All citizens of Ontario are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for medical treatments, but the program’s free dental care is only available in specific cases of oral surgery conducted in limited hospitals. In order to make dental care available to citizens of Ontario, there are many public and private programs at work. From dental coverage for seniors in Ontario to choosing the right dental benefits plan, this article outlines everything you need to know before investing in dental insurance Ontario.

Significance of Dental Care in Everyday Lives

Significance of Dental Care in Everyday Lives

Oral health is crucial in all phases of life. All age groups, including kids, grownups, and elderly people, should receive good dental care and frequent dental visits. Your oral health depends on timely visitations to the dentist and regular upkeep.

Regular check-ups help to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Cavities and gum disease are oral health concerns that can trigger more serious medical conditions like diabetes, breathing problems, and several others. Although twice-yearly dental visits are advised, many Canadians do not go as regularly as they ought to due to a lack of appropriate dental insurance in Ontario.

Dental Services Under Ontario Blue Cross

Dental Services Under Ontario Blue Cross

Dental insurance provided by Ontario Blue Cross can assist in defraying the costs of routine oral surgery and dental procedures that OHIP does not reimburse. You can relax knowing that, in the event that a dental emergency occurs, you may visit the dentist and receive the necessary care without having to pay a hefty charge. Ontario Blue Cross provide a selection of versatile and reasonably priced health insurance policies for an entire family. Their coverage is excellent for anyone without group insurance because they have no threshold.

Choose the Right Dental Coverage Ontario Plan

Choose the Right Dental Coverage Ontario Plan

CAA South Central Ontario is one of nine Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Clubs across Canada. For more than 20 years, CAA and Manulife Insurance have collaborated to provide reasonable insurance for both individuals and their families. You can add CAA Health and Dental Insurance Ontario to your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) if you are working independently, retiring, or transitioning from employment to begin reducing your personal medical costs. here are a few dental insurance Ontario plans that you can consider according to your changing requirements.

  • Basic Health and Dental Coverage

This is an excellent choice for people who want to pay for basic medicines and improved dental care. In the case of basic health coverage, the plan includes eye care, up to $400/year per registered specialist, such as massage therapists and chiropractors and hospital visits. It provides specialised dental benefits in Ontario, like 80% coverage for routine operations, including checkups, washings, fillings, x-rays, and tooth extractions, as well as some specialised ones, like root canals, up to $900 each year.

  • Enhanced Health and Dental Coverage

This is a fantastic strategy for people seeking additional security. It takes care of ongoing dental care like checkups, fillings, etc and provides additional specialized treatment. Oral surgery, endodontic care, periodontal care, adjunctive care, space keepers, denture repair/ reline/ rebase/ adjustments, anaesthesia, and surgical procedures are all covered under this dental coverage in Ontario. It aids in covering 60% of eligible costs that are part of the annual limits for dental care (continuous upkeep and specialised combination). The limit is $650 for the first and $900 for three years, respectively.

  • Advanced Health and Dental Coverage

Apart from basic and enhanced dental services, this plan includes major restorative dental services. It aids in defraying the expense of orthodontic care, bridges, crowns (including bonded crowns), and dentures, especially premium implants. this plan supports paying 60% of costs starting in the second year for all qualified dental services (continuous maintenance, specialised care, and major restorative). Additionally, the cumulative annual maximum for significant restorative is $750 for every three-year period.

The Canada Dental Benefit Program

The Canada Dental Benefit Program

The interim Canada Dental Benefit is designed to assist qualified families earning less than $90,000 annually by lowering dental expenditures. If a kid undergoing dental care is younger than 12 years and lacks accessibility to a private dental insurance plan, parents and guardians can submit an application. a tax-free payment of $260, $390, or $650 is available for each qualified kid, according to your family’s estimated net earnings. There are only two periods offered for this temporary dental care. A total of two payments can be received for every qualified kid. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is in charge of handling the distribution of benefits. Kids below the age of 12 as of December 1, 2022, who undergo dental treatment between October 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023, are eligible for the initial reward term.

An Overview of Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

The new Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) offers elders over the age of 65, who fulfil the qualifying income requirements, access to free dental services. this program offers various dental coverage for seniors in Ontario as follows:

    • Examinations/assessments
    • Services that are preventative measures like cleanings
    • Dental restoration procedures to fix cavities and fractured teeth
    • Services for oral surgery that extract teeth or unhealthy tissue
    • Anaesthesia
    • Endodontic treatments (root canals) to relieve discomfort and prevent infections
    • Periodontal care for ailments and conditions of the gums
  • Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program if you meet the following criteria:

    • Must be a citizen of Ontario aged 65 years or above
    • Must be a senior who lives alone must have an annual income of less than $22,200
    • Must be senior couple must have an aggregate yearly salary of less than $37,100 in order to be eligible for Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program. The new OSDCP’s qualification for income is determined by a senior’s net earnings.
    • Must not have any additional dental incentives, such as dental coverage through private insurance or another government programme like Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Programme, or Non-Insured Health Benefits.
  • Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program Application

There are two easy ways to apply for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program- online or by mail. However, you must submit two distinct applications if you’re applying to the programme with your spouse or common-law companion. Before you go ahead with the application process, you need to keep your date of birth and Ontario house address handy. Additionally, you will require your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Temporary Taxation Number (TTN) while applying for OSDCP. You can submit the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program registration through the guarantor form if you don’t have a SIN or did not file taxes the year before. here are the steps you need to follow for the OSDCP application:

  • Online Application

You need to carefully fill out the online application form with your valid details. Once the form is submitted, you can print it and additionally fill out the consent form physically. You need to mail the consent form within 30 days of the online application to the following address:

    • Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program
    • Station P, P.O. Box 159
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • M5S 2S7
  • Application Via Mail

In order to apply via mail, you can either print a downloaded copy of the application form or access the form in person from any nearby local health public unit. Carefully fill out the form using a pen and send it to the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, Station P office. You can take your own time as there is no upper limit for application submission.

Summing Up

There are more than 30,000 distinct dental benefits in Ontario plans, as there is no one solution that works for everyone. While dental fees largely vary across dentists, there is effective dental coverage for seniors in Ontario. OHIP covers dental expenses only in exceptional circumstances. Hence there are numerous other public and private dental insurances available in Ontario to protect citizens from hefty medical bills.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it worth buying dental insurance in Canada?

Since public-funded dental services are very limited, it is advisable to buy dental insurance according to your budget and oral health needs.

What is the best dental insurance money can buy?

Manulife is one of the best dental insurance companies in Canada that provides a wide range of services.

How much do you get for Canada Dental benefits?

Each qualified kid is eligible for a tax-free payment of $260, $390, or $650, based on your household's estimated net earnings.

What is the income limit for Dental benefits in Ontario?

The interim Canada Dental Benefit is designed to cover the dental costs of families with incomes less than $90,000 annually.

Is there free dental care in Canada for seniors?

Yes, the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program covers free dental care for senior citizens aged 65 and above.

What is the new Canada dental Plan for seniors?

The new OSDCP's qualification for income is determined by a senior's net earnings.

Does the government of Canada cover dental for seniors?

Yes, the Government of Canada provides free dental care to seniors only if they do not have access to private insurance.

What to do if you can't afford a dentist in Canada?

You can ask the dentist for a payment plan or look for government-funded dental care options.

How much does health insurance cost in Canada?

Canadian citizens can opt for public health insurance through OHIP, which is free of cost.