?

Is it a Good Idea to Become a Resident of Canada

Canada is not some unpopular place whose PR benefits must be explained. Securing a Permanent Residency in Canada offers numerous advantages for individuals and their families. However, there are also some challenges faced by the people. 

  • Advantages

    • Better Healthcare Facilities

PR holders will have access to Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system, which includes medical cost coverage for treatments and medicines.

    • Standard of Education

Canada has some renowned educational institutions. Having a PR in Canada will have an advantage as the tuition fee for the locals is relatively lower than fees for international students.

    • Work Opportunities

People with PR in Canada can live and work anywhere in Canada. You can look for work in any industry without a work permit, giving you more choices in different fields.

    • Canadian Law Protection

People with permanent residency can reach out to the Canadian legal system and are protected by Canadian law.

    • Quality Life

With a high standard of living, a safe environment, and a low crime rate, Canada ranks among the best countries in the world and is known for its quality of life.

    • Family Reunification

If you have permanent residency in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency for your immediate family members (spouse, kids, parents, etc.) so that they can also relocate to Canada.

  • Some of the Challenges that you may face while Applying for Canadian Residency

    • Competitive Selection

Most immigration programs in Canada are highly competitive, with limited spots available. It is not enough to meet the eligibility criteria as one does not guarantee approval because there are many applicants. It is also difficult to convince a designated Canadian investor to assist you.

    • Tax Rates

Canada is one of the countries with the highest tax rates. Since the tax rates are high, living here is also higher.

    • Complex Admission Process

The application process for Canada’s PR can be time-consuming and complicated, requiring much documentation and adherence to particular regulations. Any minor mistake might result in rejection or delays.

    • Frauds Related to Immigration

Applicants can come across suspicious immigration consultants or organisations that demand hefty fees in exchange for guaranteeing permanent residency. It is important to verify the resources and only refer to the government’s official guidelines. Despite these difficulties, many individuals successfully get PR each year in Canada. You can get a visa under the Canada Startup Visa Programme if you perform thorough research, have all the necessary documents, and are under the correct kind of expert advice. 


In conclusion, Canada’s Startup Visa Program is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in Canada. This initiative will not only open doors to better opportunities but also give the entrepreneurs and their families a chance to relocate to Canada for a higher standard of living. It is important to remember that the latest information on immigration laws and policies should always be obtained from official government sources or by consulting an immigration expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get a start-up visa for Canada 2023?

Currently, the processing time is between 12 to 16 months. The processing time varies on several factors.

Is Canada visa delayed in 2023?

There is a backlog in Canada's immigration system in 2023. The delay could be because of the COVID-19 pandemic, shortage of staff, higher demand, and outdated technology.

What is the visa approval rate for Canada 2023?

In 2023, 73% of visas of Indian students who applied for a study permit in Canada were approved.