Roma Moitra Roma is a Content Editor and a storyteller who knows to keep the stances alive. She drives her creative persona from magical realism, and every day comes back to her conviction as a team. When not dreaming about her stories, she is just a soul finding solace in the imperfections of nature.


7 Stories by Roma Moitra

Toronto City Council – Government in Canada

Toronto’s local government oversees the needs of millions of Canadian residents. At the ground level, Canada features the Toronto City Council, the governing body...
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Statement of Adjustments For Buyers and Sellers

When purchasing or selling a property, you will almost certainly come across two important documents; a Statement of Adjustments and a Trust Ledger Statement....
0 3 min read

Construction Mortgage Rates in Canada For 2023

Construction loans Canada are specialized loans that you can utilize to finance the construction of a new home, commercial structure, or other real estate...
0 5 min read

Contract of Buy and Sale in British Columbia

A legally binding agreement between a buyer and a seller of real estate in BC property is called a Contract of Buy and Sell....
0 4 min read

10 Most Popular Sports in Canada

Canadians are avid sports fans. Like other countries, Canada takes huge pride in its sports players. In addition to national sports like Ice Hockey,...
0 5 min read

Building and Construction of Wooden Houses in Canada

A primary source of building and construction, wooden housing is an essential part of architecture and interior design in Canada. Over the years, wooden...
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Importance of Credit Score for Renting a House in Canada

Canada has always managed to be a prime region for renting and housing. Considering that many people scour the perfect spot for house renting...
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